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I’m An Evil God: Wiki, Characters, Review & Other Details

I’m an Evil God is a Chinese Manhwa written by Shidai man wang. The main character of the series, i.e., Xie Yan, dies in a truck accident and is sent to a different realm where he is being helped by a system and needs to complete specific tasks.

Xie Yan is a stunner and attracts a lot of women. Every time he heads out. One day, while he is trying to flirt with a woman, he ends up being run over by a truck which causes him to die on the spot.

He thought his life was over until he suddenly found himself in a different realm with an exact-looking person in front of him, and he also had the same name. While wondering what he should do next, he finds himself looking into the memory of the man sleeping in the bed.

The person could not move because his partner was sucking his energy or life source at night and using it to satisfy herself every day. After continuously being used like a doll at night, he finally passed away.

That body became the new place for Xie Yan, who is now being assigned tasks and given points to complete the assignments and become more vital to escape this hell and become the strongest.

I’m An Evil God Wiki

I'm An Evil God

Name:I’m An Evil God
Writer:Shidai Man Yang
First Serialization:2020
Genre:Fantasy, Isekai, Martial Arts, Webtoons


One bright morning, Xie Yan was roaming the streets like every day, looking to find something that might amuse him and he could have fun. Due to his natural good looks, he always ends up being the center of attraction and gathering a crowd when outside.

As he is trying to cross the road, he sees a group of young women coming towards her, he assumes that they would, as usual, try to start a conversation with him, and he starts looking for a way to act busy.

He takes out his phone, avoids eye contact with them, and tries to cross the road without looking at the signal. Unfortunately, the signal was red, and he got ramped by a truck due to not paying attention to the street.

Surprisingly he does not die entirely and founds himself in a very unfamiliar place. His soul is sent to another realm where he looks around to understand what should be his next move in this unfamiliar world.


Xie Yan looks at the person in front of him with the same facial structure as his and even the same name and body. Baffled by what’s happening, he is greeted by a system.

The system takes him on a tour of the memory of the person lying in bed. His name is also Xie Yan, and he is a disciple of the Han empire and is being used by Qin Xinci as a tool for satisfying herself.

Suddenly he gets sucked inside the body and ultimately sees the memory, and decides to formulate a plan not to let anyone know that he is a different person than the one known by Qin Xinci.

As it is night time Qin follows her usual schedule and comes into her room of Xie to spend the night with him and suck more life energy out of him but is surprised when the usual and shy Xie Yan tries to seduce her.


It would not be simple for him as Qin was not dumb not to notice the changes that took place in him suddenly and started to ask him some questions, to which he ended up giving satisfying answers, which resulted in her putting her guard down.

To her surprise, Xie Yan was satisfied for the first time and appreciated him for his efforts. However, she realized he was no longer the same person as the night before and monitored him and his moves.

Xie Yan decides to step out of the room and starts gathering info about the empire and the people who are the strongest in the nation so that he can use them for his benefit and crush Qin completely.

But due to his supernatural Mana resources, everybody has an eye on him to see how he reacts and looks for an opportunity to crush him and take his spiritual core.

I’m An Evil God Character:

1) Xie Yan

Xie Yan

Xie Yan is the main character of the manhua and has access to many different realms. He needs people to show their feelings, whether hate, love, jealousy, or attraction, to get stronger.

By seeing these emotions, he turns them into points he uses to upgrade himself. He is perfect-looking, and most girls in the series love him. However, he does not have any interest in dating.

2) Qin Xinci

Qin Xinci

Qin Xinci is the reason why Xie is having trouble in life. She is a foul-mouthed woman who likes to use men for her self-pleasure. It was due to her constant sucking energy from Qin Xinci of this world died.

She is firm. Her hand-to-hand is one of the best in the series, if not the best. She is also beautiful and has many suitors, but she is in love with Xie and wants to make him fall in love with her.

3)Luo Xiaoyun

Luo Xiaoyun

Luo Xiaoyun is the love interest and fiancée of Xie Yan in the second realm. They were both in love as children, and their parents decided to get them engaged while they were kids and wanted them to get married when they got older.

However, Luo’s emotions changed while growing up, and she fell in love with Pan Wei, a commoner, and decided to break off her relations with Xie.

4) Pan Wei

Pan Wei

Pan Wei was a talentless commoner who used to be made fun of where ever he used to go. While he was still young, he fell in love with Luo, but since she was engaged to Xie, he did not make any advances due to her being inferior.

Once he was strong enough to go head to head with the royals, He took her and ran away from home but was later caught and killed by Xie.

5)Wu Lingxian

Wu Lingxian

Wu Lingxian is the head of four great elders and one of the most influential people in the Han empire. She has tremendous energy and many followers who will do everything to make her happy.

She has been a thorn in his side of Xie as she sees him as nothing but undeserving trash and is on the hunt for him. She also hates how he is getting stronger day by day.

5)Yu Hongyan

Yu HongyanYu Hongyan is the only person who ever trusted Xie and provided him with the resources and knowledge required to get stronger in the Han dynasty.

Their first meeting was awkward since she was about to execute him for trespassing but later overruled that decision as he healed her injuries. She sees him as a good friend and a reliable person she can count on during difficult times.

I’m An Evil God Plot Review:

Xie Yan was an average person and trendy among females due to his killer looks, which used to captivate a woman’s heart on sight. Unfortunately, due to his not paying attention, he ended up getting trampled by a truck.

He now finds himself in the Han era, where he is a slave of Qin Xinci, who uses him every night. To beat and become strong, he starts his conquest of getting stronger.

On the other hand, he is being helped by a system that assigns him tasks and gives him good insights. He is always looking to get a reaction from people as it is used as the point he uses to upgrade himself. He also has the power to visit many different realms and can see the memories of the body he takes control of.

He later finds out that there are other versions of Xie Yan in many different realms and visits them frequently as an escape from the Han empire.

Am I An Evil God Worth Reading?

I’m An Evil God is a Chinese Manhwa and is one of the best ongoing series. The world-building is exciting, and the main character is well-written. The side characters are given their fair share of time in the story, and each plays a significant role in the series.

The art of the series is also decent; the pacing is perfect, and it does not let you get bored. Many characters are introduced frequently, and the story is unique. The main character is also not a simp but a thoughtful and intelligent person who has his way with words.

The continuous changes between realms are explained perfectly to the reader so that they don’t get confused as well as the characters are linked to each other excellently.


I’m An Evil God is one of the most fantastic series, and you should check it out as it will leave its mark on you. The story timeline is placed in the ancient Chinese era, where all the residents were martial art followers. You can also glimpse the Chinese culture and heritage from the series, and you will not regret reading it.

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