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Top 30 Strongest Berserk Characters Ranked (2023)

Last updated on August 25th, 2023 at 10:59 pm

We have read or seen dozens and possibly hundreds of different manga and read many different manga. Still, they will only come close to the masterpiece written by Kentaro Miura.

The series has 50 million+ copies in circulation and is one of the greatest manga ever due to the story’s fantastic world-building and astonishing fights.

However, it is one of the most evil worlds and a heart-wrenching story of Guts, often referred to by anime fans as the character who suffered the most in the entire genre.

Unfortunately, before he could see this fantastic journey to an end and complete his beloved manga, the great mangaka Kentaro passed away at the age of 54. However, one of his previous workers picked up the story and has now started publishing the continuation.

Top 30 Strongest Berserk Characters

30) Gaston


Other NamesGaston 
PowerCompetent warrior and strategist.
Eye ColorBrown 
Hair ColorBlack 
Kill Count100 

Gaston is one of the people who is remembered and will be forever remembered by Guts and will always be a reason for trauma for him. He was part of the group Falcon.

However, he and his former teammates were sacrificed during the eclipse by Griffith, who betrayed everyone. He was loyal to Guts, never betrayed him, and always wanted to die protecting him.

29) Isidro 


Other NamesDroppy 
PowerMiniature bombs, salamander dagger 
Eye ColorBrown 
Hair ColorGinger 
Kill CountUnknown


Taking inspiration from one of the original bands of Falcon members, the hundred-man slayer, Isidro, also known as Droppy, wanted to become just like his idol and slay the enemies.

He was a former thief but later joined Guts and his entourage. He has brown eyes and ginger hair; his specialties are miniature bombs and a salamander dagger, which he can use efficiently.

28) Boscogn


Other NamesBoscogn
PowerSupernatural Strength and Stamina 
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBrown 
Kill CountLess than 100

Boscogn is also known as the strongest Tudor soldier. He was the commander of the Tudor Empire’s forces and the Purple Rhino Knights, led them to many victories, and was a well-experienced veteran warrior who was well-known worldwide.

He was also very loyal and respectful towards his seniors, even though he was more capable and robust than them in certain aspects. He also had armor shaped like a rhino, which intimidated anyone who saw him for the first time.

27) Pippin


Other Namespippin
PowerPhysical strength, mining expertise 
Eye ColorClose eyes 
Hair ColorBlack 
Kill Count

There might be only a handful of characters in the verse who were physically bigger than Pippin, who was a beast physically and was even more significant than Guts, who is one of the most prominent characters in the verse volume-wise.

He was always calm and rarely used to panic in situations, and he was one of the most trusted partners of Guts, who ever referred to him as a potent duo. Unfortunately, he died to buy time for his comrades to escape.

26) Rosine 


Other NamesRosine 
PowerPoison dust, proboscis 
Eye ColorBlue 
Hair ColorBlond 
Kill Count180

In her pure and standard form, Rosine was an elf who was said to have a human-like body and insect-like eyes. Guts killed her in the battle. In her apostle form, she turns into a giant worm with several faces and stings.

She has a tiny body compared to other characters; she has blue eyes and blonde hair.

25) Molda


Other NamesMolda 
PowerSummoning, adept at broom flight 
Eye ColorPurple 
Hair ColorAuburn 
Kill CountUnknown

Molda is a powerful mage who resides in Elfhelm, the kingdom of elves and one of the most powerful kingdoms in the story. She is arrogant and clashes head-to-head with anyone, irrespective of age, race, gender, or power level.

However, she quickly started to change when Guts and his band members started to tell her about their journeys and what they planned to do from now onwards, which ended up enchanting her as the mages were not allowed to live in the kingdom and did not know anything about the outside world.

24) Snake Baron


Other NamesSnake baron 
Eye ColorSnake  eyes 
Hair ColorNo hair 
Kill Count1000+

The Snake Lord is the verse about one of the most arrogant and selfish characters who was burned alive by Guts. He ruled the town of Kola through sheer negativity and stated that he would kill anyone who did not acknowledge him as the ruler.

However, it was not long before Guts and others discovered he had killed him and brought peace to the villagers.

23) The Great Goat


Other NamesGreat goat 
PowerNo power 
Eye ColorOrange 
Hair ColorDark brown 
Kill Count2000+

Albion was the place where the great goat resided, but before turning into an apostle, he was a normal human being. The author has yet to reveal much information about his human form.

He wears a goat head and was killed by guts in action. What was known about him was that he used to have sex with other cult members.

22) Slug Baron

Slug Beron

Other NamesSlug baron 
PowerSuperhuman strength and regeneration 
Eye ColorBrown 
Hair ColorBald 
Kill CountNo Data

Slug Baron is the cruelest apostle in the series, as he used to conduct experiments on humans and even went on to eat some of the band of falcon members, proudly saying it in front of Guts.

However, he was sucked into the vortex of souls during the eclipse and lost his life. Not much information is available on what he was as a human.

21) Wyald


Other NamesWyald 
PowerMassive strength 
Eye ColorBlack and white 
Hair ColorBlack 
Kill CountNo Data

Wyald was very powerful but ignored everything to experience fun. He was responsible for putting his troops in constant danger so that he could have a little fun.

However, he was killed by his senior Zodd due to his negligence, which resulted in Guts taking over the demon territory. He was also known for being a rapp*st.

He stripped Casca in front of her band members and was known to be a very reflexive being.

20) Judeau


Other NamesJudeau 
PowerJack of all trades 
Eye ColorGreen 
Hair ColorBlonde 
Kill Count10000

Judeau might not be the most powerful in the band of falcons, but his smarts and understanding of how the brain works kept him on top for many years. He was very understanding and helped Guts settle into the band after joining them.

He died during the eclipse after he was stabbed multiple times by the enemy and passed away due to loss of blood.

19) Mozgus


Other NamesMozgus’ Torturers 
PowerEnhance strength, speed, stamina, and angelic wings 
Eye ColorYellow 
Hair ColorNo hair 
Kill CountNo data

Mozgus took pleasure in praying to god and torturing people to death. He walked around the city with his band members, known for their cruel method of killing.

He was the major problem Guts faced while on the mission to save Casca. He was very faith-oriented, and his face got flat-shaped as he used to put his face down while praying.

18) Schierke


Other NamesSchierke 
Eye ColorGreen 
Hair Color Dark Green 
Kill CountLess than 10

Schierke is one of the most sensible and understanding members who have managed to charm everyone. Most of the band members treat her like their little sister. She also gets very annoyed by Isidro, whom she thinks of as a monkey.

To become more substantial, she watches everything closely and now has a crush on Guts, but he sees her as a little sister.

17) Serpico


Other Names Serpy 
Status Alive 
Power Swordsman ship 
Eye Color Blue 
Hair ColorBlond 
Kill CountUnknown

Serpico is a perfect example of how you should not let your past decide your present or future, as he was an illegitimate son who was abandoned and left to die or live on the streets.

However, her half-sister saved her, and he started to look at her as his god and decided to protect her from everything, although she abused him for her fun.

16) Rakshas


Other NamesRakshas 
PowerShape altering , bakiraka 
Eye ColorOrange or gold 
Hair ColorNo hair 
Kill Count100000+

The Kushan clan of the Bakiraka was the group of people who exiled him, which enraged him, and he decided to become an apostle to exact revenge on them and kill them.

He is also very aggressive and has powers like shape-shifting enhanced agility, and exceptional stealth. He does not have a face to show and can alter or mimic anyone.

15) Irvine


Other NamesIrvine
PowerMaster Archer/Marksman
Eye ColorWhite
Hair ColorBlack
Kill Count1000+

The most notable feature of Irvine is his eyes, which are entirely white and lack corneas and iris. He is also an apostle who serves under Griffith and is known for his marksmanship and wide range of weapons.

When he becomes a full-fledged apostle, he emerges as a wolf, where he positions himself before the head of the wolf and shoots archers along the way, capable of killing anyone.

14) Daiba


Other NamesDaiba 
Eye ColorBrown 
Hair ColorWhite 
Kill Count550


Daiba is a very thin, old, fragile man with hair in dreadlocks. He is the adviser of Ganishka and is very loyal and affectionate towards him but not afraid to be confrontational.

He is also very cunning, as a person who managed to live so much in the verse is expected to, or else it will be impossible for a friendly and good person to survive long in the verse.

13) Locus


Other NamesMoonlight Knight
PowerSupernatural strengthened
e ColorLight Gray
Hair ColorBlack
Kill Count250

Locus is the mightiest of the mighty, is known not to have lost a single battle or duel, and is one of the strongest characters in the verse. He has pledged his loyalty to Griffith after having a conversation with him.

He is said to be one of many armies and can defeat most characters in a duel. He is also famous worldwide and often called the Moonlight Knight.

12) Sea God


Sea God

Other NamesSea god 
PowerMassive size and power 
Eye ColorNo eyes
Hair ColorNo hairs 
Kill CountUnknown

The sea god is the most terrifying yet unique and unexplored beast in the verse; he has been rumored to be strong enough to destroy the island and rival some of the strongest beings in the verse.

He has vast tentacles, but his whole body is never shown, and he becomes the prey of Guts and his group.

11) Zodd


Other NamesNosferatu Zodd
PowerSuperhuman strength, speed, and durability 
Eye ColorOrange-red 
Hair ColorBlack 
Kill Count1000+

Zodd is possibly the craziest character in the story. He just lives to fight; he has killed thousands of members and does not care about anything else. After getting defeated by Griffith, he became his servant and pledged his loyalty to him for life.

He was inactive for around 300 years, and the reasons are still unknown, but he was a rival of Skull Knight and fished to find someone he could fight for eternity.

10) Grunbeld


Other NamesThe Great Flame Dragon
PowerTransformation, Super Natural Strength
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorRed 
Kill Count4000

The Great Flame dragon is terrifying in its human form, as he has a massive build and red eyes that are always blood-lusty and looking for his next target. His stories are known throughout the world.

He is very determined and does like to joke around with anyone. He prefers to be left alone and keeps training to become the strongest.

9) Guts


Other NamesThe black swordsman 
PowerPeak human conditioning, swordsmanship 
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack 
Kill Count1190 

Guts was just a body without a soul until he joined the band Falcon, where he thought he would finally live a peaceful life, but fate ended up having a different path for him.

He was assaulted and raped as a child and saw his best friend turn into a monster while also seeing the love of his life get raped by his best friend. He has severe trauma.

8) Flower Storm Monarch

Flower Monarch

Other NamesDanan the Domestic
PowerPowerful Swordsman
Eye ColorPink
Hair ColorPink
Kill Count0

Danan is the lord of the elves and currently resides in Elfhelm on the island of Skellig. She is calm and does not pay attention to the outside world but likes to listen to their stories.

Her main motive is the survival of her species, and everything else is negligible for her. She has lived through many centuries.

7) Ubik


Other NamesThe Skull Knight
PowerPowerful Swordsman
Eye ColorNot yet seen hair
r ColorNo hair 
Kill CountUnknown

Ubik might or might not be the strongest in the group, but his central role is to manipulate people to benefit from the idea of evil and make them sacrifice themselves for the cause.

He even managed to manipulate Guts, and he plays a pivotal role in the plot of the series. He is also more than 216 years old.

6) Skull Knight

Skull Knight

Other NamesThe Skull Knight
PowerPowerful Swordsman
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorNo hair 
Kill Count1100

Skull Knight is one of the most courageous troops in the world, has been one of the primary enemies of the Apostle and Demon kind, and has been in a war against them for a million years.

He is also an accomplice of a black swordsman, whom he believes can defeat the god-hand members and bring peace to the world.

5) Slan


Other NamesWhore Princess of the Uterine Sea
PowerLust manipulation 
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorNo hair 
Kill CountUnknown

Slan, also known as the Whore Princess of the Uterine Sea and Goddess of Flame, is another member of the god hands formed by the Idea of Evil. It isn’t easy to rank the band members as they were created equally, and we have not seen them go all out yet.

She is 216+ years old, deeply lusts for Guts, and wishes to meet him in real life. She sees him as a perfect being and the only one who should be allowed to see God of Hands

4) Shiva


Other NamesGanishka
PowerDemonic strength, Transformation into Shiva 
Eye ColorBlue 
Hair ColorBlack 
Kill Count5 M+ 

 Ganishka, also known as Shiva, is one of the story’s villains and wishes to destroy the world to create his kingdom, where he can rule over it. He is also a formidable opponent.

His powers include transforming into an enormous giant, where he can destroy mountains and even a considerable part of the territory. Griffith enchanted him, and when he turned evil, he joined him in his evil plans.

3) Griffith


Other NamesWings of Darkness 
PowerSpatial manipulation 
Eye ColorBlue  
Hair ColorSilver 
Kill Count5000

Griffith was the best friend of Guts and is the current leader of the band of Falcons as well as the general of the Midland Army. He and his friend ended the 100-year-long ongoing war and brought peace.

But most of them failed to notice that he would lead the world and people to their demise. Through the journey, he became evil, decided to betray all of his friends, and became the most hated villain in anime history.

2) Void


Other NamesVoid
PowerSpace Manipulation, Time Manipulation
Eye ColorBlack 
Hair ColorBrown
Kill Count10,000 +

Void is the leader of the group called God of Hand, which was formed by the idea of evil. He is one of the strongest beings in the world. However, he was not always this evil when he was a human; he had an immaculate and good heart.

His powers include space manipulation, time manipulation, godly powers, near-omnipotence, omniscience, causality, manipulation, immortality, and branding high intelligence. He has killed thousands of people to rise in the ranks.

1) Idea Of Evil

Idea Of Evil

Other NamesIdea Of Evil
PowerControlling Destiny
Eye ColorUnknown
Hair ColorUnknown
Kill CountCountless

In the gut-wrenching world of Berserk, there is not a single soul who reigns above the idea of evil. He is the most evil person in the story and is broken in terms of power.

He has fate manipulation and disruption and can change it according to his needs. His other crimes include mass murder, rape, assault, terrorism, cannibalism, corruption, genocide, and everything that can come to mind.


Some people dream of being in an anime world, but no single soul on this planet will ever want to be a part of Berserk’s world, which is undeniably the evilest.

However, the story is one of the best and is often referred to by the fans as one of the three best Seinen stories ever to be written, the other two being Vinland Saga and Vagabond.

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