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Top 30 Strongest Beyblades Of All Time (2023)

Beyblade anime has been going on since childhood, and now we can see many other side stories and sequels to the original Bakuten Shoot Beyblade series.

Out of all those series, there are many powerful Beyblades, and it would be hard to rank all of them. The strength of a Beyblade also depends on how the Beyblader uses it too.

But, we will be solving that problem now as we rank the strongest Beyblades in the world. Most of these Beyblades will be present from the original universe, so it will be easier for you to know them. Without further ado, let us take a look at this list of the Top 30 strongest Beyblades of all time.

Top 30 Strongest Beyblades Of All Time

30) Galman


Beyblade NameGalman Galaxy
SeriesBakuten Shoot Beyblade
ColorPurple and Black
AbilityGalaxy Beast, Star Shower

Starting our list of the strongest beyblades in the world, we have Kevin’s Galman. He is a member of the White Tigers and is one of the most powerful members of the team.

Galman is a full-on defense-type Beyblade and has plenty of super moves, to level him on the playing field. He is one of the fastest beyblader and is known for pulling up cheap tricks to win or exact revenge.

29) Seaborg 2

Seaborg 2

Beyblade NameSeaborg Sea
SeriesBakuten Shoot Beyblade
AbilityVoda Impact, Stramolyu

Although Seaborg was his first Beyblade, it was never shown in the anime as it was only a defense-type blade. Seaborg 2 was the evolution of his former Beyblade and is a balance-type blade.

This blade is good at both defense and attack, and we also watched its strength from how Spencer used it. Spencer is also a very competitive person, so he makes the best of his blade to keep on winning.

28) Flash Leopard 2

Flash Leopard 2

Beyblade NameFlash Leopard 2
SeriesBeyblade V Force
AbilityCross Fire

Flash Leopard 2 is the evolution of Ozuma’s first blade Flash Leopard and is a balance-type Beyblade. Its special move creates a very strong amount of flames on the Beyblade.

This move can be utilized for both offense and defense. The only problem with Flash Leopard 2 is that it is very inconsistent, that is why it ranks 28th on our list of the strongest Beyblades in the world.

27) Gaia Dragoon V

Gaia Dragoon V Beyblade

Beyblade NameGaia Dragoon Version
BeybladerDaichi Sumeragi
SeriesBeyblade G Revolution
AbilityTornado V Wing

The Beyblade of Daichi Sumeragi, Gaia Dragoon is one of his first Beyblades, and he defeated many strong enemies with it. Gaia Dragoon V has many powerful attacks such as Earth Attack and G Smash.

Along with power, it also has super speed and is generally faster than any other normal Beyblades. Daichi had also kept upgrading this Beyblade, which made its offense even more powerful.

26) Torch Pegasus

Torch Pegasus

Beyblade NameTorch Pegasus
BeybladerRaul Fernandez
SeriesBakuten Shoot Beyblade G Revolution
AbilityFuerza Valiente

Torch Pegasus is a very unique attack-type blade, and can only be perfectly used by Raul and Julia. The blade can spin in both left and right spin, giving Raul an advantage in battle.

On top of this, its special move Fuerza Valiente releases a huge blast of heat in the shape of its bit beast, Pegasus to completely knock out any opponent’s Beyblades. This alone makes it one of the strongest Beyblades in the world.

25) Wolborg


Beyblade NameWolborg 4 (Wolf)
SeriesBakuten Shoot Beyblade
AbilityNovae Rog

Wolborg 4 is an advanced version of the original Wolborg and has more attack and defense capabilities. Its special move Novae Rog also flash freezes its opponent and traps them.

Once the opponent is trapped, it further goes with a smash attack, to throw off the opponent’s Beyblade. Tala is also a very skilled Beyblader and will do whatever it takes for him to win his matches.

24) Trygle


Beyblade NameTrygle(Triangle)
BeybladerKane Yamashita
SeriesBeyblade V Force
AbilityDefense Ring, Triple Claw

Trygle was introduced very early in the series and looked like a weak Beyblade initially after Dragoon beat it. But later in the series, it grew even more powerful and rivaled Dragoon on many occasions.

Trygle’s special moves make it an overall balance-type blade that gives an edge over other competitors. It is especially strong against blades with high attack power due to its defense ring. On top of this, Trygle can even steal the spin of the opponent’s Beyblades to make up for its loss.

23) Gaia Dragoon MS

Gaia Dragoon MS

Beyblade NameGaia Dragoon Metal Storm
BeybladerDaichi Sumeragi
SeriesBeyblade V Force
AbilityGravity Control

An upgrade from his Gaia Dragoon V, Daichi had used Gaia Dragoon Metal Storm more than he used Gaia Dragoon V. This is because it gave him increased offense as well as defense capabilities.

Its special move Gravity Well is so powerful and knocks most Beyblades out of the ring when used. His experience as well as his Beyblading skills, make him a formidable foe in battle.

22) Driger S

Driger S

Beyblade NameDriger Slash
BeybladerRay Kon
SeriesBakuten Shoot Beyblade
AbilityTiger Claw

Driger S was the first Beyblade for Ray Kon. It is a balance-type model Beyblade, which offers the best of both worlds. It is also said that this was the first Beyblade to possess the Spin Gear system.

This was the reason due to this inhuman balance and defense. Ray Kon was also said to have won many other fights with Driger S until he switched to optimizing his Beyblade to improve its performance.

21) Draciel S

Draciel S

Beyblade NameDraciel Shield
BeybladerMax Tate
SeriesBakuten Shoot Beyblade
AbilityMetal Ball Defense

Max’s first Beyblade and this is the perfect definition of a defense-type Beyblade. Draciel aka Genbu is also one of the most powerful 4-bit beasts in existence.

This alone puts the base form of this Beyblade above most of the Beyblades in this series. Adding to this, its defensive abilities make it one of the strongest Beyblades in the world.

20) Dranzer S

Dranzer S

Beyblade NameDranzer Spiral
BeybladerKai Hiwatari
SeriesBakuten Shoot Beyblade
ColorDark Blue
AbilityFire Arrow

It was Kai Hiwatari’s first blade, that also easily crushed Tyson’s Bey. Having the Dragon bit-beast inside of it, it comes as a bit of a surprise that this is a balance-type blade.

On top of having a variety of moves for attack and defense, it is mostly due to Kai’s usage, which makes this Beyblade one of the strongest Beyblades in the world.

19) Driger F

Driger F

Beyblade NameDriger Fang
BeybladerRay Kon
SeriesBakuten Shoot Beyblade
AbilityTiger Fang

Driger F was Ray Kon’s second Beyblade, and it was also another balance-type Bey. Although it doesn’t change much from its original, it has slightly better offensive and defensive capabilities.

This was his most used Beyblade since his Driger S was destroyed so early in the series. The Tiger Fang is its special move, with which the bit beast Driger attacks with a huge slash.

18) Draciel F

Draciel F

Beyblade NameDraciel Fortress
BeybladerMax Tate
SeriesBakuten Shoot Beyblade
AbilityFortress Defense

Adding to its predecessor’s defensive capabilities, Draciel F Beyblade is even stronger with its upgraded parts and new moves. It is also very hard to take down in battle given its heavy defense optimization.

Its special move Fortress Defense further increases its defensive shields. It creates a metal ball shield all around the Beyblade, making it almost impossible for any Bey to knock it out.

17) Dranzer F

Dranzer F

Beyblade NameDranzer Flame
BeybladerKai Hiwatari
SeriesBakuten Shoot Beyblade
ColorDark Blue
AbilityFlame Saber, Flame Thrower

Even though Dranzer F has many different attack moves, this Bey is still a balance type only. Dranzer F is also the second evolution of Kai’s Dranzer and appeared for a short time in the series.

Despite this, it made a huge impact on the series due to its power level. It utilizes the power of Dragon’s flames fully to win against its opponents through sheer power. These flames also serve as a defensive line for the Beyblade and stop any attacks coming its way.

16) Dragoon V

Dragoon V

Beyblade NameDragoon Victory
BeybladerTyson Granger
SeriesBeyblade V Force
AbilityVictory Tornado

Dragoon V was Tyson’s fourth Beyblade and one of the strongest Attack-type Beyblades. It also hosts one of the strongest 4-bit beasts Dragon.

Tyson fought against several opponents with his Bey such as Dranzer and also Cyber Dragoon. Victory Tornado is its signature move and generates a huge tornado in its vicinity to push away any Beyblades surrounding it.

15) Driger V

Driger V

Beyblade NameDriger Vulcan
BeybladerRay Kon
SeriesBeyblade V Force
AbilityVulcan Claw

Turning out be an upgrade from Driger F, Driger V yet again increases the attack power of the Driger, making it yet another Attack-type Beyblade in Ray Kon’s collection.

Ray Kon developed Vulcan Claw as a special move, that can only be done with this Beyblade’s optimizations. Vulcan Claw develops a kind of shredding barrier around the blade, and it serves as a great offense as well as a defensive move for the Beyblade.

14) Draciel V

Draciel V

Beyblade NameDraciel Viper
BeybladerMax Tate
SeriesBeyblade V Force
AbilityViper Wall, Heavy Viper Wall

Coming as an upgrade from Draciel F, Draciel V strengthens Bey’s defensive strength even more. This is also observed in its special moves Viper Wall and Heavy Viper Wall.

Both of them create a storm that protects Draciel like a wall, and the storm which it generates disrupts the opponent’s spin, packing a powerful punch too.

13) Driger G

Driger G

Beyblade NameDriger Gatling
BeybladerRay Kon
SeriesBeyblade G Revolution
AbilityGatling Claw

Host to one of the most powerful 4-bit beasts in the anime, Driger does not disappoint us at all with its moves. Initially meant to be an upgrade from the Og Driger, Driger G is fully focused on attack.

Even its special move increases its speed and power. On top of this, Gattling Claw summons a lot of illusions to fight with the opponent. It also makes multiple clones of itself in the battle, and it would be very difficult to stop this barrage of attacks.

12) Dragoon G

Dragoon G

Beyblade NameDragoon Galaxy
BeybladerTyson Granger
SeriesBeyblade G Revolution
AbilityGalaxy Storm

Strengthening the offense of Dragoon even further, Dragoon V is yet another Attack-type Bey. This comes with a bit of a twist, as Dragoon V is faster than all of his other Beyblades.

Along with this, it is also a left-spin Beyblade. Galaxy Storm is an even stronger move, which increases the range of the Victory Tornado, and also has increased attack power.

11) Draciel G

Draciel G

Beyblade NameDraciel Gravity
BeybladerMax Tate
SeriesBeyblade G Revolution
AbilityGravity Control

Draciel G is one of Max’s most powerful Beyblades, only falling short of his Beyblade’s next evolution. Instead of focusing only on defense, this Bey has many other attacks moves too.

Its Gravity control can be called a killer move due to its powerful nature. It creates a gravitational waterspout after charging energy across its opponent’s Beyblade and then spins in the reverse direction of the field which leads to the other Beyblade losing its balance, spin, and energy.

10) Dranzer G

Dranzer G

Beyblade NameDranzer Gigs
BeybladerKai Hiwatari
SeriesBeyblade G Revolution
ColorDark Blue
AbilityBlazing Gigs Tempest

Although this isn’t much of an upgrade compared to Kai’s previous blade, it still is decently powerful enough, and still holds the balance-type properties of the Bey.

But, the Beyblade’s signature moves change everything. Blazing Gigs tempest is a two-phase attack, that deals a huge amount of fire damage which saps away the strength of its opponent’s Beyblade.

9) Dranzer GT

Dranzer GT

Beyblade NameDranzer Gigs Turbo
BeybladerKai Hiwatari
SeriesBeyblade G Revolution
ColorDark Blue
AbilityFlame Gigs Turbo, Reverse Flame Gigs

Dranzer GT remained as Kai’s signature Bey, for most of the series. This Beyblade was also able to utilize the signature moves of Dranzer G, with increased attack power.

Along with this, this Bey could also spin in the reverse direction. This is possible due to its special move Reverse Flame Gigs, which turn the gears of the Beyblade completely backward, giving it a reverse spin.

8) Dragoon GT

Dragoon GT

Beyblade NameDragoon Galaxy Turbo
BeybladerTyson Granger
SeriesBeyblade G Revolution
AbilityGalaxy Turbo Twister

Coming up with yet another left-spin attack Beyblade, Dragoon GT further amplifies the offense of the Dragon bit beast. With Dragoon G and Dragoon GT, Tyson also developed special combo moves with Daichi.

Galaxy Turbo Twister works as a three-phase attack. Initially looking like a charge attack, it generates a huge Tornado right after clashing with the Beyblade. Along with this, it also increases the speed, agility, and attack power of Dragoon.

7) Driger MS

Driger MS

Beyblade NameDriger Metal Slash
BeybladerRay Kon
SeriesBeyblade G Revolution
AbilityThunder Slash

Driger Metal Slash was a way bigger upgrade compared to his other Beyblades. Driger MS is one of his most powerful Beyblades and he also returned to his roots with this being a balance-type Bey.

Thunder slash is also a very powerful slash attack, which makes the whole Beyblade radiate with electrical energy. With its power level, it quickly became the signature Beyblade for Ray.

6) Draciel MS

Draciel MS

Beyblade NameDraciel Metal Shield
BeybladerMax Tate
SeriesBeyblade G Revolution
ColorDark Green
AbilityAqua Shield

Reverting to its defensive core abilities, Draciel MS is his best defensive-type blade and cannot even be compared to the rest of his other Beyblade forms.

Due to its metallic shield optimization, it is now almost impossible to knock this Beyblade out. Its special move also further adds to the difficulty of beating this Beyblade. Just using its defensive capabilities alone, Max had won many battles with this Beyblade.

5) Dragoon MS

Dragoon MS

Beyblade NameDragoon Metal Storm
BeybladerTyson Granger
SeriesBeyblade G Revolution
AbilityEvolution Storm

Tyson’s second most powerful Beyblade, Dragoon MS is also the fifth strongest Beyblade in the world. Even though it is an attack-type Beyblade, it was easily able to defend itself against many other powerful moves.

Evolving from the GT version, it retains and amplifies the best aspects of all its predecessors. Evolution Tornado takes his special move to a whole new level, which brings out his bit beast Dragoon to fight with the opponent’s bit beast.

4) Dranzer MS

Dranzer MS

Beyblade NameDranzer Metal Spiral
BeybladerKai Hiwatari
SeriesBeyblade G Revolution
ColorDark Blue
AbilitySpiral Fireball

This was Dranzer’s next evolution after Dranzer GT, which happened after Kai had lost to Brooklyn and Zeus. This evolution form soon became to be his most powerful Beyblade form.

On top of proving himself to be a powerful foe in battle, he managed to also defeat Brooklyn with this Bey later on.

Spiral Fireball is a deadly move, with which the Dranzer engulfs in flames and shoots itself into the sky. After this, it comes crashing down on its opponent’s Bey, dealing a massive amount of damage and in most cases, defeat too.

3) Dragoon MSUV

Dragoon MSUV

Beyblade NameDragon Metal Storm Ultimated Version
BeybladerTyson Granger
SeriesBeyblade G Revolution
AbilityUltimate Storm

The final version of Dragoon’s evolution, Dragoon MSUV can be easily called as the top 3 strongest Beyblades in the world. On top of possessing extraordinary attack power, it also has super speed and agility.

This was able to rival almost Zeus Beyblade in terms of strength. Ultimate Storm is its final move, which generates storms that are almost meters tall and can also convert the environmental conditions in its favor by utilizing its elemental properties.

2) Black Dranzer

Black Dranzer

Beyblade NameBlack Dranzer
BeybladerKai Hiwatari
SeriesBakuten Shoot Beyblade

Although Black Dranzer was meant to be a variant of the Dranzer F version, that wasn’t the case for this Beyblade. This Beyblade was incredibly powerful, and Kai had also absorbed 7 different bit-beasts inside this Beyblade.

It does not have a special move or anything of that sort, but it still proved to be one of the most powerful Beyblades in the first season. This Beyblade was also considered to be uncontrollable, which is its strength as well as its weakness.

Kai proved to be the only Beyblader in the whole series to be able to successfully control Black Dranzer to an extent.

1) Zeus


Beyblade NameZeus
SeriesBeyblade G Revolution
AbilityKing of Darkness

Zeus is easily the strongest Beyblade in the world, mostly due to Brooklyn’s talent and the Beyblade’s potential. Zeus didn’t even need evolutions to fight with some of the strongest Beyblades like Dragoon MSUV, Dranzer G, and many others.

Brooklyn was considered the strongest Beyblader too because of his innate talent for Beyblading and his intellect. Zeus is also very powerful, and its special move is also very hard to block.

While Brooklyn uses King of Darkness, a dark aura appears from behind him, and then his bit-beast Zeus appears. Zeus then launches a volley of physical attacks and finishes it with a big and powerful smash attack.

With this, we shall end our article on the Strongest Beyblades in the world. We hope to come up with more fresh and entertaining posts such as these, so make sure to check our other articles here.

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