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(2023 Updated) Top 30 Strongest Eleceed Webtoon Characters Ranked

Last updated on January 20th, 2024 at 05:04 pm

This post is updated based on new information.

Eleceed is one of the exponentially growing webtoons having a unique action story on awakening. This remarkable series was started two years ago in Spring and is continuing its journey with the release of 197 Chapters so far. Henceforward, we have ranked the Top 30 Strongest Eleceed Webtoon Characters in accordance with their Awakened abilities and popularity.

We know it’s too early to rank the strongest Eleceed Characters because many new Awakeners are yet to be announced. Don’t sweat it; we will be updating this post after every interval. So, let’s begin.

Note: The ranking is done based on the recent chapters which haven’t been officially released yet.  

30) Wooin

Wooin Eleceed (Top 30 Strongest Eleceed Webtoon Characters)

Wooin is one of the strongest unaffiliated awakeners, whose ability is Telekinesis. Since childhood, he was always with Dr. Delein, who taught him Force Control and various techniques of his ability.

He is powerful enough to draw against Jisuk Yoo. No doubt, he is on the same level as the Strongest Korean Affiliated Rookies. Not only this, he easily crushed one of the World Awakened Academy students during the spar. He is strong enough to be invited to the World Awakened Academy along with other Korean students. That’s enough reasons to put him on the list of Top 30 Strongest Eleceed Webtoon Characters.

29) Subin Lee

Subin Lee Eleceed

Another strongest Korean Rookie who is the representative of the Union is Subin Lee. She is the granddaughter of the Union’s head. Her awakening ability is Cryokinesis, through which she can manipulate Ice according to the circumstances.

Her personality is the same as Jisuk Yoo. We have placed her above Wooin because of her popularity and experience in battles. Presently she easily defeated Jessica, who was one of the Top awakeners in the World Awakened Academy.

28) Sucheon Kang

Sucheon Kang Eleceed

Sucheon Kang is the future leader of Baekdu and the only heir of the Kang extraction. He grants his bloodline awakening of Gravity. He is also one of the four strongest rookie awakeners in Korea.

In the combat with Jiwoo Seo, he unveiled the true strength and flexibility of his awakening power. He is a remarkable child who has made his position on the Top 30 list. Presently, after witnessing Subin Lee’s combat in the spar, he decides to overpower all Korean rookies like Jiwoo Seo. We have placed him above Subin and Wooin because of his ability for Gravity manipulation.

27) Jisuk Yoo

Jisuk Yoo Eleceed

Jisuk Yoo is the younger brother of the strongest Korean Awakener, Jiyoung Yoo. He has an ability of Wind manipulation, and he is talented enough to know how to use his power in both effective & efficient ways.

He fought with Arthur Bryan, one of the Top 10 in World Awakened rookies, and drew that spar. Jisuk Yoo has too much real-life battle experience like Subin and Wooin. And he knows how to use his abilities better depending on the circumstances. That’s the main reason we have placed him above Subin and Wooin.

26) Gangseok Choi

Gangseok Choi Eleceed

Like Jisuk Yoo, Gangseok Choi is also one of the four strongest rookie awakeners. He is the representative of Baekho. He hasn’t revealed his awakening power till now. However, by looks, we can predict based on raw strength and close combat is more powerful than the characters mentioned below. 

All four Korean rookies are equally powerful, according to the Eleceed webtoon. That’s why fans can rank them based on their liking. Any ranking can be good as Gangseok Choi, Jisuk Yoo, Sucheon Kang, Subin Lee, and Wooin are equally powerful and talented.

25) Arthur Bryan

Arthur Eleceed

Arthur Bryan is from the royal Bryan family and one of the Top 10 in World Awakened rookies. His combatant style includes purple energy, which is condensed into extremely sharp slashes. 

Even Jisuk Yoo mentioned that Arthur’s abilities are far stronger than his. However, Arthur lacks battle experience, which leads him to draw against Jisuk Yoo. Based on their abilities, Arthur has a complete advantage; that’s why we have placed him above Jisuk Yoo.

24) Glant Gesimov

Glant Gesimov Eleceed

Glant Gesimov is also one of the rookies of the Top 10 World Awakened. He has a muscular body, and based on his looks; it seems like he is talented in close combat abilities.

Presently, the webtoon hasn’t revealed his ranking to be either above or below Arthur Bryan. We also know less about his awakened abilities. That’s why here we have placed him just above Arthur only based on looks and attitude.

23) Lia Eresby

Lia Eresby Eleceed

Lia Eresby is the president of the Student Council at the World Awakened Academy and one of the Top 10 World Awakened Rookies. Presently, the series has not unveiled her awakened ability and position.

But her position is even more powerful than most of the teachers in the World Awakened Academy. The real reason for placing her at 23rd on the list is that we do not know anything about her.

22) Gahin Loutraine

Eleceed Chapter 160 Spoilers

Another rookie awakener from the Top 10 World Awakeners is Gahin Loutraine, from the royal Loutraine family. He is the grandson of the principal of the World Awakened Academy, Kariss Loutraine. According to Kariss, Gahin’s mythical beast Lancelot is one of the most powerful creatures that can overpower an awakener.

It is confirmed in the series that both Gahin and Duke have an upper position than Arthur. That’s why they are the most respected rookies in the World Awakened Academy. Even Jiwoo faces difficulty in defeating his mythical beast Lancelot but thanks to Kayden, it was crushed against him.

21) Duke Grane

Eleceed Chapter 154 Spoilers

Duke Grane is from the great Grane family and one of the most respected rookies in the World Awakened Academy. According to everyone, he is impossible to defeat against some random rookie. Duke’s primary ability is blood manipulation, and he easily defeated Subin Lee with his ability.

Also, he has practiced enough his physical abilities that he gained secondary ability as super speed. By combining his awakening, he becomes very powerful.

However, his super-speed ability is nothing compared to Jiwoo’s Super Speed awakening. Because Jiwoo is born with it, and it is his primary ability. Even Kayden has not seen as fast as Jiwoo Seo. 

20) Jiwoo Seo

Jinwoo Seo Eleceed

The protagonist of the series and the only disciple of Kayden (the strongest character) is none other than Jiwoo Seo. His main awakening power is Super Speed, and under Kayden’s training, he can use it soo effectively that he can challenge anyone.

On top of that, he can use Kayden’s Force Control and a small part of Electrokinesis, which is basically Kayden’s ability.

He has trained under the two strongest Awakeners, Kayden and Jiyoung, which develops his ability to use the right technique at the right time. That’s the reason currently he is stronger than any other Korean rookie. Also, after practicing Seongik Han’s special move, Jiwoo attains enough abilities to overpower even top World awakened rookies.

Here we conclude the list of all the strongest rookies introduced in the series. From here, we begin the rankings of all the popular awakeners who has a lot of battle experiences and are master in their abilities.

19) Dr. Delein

Dr. Delein Eleceed

Dr. Delein is a powerful doctor who is extremely famous for his experiments. His ability is the same as Wooin, i.e., Telekinesis, but his strength is superior to an average Awakener.

He is like a parent to Wooin. In the beginning, the series portrayed him as an antagonist; however, for Wooin’s sake, he chose a better path and cooperated with the Union.

Presently, he helped Jiwoo Seo heal his injured hands, which no doctor could do. The reason behind placing him above many talented rookies is because he is an experienced awakener who has mastered various abilities, superhuman durability, intelligence, and minor regeneration.

18) Loberne

Loberne Eleceed

Loberne is an international criminal who came for Dr. Delein. He is not too good at combatant skills, but his Hypnosis and Super-Speed ability makes him minacious.

He alone injured many members of the Union and was capable enough to hypnotize Wooin. Not only is he powerful, but he is also proficient enough to trick his opponent. His ability is very overpowered, and he knows how to use it depending on the various circumstances. No doubt, he is also a very powerful character.

17) Klein Brother

Klein Brothers Eleceed

Criminal brothers who have an awakening of Fire manipulation. They came to capture Dr. Delein. Their pyrokinesis awakening is too much effective that only top rankers could defeat them.

Even in the injured form, Duran Klein was able to crush Subin, Jisuk, and Jiwoo at the same time. However, he got defeated by them in the end. In our opinion, if Klein Brothers fight together, then they can even challenge Top 100 rankers.

16) Dran

Dylan Eleceed

Dran is another international criminal who came to take down Kayden and brutally punished Jiwoo Seo. He was capable enough to challenge the Vice-President of Baekdu, Suman Kang.

Unfortunately, he directly confronted Kayden, who crushed him within seconds. But during the fight, he unveiled his all strength. Certainly, he was also a frightening foe.

15) Julian Patrick

Julian Patrick Eleceed

Julian Patrick is the grandson of Veramundt Patrick, one of the Top 10 World Rankers. Julian has made his appearance in the World rankers and attained his name in the Top 100 World Rankers. He is very powerful than Jiwoo that even in his full power, he was only able to scratch him. And Jiwoo was the one who got injured in the spar by using his own ability at max speed.

14) Amyeong

Louie Eleceed

An international criminal who once wanted to be Kayden’s disciple is none other than Amyeong. Despite being so much talented, Kayden rejected him. In the series, we witnessed his skills against Jiyoung Yoo.

He has Regeneration Awakening ability. However, not only his ability but his assassination techniques are also well polished. No doubt, he alone is stronger than Klein Brother. He is infamously known for hunting global rankers; this shows how skilled he is. That’s why we have placed him.

13) Giwook Jang

Giwook Jang Eleceed

From now on, we are taking the top-ranking Awakeners on the list. Starting with Giwook Jang, he is the teacher of the unaffiliated awakeners.

He is vigorous enough to make a place in the Top 20 strongest Korean awakeners. The series hasn’t revealed his ability yet. That’s why we placed him in the 13th ranking. However, he is also very powerful, according to Inhyuk Goo. 

12) Seongha Park

Seongha Park Eleceed

Seongha Park is a high-ranking agent in the Union whose ability is Ice manipulation, the same as Subin Lee. He is also considered one of the Top 20 Strongest Korean Awakeners.

Based on ability, he is on the same level as Inhyuk Goo and Suman Kang. As the series displayed, he single-handly defeated Loberne without much effort. He is a side character, but in the future, we will witness his significant role towards Subin Lee and Wooin. Presently, Seongha Park has arrived at the World Awakened Academy along with Inhyuk Goo to take care of their students.

11) Inhyuk Goo

Inhyuk Goo Eleceed

Like Park, Inhyuk Goo is also one of the highest-ranking awakeners in Korea. He is the right hand of Jiyoung Yoo and has Wind Manipulation ability.

In the past, he easily overpowered and captured one of the Klein Brothers. We have already seen a glimpse of his awakened ability. He is also very fond of cats. Both Inhyuk Goo and Seongha Park are equally powerful and are best friends.

10) Suman Kang

Suman Kang Eleceed

Suman Kang is the president of Baekdu and the uncle of Sucheon Kang. He is a very powerful awakener who unveiled a glimpse of his ability during the clash with Dylan and Dark to save Jiwoo.

His awakening grants him the ability to manipulate Magnetic Field. If he didn’t have to save Jiwoo, he alone would defeat Dylan and Dark. It is challenging to rank Suman and Inhyuk, but based on the series’ fight, we have placed Suman Kang in 10th position. However, all four, Suman Kang, Inhyuk Goo, Seongha Park, and Giwook Jang, are equally powerful, and they all four can attain a good position in the Top 100 World Rankers.

9) Dusik Kang

Dusik Kang Eleceed

Dusik Kang was the eldest member of the Kang family and ex-chairman of Baekdu. His awakened ability is also magnetic manipulation. He was the grandfather of Sucheon Kang. When Jiwoo defeated Sucheon, Dusik Kang visited Awakened Academy to meet him.

His ability was also very refined and powerful. He alone threatened all the teachers who came to save Jiwoo. Undoubtedly, he is an irresistible awakener; however, in the end, he is crushed by Kayden for punishing his disciple.

8) Supil Kang

Supil Kang Eleceed

Supil Kang was the ex-president of Baekdu and the father of Sucheon Kang. He was the strongest awakener of Baekdu. He was the one who called Dylan & Dark and leaked the information about Kayden and his disciple.

During the fight with Kayden, he revealed the true force of his Gyrokinesis Awakened ability. His trump card was to reach the singularity and form a massive black hole. He was one of the strongest Awakeners in Korea who could easily make his position in the Top 100 World Rankers. However, in the end, Kayden showed him his true strength and eliminated him without mercy.

7) Vator

Vator Eleceed

Vator is at the 50th position in the Top 100 World Rankers. According to Suman Kang, to defeat Vator, every leader of the organization should fight together. Vator came to take revenge on Kayden as he knew that Kayden was injured.

He has Spear awakened ability that allows him to fight long distant battles easily. However, in the end, he was first defeated by Jiyoung Yoo, the strongest Korean Awakener, and then Kayden.

6) Seongik Han

Seongik Han Eleceed

Seongik Han is the principal of the Awakened Academy. He was once in the position of the strongest Awakened one in the country. In the past, he was at the 50th position in the Global Strongest Awakener list.

He once rivaled Kayden but was defeated. After that, he resigned from every position, only to become strong. In our opinion, currently, he is stronger than Vator, as his power is equal to Jiyoung Yoo.

5) Jiyoung Yoo

Jiyoung Yoo Eleceed

The beautiful young lady and the most powerful Awakener in Korea is none other than Jiyoung Yoo. Without any effort, she defeated Klein Brother, Dylan, and many other international criminals. Her awakened ability is Wind manipulation. She is one of the few awakeners who can use Spatial Isolation.

The series has already shown her awakened ability and technique. Even Kayden recognized her as a powerful awakener. Also, she has a very powerful Force Control. Jiyoung Yoo presently has not registered her name in the Top 100 World Ranker but is powerful enough to defeat Vator, who is at the 50th position. It shows that if she registers, she can easily make her name at least in the Top 30.

4) Garrith Luterain

Kariss Loutraine Eleceed

Garrith Luterain is the principal of the World Awakened Academy. According to Inhyuk Goo, he is not in the Top 10 World Rankers, but still, he is very powerful. It clearly denotes that his rank is somewhere around in the Top 20 or 30.

Garrith Luterain has the awakened ability to communicate with any animal, and he can control any mythical beast. Undoubtedly he is very powerful to rank in 4th position. Right now, it isn’t straightforward to rank Garrith because the series hasn’t revealed his potential and rank.

3) Kartein

Curtin Eleceed

The greatest healer and the World ranker, who is well known because of his excellent healing abilities, is one other than Kartein. He was the one who saved and restored Jiwoo’s core. He made a deal with Kayden in exchange for restoring the core. Currently, he is living along with Kayden and Jiwoo.

He has no fighting skills; that’s why it is unpredictable to rank him; however, his force control and awakening healing abilities are the greatest in the World. According to Kayden, Kartein uses a lot of his ability when he heals someone, making him too vulnerable against enemies. 

Also, we have seen that Kartein was confident enough to take down Vator when he summoned him. It shows that he is also very powerful to make his own name in the Top Rankers.

2) Veramundt Patrick

Veramundt Patrick Eleceed

Veramundt Patrick is one of the strongest characters in Eleceed. He is on the list of Top 10 World Rankers. He is the president of the Patrick family who appeared in Korea to propose the marriage of his grandson with Jiyoung Yoo and one of the few characters who didn’t fear after seeing Kayden in front of them. No doubt, he is one of the strongest characters in Eleceed webtoon.

1) Kayden Break

Kayden Break Eleceed

Kayden Break is the deuteragonist of the series and the teacher of Jiwoo. He is the most powerful character in the Eleceed webtoon. He has no affiliations with any group or organization and alone challenged every strongest Awakener in the World.

Even the World’s Top 10 avoid the clash with him. In his injured form, he easily massacred Supil Kang and crushed the whole Baekdu’s building. His Awakened ability is Electrokinesis, and his force control is considered to be extreme acute that many great Awakeners desire to assimilate it. Recently, Kayden revealed that three Top 10 World Ranker combined their strength to overpower Kayden.

Eleceed Chapter 201 Spoilers

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Special Mentions

Awakened Academy Teachers

The series hasn’t revealed the abilities of every teacher in the Awakened Academy. Some teachers like Suhan Kang are as strong as Inhyuk. That’s why we will rank them in the future. Also, there are some teachers in the World Awakened Academy too that are very powerful; therefore, we will rank them in the future once the series displays their abilities. 

Here’s our list of Strongest Eleceed Webtoon Characters. Hope you like it. Fans can read Eleceed Webtoon officially from WEBTOON. We will also update this post in the future as per new Eleceed episodes. Till then, stay healthy, stay tuned and read our other Top 10s.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Who is the strongest in Eleceed?

Ans. Kayden Break is the strongest character in Eleceed.

Q2. Who is the main character in Eleceed?

Ans. Jiwoo Seo is the main character and protagonist in Eleceed webtoon.

Q3. Does Jiyoung like Jiwoo?

Ans. Yes, Jiyoung is in love with Jiwoo Seo.

Q4. Is Eleceed worth reading?

Ans. Yes, it’s one of our favorite webtoons.

Q5. Is Eleceed an anime?

Ans. Eleceed is a Korean webtoon comic written by Son Jae Ho and illustrated by ZHENA.

Q6. What are the best Webtoons?

Ans. Eleceed, Solo Leveling, Tower of God, God of High School and many more are the best webtoons.

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