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Top 10 Strongest Female Saiyans in Dragon Ball manga (Ranked) 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:25 am

Ever since its inclusion into Weekly Shonen Jump on 3 December 1984 and subsequent anime adaptation on 26 February 1986, the Dragon Ball series has been a huge hit, even retaining followers after nearly four decades, with more to come from its creator Akira Toriyama with over 300 million manga copies sold worldwide.

The Dragon Ball adventures follow Son Goku and his companions in the search for the all-powerful Seven Dragon Balls, which have the power to summon a wish-fulfilling dragon who can grant any 3 wishes to the summoner.

Here we are taking the Top 10 Strongest Female Saiyans in Dragon Ball-verse introduced so far, including the anime, manga, and other non-adapted official content.

10) Bulma Leigh 

Bulma Leigh Dragon Ball

A direct descendant of Vegeta and Bulma, Bluma Leigh becomes the head of the Capsule Corporation over generations of the Brief family. Even though being a hybrid Saiyan with more inclination toward human genes, she’s the mother of Vegeta Jr., who has inherited great potential from the Saiyan bloodline, and hence we have ranked her in 10th position.

9) BullaBulla Dragon Ball Super

The only daughter of Vegeta and Bulma, Bulla is the first in the line of human-hybrid Saiyans with Gohan, Goten, and her brother, Trunks.

Although she chose not to be trained in martial arts and the power of ki, her being the half Saiyan directly implies the hidden potential of Saiyan blood which includes turning into the super Saiyan transformation and their higher levels

8) NionNion Dragon Ball Super

A female Saiyan scientist serving in Frieza Force on planet Vegeta, Nion is implied to be an extremely smart pre-blooded Saiyan since only a handful of Saiyans were able to join the high order of Frieza Force. She was also the one who predicted the Broly could be the Legendary Super Saiyan of the 7th Universe.

If battle experienced and trained in fighting, she is expected to outperform most of the Saiyan warriors due to her intellectual capabilities, and therefore, she’s ranked 8th on this list

7) Gi-NeGi-Ne Dragon Ball Super

A low-class Saiyan warrior, the wife of Bardock, and the mother of Goku, Gi-Ne was a kind-hearted Saiyan from whom Goku inherited the S-cells required to become a Super Saiyan.

Being a pure-blooded Saiyan with a pure heart and passion for the people around her, she had the potential to transform into a Super Saiyan, and so we have ranked her in 7th position.

6) Mint

Making her appearance in Dragon Ball Fusions, Mint is a B-tier Offworlder Saiyan warrior who took part in the Timespace Tournament. Her origins are unknown, and it is believed that she comes from one of the various timelines connected to the Timespace Rift.

As she is a 1/4th Offworlder Saiyan, meaning that at least one of her parents was half-Saiyan while the other parent was pure Saiyan, she unlocks the possibility of inheriting the Saiyan power as well as powers from her other bloodline if possible.

5) Pan

Pan Dragon Ball

Pan is the granddaughter of Goku and is shown to use ki and its power at a very early age, even before she was very barely able to speak. Following her mother’s fighting style of waiting for the opponent and then striking back while using ki, Pan is shown to be a trained fighter and is shown to be more powerful than her age.

According to Toriyama, she might be able to transform into the Great Ape transformation or Super Saiyan in the face of great evil, and so we have ranked her in 5th position.

4) Fasha

Fasha Dragon Ball

Fasha was the only pure-blooded female Saiyan to be in Bardock’s team as a group of Saiyan warriors. As per Bardock, “she was more reliable than the average warrior scum you see around,” implying that she was very skilled and experienced in combat. She’s also shown to have a maternal side when talking to Bardock about his son.

Due to her skill and being a member of the Saiyan army, we have ranked her in the 4th position.

3) CauliflaCaulifla Dragon Ball Super

Caulifla is the second most powerful female Saiyan warrior from Universe 6, taking into account the latent potential of Saiyans. She’s an extremely eager and fast learner, which is shown by how quickly she was able to transform into Super Saiyan after Goku taught her in the Tournament of Power Arc.

She’s also shown to be able to transform into Super Saiyan 2 and master the power very quickly. Shown to be chasing power, she has been shown to chase after Goku in showing more powerful transformations, to which Goku mentions that it might be possible for her to achieve these forms after enough training and experience.

2) KaleKale Dragon Ball Super

Kale is the Legendary Super Saiyan from the 6th Universe, which is possible to exist only once every 1000 years in the Saiyan bloodline. Even with all the hidden potential, her base form is extremely weak since she’s very timid and easily swayed by others and her emotions.

She has shown to be capable of achieving Super Saiyan form and its higher versions, as shown in the Tournament of Power arc. Currently, she has three transformations – A powered-up Super Saiyan, an Uncontrolled Legendary Super Saiyan, and its controlled counterpart, and thus, she’s been ranked at 9th position.

1) KeflaKefla Dragon Ball Super

The resultant body of Potara fusion between Kale and Caulifa, Kefla is the strongest female Saiyan in Dragon Ball due to having the controlled power of the Legendary Super Saiyan on Kale’s side and having the inherent aggressiveness from Caulifa’s side.

Kefla was able to keep up with Super Saiyan Blue Goku in the Tournament of Power arc of Dragon Ball Super and is considered powerful even to be ranked top tier among all the powerful warriors in the tournament.

Kefla’s intervention is what helps Goku to achieve the base state of Ultra Instinct which shows how powerful she was, and hence we have ranked her as the most powerful female Saiyan character in the Dragon Ball verse.

Here, we conclude our article on “Top 10 Strongest Female Saiyans in Dragon Ball Ranked.” We hope you like it. We will be back with another interesting post. Till then, stay tuned with us. 

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