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(Mikey’s past) Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 Spoilers & Release Date

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 10:23 am

Wakui further delays the fight between Takemichi and Mikey as the latest chapter jumps back to Mikey’s past. And with that, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 spoilers will give us early hints to what happened next between Mikey and Draken in the past. However, before that, let’s quickly summarize what we know.

After the previous chapter’s cliffhanger, the plot suddenly shifted to Mikey’s childhood. We see his father gifting him a toy figure with a smile. His father tells him that the toy figure is a strong and cool superhero. Tragically, he ends up losing him in a car accident when he’s only three years old.

As the days pass by, we see Mikey beat up students from elementary school who claim to be strong. Mikey says that he hates weak guys right after. Following this incident, we see him visit his mother in a hospital. When he shared with her how his day was, he mentioned that he beat up some students to the pulp. Surprisingly, his mother praises his behavior and calls him strong, “just like his father.

After this incident, Mikey kept beating up more students and visited her mother once a week. During one of his visits, he mentions how the guys he beat up always cry after they lose. His mom again encourages him by saying that children just cry easily. Mikey then asks if his father cried easily too. His mom replies that he rarely ever cried in public and was a hopeless man, with a smile.


The time then skips to when Mikey’s elder brother rushes in with news about their mother. They find her in a critical condition that would end her life for good this time. So, when he visits her for one last time, he tells her that he had another fight. He adds that those who cry are simply weak. Since he is strong, he won’t cry and will protect her.

However, this time his mother tells him that he isn’t strong because he never cries. Even he used to be a crybaby when he was little. The next panel shows us that, after three days, his mother is no more.

We see Mikey secretly cry his heart out after losing her. He then develops a strong hatred toward “weak people.

Following this, we see Mikey beat up Sanzu and force him to laugh when he begins crying. Sanzu even follows his command. We see another scenario where Baji and Mitsuya praise him for taking down three strong guys alone. By this time, Mikey had become famous as one of the strongest delinquents.

They end up discussing an elementary student with a dragon tattoo on his temple who saved the first-year high school student from his blackmailers. After a few days, he ends up running into him. Mikey says that he loves strong guys when he faces Draken. The chapter ends without telling us more about their interaction.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 Spoilers

As of now, chapter 264 spoilers haven’t begun to circulate. Typically, they take a day or two to surface. Therefore, you only have to wait for a little. You may keep checking the internet and the fandom sites so that you don’t miss out on them.

Meanwhile, let’s discuss some fans’ theories and future predictions.

With the plot unexpectedly shifting to Mikey’s past, we likely have a few more chapters before the plot comes back to the present. The latest chapter itself mentioned that we would continue to see Mikey’s past. We will see how he met all his friends and how his life progressed.

Wakui finally gave more meaning and reasons behind Mikey’s dark impulse and his personality. Mikey, in the end, turned out to be another character with a tragic past that ruined his mind and life as well.


Mikey’s dark impulses are more of a coping mechanism rather than a strength. As Baji mentioned earlier, Draken is the reason Mikey is remotely saner than he used to be, and with Takemichi’s addition, he softened a little further. Therefore, whenever he encounters an emotionally threatening situation, his coping mechanism activates and makes him go berserk.

Fans also couldn’t help but notice that Mikey’s father looks exactly like middle-aged Takemichi. This gave rise to a far-fetched fan theory that it is Mikey who is time leaping to when his father is still a school student.

Apart from this, the more sensible theory would be that Mikey and Takemichi are half-brothers. The theme song of the anime “Crybaby” also serves as a hint- Takemichi is a crybaby just like his father, and Mikey too was a crybaby when he was little. They are two sides of the same coin.

Nevertheless, Wakui could be cooking all sorts of plot twists to throw at us. Therefore, we can wait only for the upcoming chapters to tell us more.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 Release Date

Chapter 264 will be out on August 3rd, 2022, as per the weekly schedule of the manga. The manga has been stable with releases and rarely has a break week. Therefore, we have new chapters every week on Wednesdays.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264

Tokyo Revengers is officially available on Kodansha’s site. Unfortunately, the two giant official platforms, Viz and Shueisha, don’t offer manga to read. So you can switch to other official sites such as Comixology by Amazon, Inkr, Mangamo, and Kindle Unlimited to follow the manga.

Additionally, since all these sites are paid, you may find the manga on some private sites to read. They update the chapters the very day they are released, so you can check them out, too, in case you don’t have subscriptions to the official sites.

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