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Top 20 Powerful Characters in God of Highschool: Strongest Character

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022 at 07:44 pm

God of Highschool Webtoon is filled with stupendously powerful characters, all along.

The fighting and destruction level at the beginning of the story is nothing compared to the Present Stats.

We have got all the Legendary Gods, Demons, and Deadly Monsters to appear in the Webtoon for along time and raising the power level every often.

In Fact, the plot of the story requires the appearance of extremely strong characters now and then, no matter If they join the protagonist or the Evil.

Although this feature of this Webtoon has soared its popularity high, it still is a debatable question. That, Who is the most deadly and powerful of them all?

The Webtoon is presently 492 Chapters strong, and having read them all already; we are laying down a list of the 20 strongest Characters to date.

In increasing order of Power Level, I will also mention the strongest Character of these 20 at the bottom.

Their rankings are assumed on the basis of their Raw Strength, Weapons possessed, Manipulation reach, and Destruction Capability.

Do read more to find out their detailed powers, abilities, and achievements.

Top 20 Most Powerful Characters in God of Highschool-

  • 20) Shiva-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

She is God of Destruction and the former Master of the Third Heavenly Realm.


Jin Mori and Ilpyo Park confronted her in the Divine Realm, where Ipyo fought her but got hugely overpowered.

Shiva has the power of using numerous humongous hands at her will, and her ultimate ability is ‘Krishna,’ a horde of unstoppable Palms.

Only after going into a Direct Contract, Ilpyo could restrain her by literally tickling her to weaken her concentration.

  • 19) Ilpyo Park (Tied)-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

Ilpyo Park became the World President after the Time Skip; no doubt, he is the most talented Martial Artist.


He mastered both Renewal Taekwondo and SSam-su Taekkyeon, which, coupled with his charyeok of ‘Nine Tails,’ makes him extremely powerful.

After entering the Direct Contract, his true potentials as The Key got unleashed and became a great asset in the Third war.

He also wields the 6th owner as his weapon, Pralltriller, which further enhanced his destruction Capabilities.

  • 19) Sujin Lee (Tied)-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

Sujin Lee was also The Key and had a nearly invincible charyeok ‘Pandora’s Armor.’


She, too, is an outstanding martial artist; she mastered Northern ITF Taekwondo and was a serious competitor in the tournament.

After unlocking her Direct Contract, shebecame insanely powerful.

Although she was an antagonist in the beginning and showcased her mass destruction capabilities, now she sides with Jin Mori.

The Absolute ability to control everything in her domain gives her this Power Ranking.

  • 18) Zeus-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

He had the highest raw strength in the whole Divine Realm and had the affinity of Lightening.


Even The Six could not compare to his mighty blow. Paired with his Absolute ability, The Jupiter Ultimate: Thunder Breaker, he shattered a whole country and showcased his tremendous power.

Only after Jin Mori came and enacted his Awakened State he could match up to him.

With countless Lightning Spears and Zero Mercy, he raised the Casualty toll to the most in the war.

  • 17) Jin Taejin-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

He is the adoptive grandfather and Master of Jin Mori and the creator of Renewal Taekwondo.

He has immense physical strength, and coupled with his Special Technique, ’Recoiless Kick,’ he shattered terrains to pieces.


He fought against Nox so gloriously that he was chosen as the next God of Combat, the successor of Natak.

He was betrayed by Mujin Park but was undefeated in his fight against The Six.

  • 16) Garuda-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

He was the 4thDemon and one of the 9 Kings as well as the master of the Third Realm.

He has immense Magic and Transformation ability. He could transform into a huge eagle and eliminated countless Dragons effortlessly in the Third war.

In his Third Phase, he had the highest Chaos capability among all the Demons and could only be constrained.

He has the power of possession through which he absorbed his own contractor human.

  • 15) Michael-

God of Highschool Top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

He was called the White Archangel, although he was a God of Heavenly Realm and claimed to be intolerant to fighting.

But soon, he entered his Third Phase, in which he grew huge white wings with high destruction capabilities.

He, too, possesses the ability of Flight and Transformation.

He is one of the most Mighty but nasty gods, as he resulted in huge merciless genocides in the Third War.

He is the only God with a Halo on his head and is the wielder of the Legendary Judgement Sword.

  • 14) Uma-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

She is the Oxen King and was one of the three Demon Kings of the Divine Realm. She also was the childhood friend of The Monkey King.


She has immense Strength and Divine power, coupled with her Special Weapon, Pacho Fan; she had a huge range of destruction.

She easily overpowered all the executives and was the first one to defeat Sujin Lee.

After the Divine Realm Arc, she joined Jin Mori, but she was defeated by cheap tricks. Still, she lives on as a Charyeok Soul due to her huge affinity to the Third Realm.

  • 13) Dragon King-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

He is the latest Character in the story which too, was one of the Demon Kings in the Divine Realm.


He was the only powerful entity who did not take part in the First war and remained Neutral.

Although the Dragons were slowly dragged into the Mess, he possessed immense knowledge and wisdom.

Joined with his array of weapons and acute magic control, he is proving to be a dangerous hurdle right now inthe story.

  • 12) Beelzebub-

God of Highschool Top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

He was the God of the First heavenly realm. He was the most troubled opponent In the story; although he had mediocre Power, his mercilessness created huge live losses in the story.


In his Third Phase, he was so powerful that he threw the Jade emperor to the other side of Earth easily.

With tremendous speed and Control, he could summon an army of numerous deadly flies at will.

He, too, caused huge destruction, but he deserves this rank by eliminating the most characters in the story that too without any weapon.

  • 11) Ardun-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

He is the First Crown Prince of Natak and was the most powerful of the three siblings.


He had the strongest hand swing in the whole series and was the first character to chip off the invincible Yeoui.

He had total control over the earth under his feet and posed a great threat to all the ground forces.

Numerous scars all over his body show that his regeneration is not too good, but he has tremendous Fighting Experience.

  • 10) Odin-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

He was one of the Gods in the Heavenly Realm and the most cunning and smart of them all.


In a sense, he also quite comical and gullible. But he still had immense authority and power.

He has an elite guard group of top Valkyries, who defeated anyone for him and did all the dirty work.

He is the wielder of the Mighty weapon ‘Gungnir’; with this weapon, he can slice off anything he wants in front of his eyes.

It can even transform and give him a great combat advantage.

  • 9) Mori Hui-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

Mori Hui is the clone of Jin Mori that he released when he was trapped in the Divine Realm.


Mori Hui started off with mediocre powers compared to other Gods, but he easily overpowered all the contestants in the Consolation Tournament Arc.

He wielded all the weapons as by Jin Mori but could not use the true extent of his powers.

But after he died and became the Charyeok of Jin Mori, they could showcase tremendous capabilities and 50,000,000X Jaechonseong.

  • 8) Mira Yoo-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

Mira Yoo is a very popular character in the story since the start; she is the only wielder of the Moonlight Swordsmanship Technique.

She showcased mediocre power levels in the Highschool tournament but recently after inheriting the powers of The Jade Emperor.

She gained an arsenal of magic items, weapons, sturdy defenses, and immense strength.

So great capabilities coupled with The Blade of Tataghata, she deserves a high rank in this list.

  • 7) Daewi Han-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

He, too, is one of the most popular characteristics in the story since the start; he uses conventional Karate but at a totally different level than others.


He, too, inherited some powers of the Jade Emperor and some Divine abilities of Gravity Manipulation and Force Manipulation.

He was one of the Saviors in the Third War and a huge asset as the candidate for the Next Jade Emperor.

Now that he was resonating more gaining total control of The King’s Power, he proudly sits at this rank in this list.

  • 6) The King (prime)-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

Or Okhwang was the previous Jade Emperor and the absolute wielder of all almighty powers in the world.


He was easily defeated in the story because he connected to this world too much. He grew old.

But he deserves this rank on the list because he is the only powerful being to be able to use his powers without constraint or restraint in the

Whole world. All other Gods needed Ultio R to open the gate to the Three realms to slip into this World.

  • 5) Ultio R-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

. He was the former Executive R and the Clone son of the Jade Emperor; this was revealed in the latter part of the Jade Emperor Arc.


He was very powerful to start with, but soon, he absorbed the Jade Emperor and The Key to become the absolute or Supreme God.

He opened the gate to all the Realms, and all the other Gods came to Earth to raise havoc

He even absorbed all the weakened Gods and Demons to become the Supreme God. But he still did not succeed. The collective Impression of al Gods made him truly invincible.

  • 4) Maitreya-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

Mubong Park, after accepting Tathagata’s Power, became the Maitreya and is the major antagonist in the story right now.

He wields all the basic Pins and blades and all magic elements in existence. He has control over nearly everything on the face of the Earth.

He has mastered the original Sins and Desires and truly ascended Humanity.


He has become so powerful that presently only 666:Satan could keep up to him.

He has destroyed many continents, and billions of lives have been lost all on his command. Moreover, he has not yet merged with Tathagata Completely.


  • 3) 666:Satan-

God of Highschool Top 20 powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

He is the Champion of Gods and came from the Heavenly Realms. He has one of the unique ranges of abilities.

On a basic level, he immense raw strength and speed; further, he has an unbelievable amount of magic.

He is most sinister of all and likes destruction and fighting the most. After he donned the Armor of Hell and used his 10 billion Clone ability, he easily overpowered The Monkey King.

He posed the most threat to Maitreya and damaged him even after his powers being snatched at a constant rate. He does not use any equipment but truly does not need any.

  • 2) Tathagata-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

He was the former Supreme God, a being beyond the existence of God. He was the one who asked The Monkey King to travel to India.

He was also very sinister and destroyed half the solar system in the First war. He was somehow defeated in the past, and his body was left on the dark side of The Moon.

He is the one who gave this tremendous power to Mubong Park and the real character behind all this destruction and chaos.

When he was alive, even his palms were as big as Earth.

  • 1) Jin Mori (The Monkey King)-

God of highschool top 20 Powerful
Image Source: Webtoon

He Is no doubt the Strongest Character in the God of Highschool Universe; like the protagonist, we have seen his fights, abilities, and powers the most.

Although in the present chapters, he has weakened a lot because most of his Powers and Abilities are sealed in the Holy Grail.

But nearing the end of the Third War, he became the New Supreme God and showcased Earth-thrashing Capabilities.

He shook the whole world, turned the tide of the war, and literally got it to an end. He made all other Gods and Demons sign a contract of Mutual Peace and Zero intervention on Earth.

After Donning the Charyeok Mori Hui he attained extreme senses and intellect.

He collected all the plasma from the surface of the sun in just 1 second. All Gods present their realized in a single moment, that no matter what they do further, the result is already decided. Moreover, He is still growing stronger.

Where to read God of Highschool-

It is really an exciting Journey to see so many powerful characters and watching Jin Mori as he outsmarts these powers.

The story has become interesting enough still; it is far from the end. Many crazy and mind-blowing fights are yet to come.

A complete new plethora of action will unveil as the final fight between Jin Mori and friends against Maitreya unleashes.

God of Highschool has an Anime adaptation under Crunchyroll and Webtoon. Do watch it and follow us for more interesting power Analysis. Stay tuned, Stay Hyped.

Fans can read the latest God of Highschool chapters from Line Webtoon or other official platforms.

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