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Undead Unluck Ep 4 Spoilers & Release Date(Undead vs. Gina)

Undead Unluck Ep 4 preview teases us with an exciting battle between Undead and Gina after a long period of 50 years. Undead and Fuuko have reached Lake Baikal, and both have gone on their separate ways for now. 

Andy, aka Undead, has also understood how to control Fuuko’s power for now. But, it seems that he must confront his past enemies once more so that he and Fuuko can be safe. Will Undead have special moves to defeat her after all these years?

How will The fight between Undead and Gina fare out? These are some of the glaring questions we have after watching the 3rd episode. We will talk about these spoilers in the next section of our article. 

Undead Unluck Ep 4 Spoilers

Undead Unluck Ep 4 Spoilers

We can expect a good fight between Gina and Undead, all thanks to David Production’s wonderful animation quality, which has been consistent throughout the three episodes released so far. 

  • Undead says that Gina’s rule is that he can’t cut her. 
  • Gina tries to create a comedic atmosphere, and we also learn that Gina will forever stay as a 16-year-old girl.
  • She starts her attack and says that she fell in love with him 50 years ago. 
  • Gina says that she has been waiting for their rematch and is cursing Shen. 
  • While talking, she dodges all kinds of grenade and flashbang attacks from Undead. 
  • Undead says that his old mates have died and tries to deduce what Gina is negating. 
  • Gina keeps on attacking Undead and says that the projectiles were her attacks. 
  • Undead says that Gina negates an object’s change in state and says that her ability is Unchange
  • He also knows that he cannot defeat her without Fuuko’s power. 
  • Their fight continues, and we see Gina’s true form of the invisible barrier and her power. 
  • Undead says that he needs to find the source of the unluck’s stroke to defeat her. 
  • He also says that they need a very large stroke of unluck to deal with Gina’s power. 
  • Gina also tells her reason as to why she keeps fighting to remain in the organization. 
  • Undead says that Gina has a hole in her barrier right beneath her feet. 
  • He says that he can only fit in his head at best but will still be kicked out easily. 
  • Fuuko takes his head and aims directly at the blind spot in Gina’s barrier. 
  • Undead successfully infiltrates inside her barrier and says that all of the unluck he built will strike both of them now. 
  • He also knows that it will be light-based and that the nearby UFO attack with a light beam at this moment. 
  • Gina dies in this attack, and soon, both Undead and Fuuko are summoned to the Union.

Undead Unluck Ep 4 Release Date

Undead Unluck Ep 4 Release Date

Undead Unluck Ep 4 will be released on 27th October, in 5 more days. The release time for all of the new episodes is 9:53 PM IST, and this release schedule has been followed for all of the episodes so far. 

There is also an ongoing manga series, which should answer most of your questions regarding specific topics that were discussed in the anime series. Based on the preview, we could also predict which chapter the next episode will adapt. 

These are the major spoilers and plot points regarding Undead Unluck Ep 4. For more similar and exciting content, make sure to check our articles here. 

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