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Who are Paladins in Black Clover? Explained

Black Clover Chapters 334 & 335 have not only revealed the new race of Paladins but also Lucius’s plan with hell and the true form of Beelzebub. With the death of our beloved Asta and the transformation of Sister Lily, things are getting worse and worse. With the death of Asta, everyone in the Black Clover community is shocked.

 Lucius has changed the loving Sister Lily, who is a Nun, into the first of the Paladins. Everything about her beliefs, ideals, and personality was reshaped to extreme loyalty towards Lucius. Sister Lily showcased how Paladins shall worship Lucius as a False Messiah with his vision for the world. In this article, we shall cover more about the new Paladins race and how powerful they are.

Who are Paladins in Black Clover?

When Lucius, using his Soul Magic, incarnates and purifies the soul of a Devil and puts it into a human, a Paladin is created. In sister Lily’s case, Lucius reveals that he had done the process and imbued the devil Beelzebub inside her. This would not be possible if Lucius did not have Soul Magic.

Lucius's Betrayal

Lucius also reveals how he is now the Devil King. He has all ten supreme devils in his control. By using his soul magic, he can force them to gain the devil’s power under his control and enact his will. He intends for the Paladins to be his subjects in the new world he wishes to create.

These Devils include Lucifugus (the devil that eliminated Nacht’s Family), the other half of Lucifero, Beelzebub, Astaroth, and Adrammelech. Three more unknown Supreme devils and all other lowest to highest ranking devils except Leibe are under his command. 

Lucius reveals to reshape the entire human race in his vision of changing their souls to his desire making sister Lily the first of his subjects.

How powerful are Paladins in Black Clover?

The Paladins imbued with the purified, incarnated soul of a Supreme Devil with no restrictions are easily more powerful than the Magic Captains. The Paladins have changed very drastically, the power scaling of this arc setting a benchmark of power in the Black Clover universe. 


Sister Lily, after becoming the first Paladin becomes insanely strong. She learns a lot of powerful spells, being incarnated as Beelzebub. Sister lily also unlocks the power of Sacred Mana Domination. Zenon showcased this against Yuno. Similar to Mana Zone, This also allows the user to attack from multiple angles. 

The Supreme Level had an immeasurable amount of mana, the likes of which even Magic captains Fuegoleon and Asta couldn’t comprehend in his prime. Lucifero, in chapter 318, was stated to force all of creation to its knees just by existing. Asta exclaimed to him to have an Astronomical amount of mana, and he was just at fifty percent! With all the power Lucius has, the Paladins will be a race more powerful than any other.

With Lucius and everyone else thinking that Asta is Dead, he announces the Final Crusade in seven days. All the captains are shocked to see Lucius’s betrayal, and we, for one, can’t wait to see Tabata reveal the existence of Heaven.

Overall, Asta is the anthesis of Lucius, and he will have to take down the False Messiah to save the earth. This is why Tabata Sensei has been foreshadowing the existence of Heaven very heavily for a long time. If you like this article, please be sure to check out Black Clover. 

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