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10 Cartoon Characters with Mustache and Glasses

Oftentimes, the most memorable thing about cartoon characters is their physical physical features. Some have colorful hair, some have quirky outfits, some have facial hair, and some wear specific accessories. If we look at the wide selection of cartoon characters, we’ll find plenty of characters who have mustaches or wear glasses. However, for our list here, we’ll be only selecting those who have both. Here are 10 cartoon characters with mustache and glasses:

10 Cartoon Characters with Mustache and Glasses

1) Geppetto


  • Cartoon: Pinocchio

The first one to grace our list of the 10 cartoon characters with mustache and glasses is Geppetto. He’s a woodcarver who wants a son and makes a wooden doll. Thanks to the magic of the Blue Fairy, the puppet comes to life and Geppetto finds a son in the wooden boy and names him Pinocchio.

Geppetto is a kind and nurturing old man who loves Pinocchio very much and forgives his faults easily. In the popular 1940 animated adaptation by Disney, Geppetto has a thick gray mustache and wears a pair of rectangular glasses.

2) Caspian


  • Cartoon: Strange World 2022

2022’s Strange World is an underrated animated film despite having big celebrity voice actors like Jake Gyllenhall and Lucy Liu. One of the cartoon characters from the animated film with mustache and glasses is the nerdy explorer Caspian who is voiced by Karan Soni, the actor who plays Dopinder in the Deadpool movies.

Caspian is a very excitable man who is also a big fan of Clades and Jaeger. He’s a man of Indian descent with dark hair and a dark beard.

3) Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders

  • Cartoon: The Simpsons

The world needs a few more good guys like Ned Flanders. Ned or Nedward Flanders, Jr. is the next-door neighbor and the landlord of the Simpsons. He’s a deeply religious guy and lives his life by the Bible. However, he’s far from a bigot and is a genuinely kind and good man.

Ned is a timid guy who isn’t firm on his decisions. Because of this, he can be a pushover. He’s a man who claims to be 60 but looks more in his middle age with brown hair, a thick mustache, and round glasses. Flanders is also one of the best cartoon characters with mustache and glasses.

4) The Duke of Weselton

The Duke of Weselton

  • Cartoon: Frozen

Remember the mean old man from Elsa’s coronation day? That’s the Duke of Weselton. He’s a delegate from Arendelle’s neighboring duchy, Weselton, which has been Arendelle’s closest trading partner for years. After learning Elsa’s magical powers and driven by his fear of sorcery, the duke turns on their ally kingdom.

The duke wears a royal regalia decorated with many medals. He has thinning gray hair and a thick gray mustache. The man also wears round spectacles and is one of the popular cartoon characters with mustache and glasses.

5) Bernie Kropp

Bernie Kropp

  • Cartoon: The Incredibles

A minor character from Disney’s The Incredibles, Bernie Kropp is the teacher of Dash Parr, the little speedster of the Parr family. He is frequently pranked by Dash who places thumbtacks on his chair among many other things. Mr Kropp is highly suspicious of his student and even installs a camera to catch him in the act.

Thanks to Dash’s super speed, his movements aren’t properly caught on camera and he’s given a clean chit while Mr Kropp is dismissed for being paranoid of a little boy. The school teacher is a man of small stature and has a balding head and a thick mustache.

6) Abraham Van Helsing

Abraham Van Helsing

  • Cartoon: Hotel Transylvania 3

The next entry on this list of cartoon characters with mustache and glasses is none other than the famous Van Helsing. Professor Abraham Van Helsing is a very well-known monster hunter who has been going after monsters for more than a hundred years. He is also the great-grandfather of Erica Van Helsing who later becomes the wife of Count Dracula.

Van Helsing has lived far beyond the natural lifespan of an ordinary human by having a kale-only diet for years and modifying his body with various machines over the years. His current body mostly consists of a machine with only his head and arms remaining.

7) Don Carlton

Don Carlton

  • Cartoon: Monster University

Disney and Pixar’s Monster University is a prequel to their 2001 mega-hit Monster Inc. and focuses on Sully and Mike’s student life at the titular university. Dangerous “Don” Carlton is another student at the university and the president of the Oozma Kappa fraternity.

Don is older than other students of his fraternity. According to the director, Don returns to college to pursue studying scaring after years. His age is apparent in his appearance too. He is a stalky monster with a bald head and a mustache that looks like a bat’s wings. Don also wears a pair of big glasses.

8) Reginald Fletcher

Reginald Fletcher

  • Cartoon: Phineas and Ferb

Ferb may not say a lot but he is an adventurous fellow and it turns out it’s in his genes. His grandfather, Reginald Fletcher, was a daredevil in his youth. He used to ride his mackerel-shaped motorbike and fly over vast things, earning himself the Flying Fishmonger nickname.

Now an old man, Reginald lives in England with his wife, Winifred. He shares a resemblance with Ferb in terms of looks, both having similarly shaped faces. Reginald has a thick white mustache and wears a golden monocle that earns him a spot on this list of cartoon characters with a mustache and glasses.

9) The Mayor of Townsville

The Mayor of Townsville

  • Cartoon: The Powerpuff Girls

The unnamed mayor of Townville is known for his mischievous side. He’s an old man with a tiny stature, bald head, and white mustache. Despite his age, he’s quite a fashionable fellow and wears a stylish top hat, a classy monocle, a dashing three-piece suit, and a mayor sash to go with them.

The primary role of the Mayor is to notify the Powerpuff Girls when there is any trouble in the city. He does so every time, but sometimes his mischievous streak wins out and he calls the girls just to help him with his trivial matters. 

10) Mayor Manx

Mayor Manx

  • Cartoon: SWAT Kats

Our next and last entry is another mayor. This time the mayor is an anthropomorphic cat called Mayor Manx who has served as the longest-running mayor of his city, winning the office eleven times. Despite being in the office for so many years, he is far from a great guy and doesn’t care about Megakat City as much as one would’ve hoped.

Mayor Manx is a self-centered, opportunistic, and amateurish politician, yet he’s not outright evil. His care for his city is directly related to how he’s going to be affected. The politician wears a three-piece suit to work every day and has whiskers for mustache. He also wears a pair of round glasses.

This is where we conclude our list of 10 cartoon characters with mustache and glasses. Enjoy these characters in their respective animated series and films and for more content on cartoons and anime, keep reading Otakus’ Notes.

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