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10 Popular Cartoon Characters with Big Noses

Cartoon characters are famous for their hilariously exaggerated features. In fact, cartoons have always been about that: presenting things in exaggerated manners to make them humorous. Today, we’re making a list of those cartoon characters who possess significantly big noses. So, without further ado, let’s see what the popular cartoon characters with big noses look like:

Popular Cartoon Characters with Big Noses

1) Gru


  • Cartoon: Despicable Me

Who is everybody’s favorite supervillain? The tall and bald Gru, of course. The protagonist of the Despicable Me franchise, Gru is a weird man who used to be the world’s best supervillain. But after adopting three girls and beginning to care for them, he changes his vile ways and becomes a better but no less funny man.

Hilariously voiced by Steve Carell, Gru is a popular cartoon character with some characteristic features. The super-thin legs and the huge nose will always be remembered about Gru, along with his horde of Minions.

2) Squidward Tentacles

Squidward Tentacles

  • Cartoon: SpongeBob SquarePants

A resident of 122 Conch Street, Bikini Bottom, Squidward J. Q. Tentacles is another of the popular cartoon characters with big noses. He is SpongeBob and Patrick’s neighbor and works with Patrick at the Krusty Krab. Known for being an unpleasant fellow and playing the clarinet, Squidward is one musician who’ll be known for his grumpiness.

Similar to the colorful appearances of his fellow sea-dwellers, Squidward also has an interesting look. He’s a sea-green colored squid with half-lidded eyes and a signature big drooping nose.

3) Billy


  • Cartoon: The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

The titular Billy is one of the protagonists of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. Just like the title suggests, we see Billy going on plenty of “grim” adventures with his best friends, Mandy and the Grim Reaper. Billy is an energetic, happy-go-lucky 9-year-old kid with very little intelligence. In fact, his IQ is said to be -5!

Despite his less-than-average intelligence, he is a good kid with a friendly nature and a penchant for getting into trouble that his best friends get him out of. Another signature point about Billy is his huge pink nose, accompanied by his perpetual dopey smile.

4) Colette Tatou

Colette Tatou

  • Cartoon: Ratatouille

A professional kitchen can often be a terribly male-dominated sector, but of course, the brave and fierce Colette Tatou has no intention of letting that frighten her. Her determination and tenacity have led her to become the only female chef at a popular restaurant, Gusteau’s, in Paris.

Colette is a rôtisseur chef who claims to be the toughest cook in the kitchen. She becomes kind of a mentor for the new and hapless Linguini. Even though she’s very unimpressed by him at the beginning, she eventually takes a liking to him and later becomes his girlfriend.

5) Pinocchio


  • Cartoon: Pinocchio

When someone talks about popular cartoon characters with big noses, the first character that comes to mind has to be the very famous and very beloved Pinocchio. Based on the popular children’s story, the titular protagonist of the Disney animated movie is a puppet who is brought to life by a fairy.

Created by Gepetto, a woodcarver and a toymaker, Pinocchio is given life by the Blue Fairy when the old toymaker wishes for Pinocchio to be a real boy. But to be a true real boy, Pinocchio must be “brave, truthful, and unselfish.” By the magic of the fairy, his nose keeps growing when he lies.

6) Al Swindler

Al Swindler

  • Cartoon: Garfield and Friends

On number 6 of this list of popular cartoon characters with big noses, we have Al Swindler from Garfield and Friends. He’s one guy you don’t want to trust. Working as a businessman and salesman most of the time, Swindler who is very aptly named, is a conman who deceives money out of people.

His most frequent victim is Jon Arbuckle whose name he never pronounces right. But despite his talent for scams, he can never get an upper hand on Garfield. This is because the cat always recognizes him thanks to Swindler’s abnormally large nose.

7) Ferb Fletcher

Ferb Fletcher

  • Cartoon: Phineas and Ferb

One part of the most favorite genius duo of cartoons, Ferb Fletcher is the step-brother of Phineas and Candace Flynn. Extraordinarily intelligent and extremely talented with machines, Ferb is the silent yet constant companion of Phineas. He always goes along with Phineas’s plans and executes them flawlessly.

Ferb is an iconic character for many reasons. One of them is his silent but intriguing personality and another is because of his signature bright green hair and his huge rectangular nose. There’s no doubt he’s one of the most popular cartoon characters with big noses.

8) Bruno Madrigel

Bruno Madrigel

  • Cartoon: Encanto

It’s difficult to imagine anyone not singing along to the incredibly enchanting and catchy song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” after the Disney animated film Encanto came out. Up at number 8 is the same Bruno we and the Madrigal family can’t stop singing about.

Bruno Madridal is the youngest child of Alma and Pedro and the little brother of Julieta and Pepa. Like his siblings and later his nephews and nieces, Bruno has also been blessed with a special ability. Bruno’s ability is to see glimpses of the future which causes many misunderstandings that ultimately leads to him being called the black sheep of the family.

9) Stan Pines

Stan Pines

  • Cartoon: Gravity Falls

A man of many aliases, Stan Pines is a resident of Gravity Falls. He is Dipper and Mabel’s grand-uncle and acts as their guardian during the summer. Stan used to be a man of crime but he left that life behind to start anew in Gravity Falls. However, his penchant for ignoring the law isn’t lost as he scams people by running an allegedly supernatural Mystery Shack.

Now an old man, Stan has gray hair and a beard along with a big red nose. He always wears his glasses and is clad in a suit and a red hat. Stand also has an older twin brother named Ford who is 15 minutes older than him.

10) Ice King

Ice King

  • Cartoon: Adventure Time

When the Ice King was first introduced in Adventure Time, he was instantly hated as a notorious villain who kidnapped Princess Bubblegum and other princesses. He is very powerful and possesses the power of manipulating ice. His most characteristic features are his blue skin, long pointed nose, and the bejeweled crown he wears.

It is later revealed that Ice King is not a bad person at all. In fact, he used to be the kindhearted Simon Petrikov who lost his mind to the crown after finding it. The crown made him the Ice King and gave him so much power in exchange for his sanity.

Here ends our list of the popular cartoon characters with big noses. Enjoy these cartoons and the characters, and for more top 10s like this, keep reading Otakus’ Notes.

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