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List of All Akira & Kenichirou’s Girlfriends in Zom 100

Akira and Kenichirou are two of the main protagonists, we have met in the series so far. Apart from their professional jobs and nature, we don’t know much about them. Kenichirou’s past was only talked about in the most recent chapters too.

That’s why, in this article, we will be talking about Akira & Kenichirou’s Girlfriends in Zom 100 manga. First of all, we know that Akira doesn’t have a girlfriend, and he has had 3 crushes in the series so far.

As for Kenichirou, he is a playboy and can find his way with any girl he meets. We saw that he made out with many characters in the series, after just meeting them for a short period.

List of All Akira & Kenichirou’s Girlfriends & Crushes

1) Ootori Saori 

Ootori Saori 

Ootori Saori was the second crush of Akira and the second girl he proposed to in the series. The first girl he proposed to was in his high school, and she took it as a joke, due to Akira’s nature.

He had a crush on her since he started working at the company. However, he also knew that she was also the girlfriend of the Chairman, of the same company. Despite this, he still liked her and refrained from proposing to her.

And after 3 years, the zombie apocalypse struck, and Akira went to check how she was. Sadly, she had already turned into a zombie, by the time Akira had arrived. This was also the moment when he proposed to her.

2) Shizuka Mikazuki 

Shizuka Mikazuki 

Shizuka Mikazuki is one of the main characters of the series, and Akira’s third crush overall. Ever since he met her, he had a strange connection to her and liked spending more time with her.

Only in the recent chapters, he understands that she is the girl of his dreams. Even Shizuka had also shown that she easily gets embarrassed whenever she talks with Akira, about some things.

She also knows that she loves him, but neither has taken the step forward to ask the other out. Shizuka had tried to propose to him once, but this was ruined by a horde of zombies.

They might end up as a couple anytime soon, and Chapter 56 has more incentives, for both of them to talk about their real feelings. Maybe this might be the chapter, they finally acknowledge each other’s feelings.

3) Maki 


Coming to Kenichirou now, he has slept with multiple women, throughout the series. When the world was normal, he had a girlfriend, which he used to boast about in front of Akira.

However, her whereabouts are unknown. And also in the introduction of Kenichirou itself, we see that he is trapped in a S&M Hotel. He was trapped in the hotel for 3 days until Akira rescued him.

It was implied that he had rented the hotel, to sleep with a woman, who was turned into a zombie later. And lastly, we have a minor character in a chapter, Maki, who is a flight attendant.

He met with her in a convenience store, after he and Akira were escaping from the zombies. Kenichrou used his charm and looks, to seduce her. In the same chapter, he also proceeds to sleep with her, but this ends very soon.

One of the other persons, who was trapped in the store was infected and went on to infect Maki, Yukari, and Reika too. Akira and Tendou had to leave them soon, after this incident.

4) Beatrix Amerhauser

Beatrix Amerhauser

Beatrix Amerhauser is one of the other female leads in the series. She is a foreigner, who came to Japan because she loved the country so much. However, by the time she arrived, Japan was already infected by zombies.

She can be called everyone’s crush, and she also lifts the spirits of everyone else. Everyone in the group also gave her a cute nickname, Bea-chan. Don’t be misled by her cute looks, as she is also a very strong woman.

This is everything we know so far about all of Akira & Kenichirou’s Girlfriends. For more interesting content and updates on other manga, make sure to check some of our other articles here.

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