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Asta Black Clover: History, True Anti Magic Power, Current Power Level Explained

Black Clover is a fantasy and adventure manga franchise written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. The Balck Clover world is full of magic and diversely unique characters which easily absorbed the audience’s attention and gained popularity. Besides this, the action and bond between each character have made it well received.

The series has many fan-favorite characters and in this post, we are going to discuss the background story along with Magic power and the current power level of Asta. He is also one of the popular characters from the series and sports messy ash blond hair with bangs and green eyes.

Who is Asta-

Being the protagonist of the series Asta was introduced from the very beginning of the chapter and was shown as an individual who didn’t have any Magic Power in contrast to others. He grew up as an orphan under the care of the church and Sister Lily and after failing in the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony, he acquired a five-leaf clover grimoire during his combat against Revchi Salik.

He was unaware of Liebe, an Anti Magic devil, inside his grimoire and learned of his existence when Witch Queen removed his limit on Anti Magic. Later he formed a Devil-Binding contract with Liebe for gaining more power in exchange for his right hand. During the Devil-Binding Ritual, it was kenned that Asta was the son of Richita, also the foster parent of Liebe, through Liebe. Previously, Asta served as a temporary Royal Knight and is currently the 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom’s Black Bull Squad.

True Anti Magic of Asta (Black Clover) –

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  • Anti Magic-

Anti Magic is the type of magic that can nullify other forms of magic and Asta’s source Anti Magic is the devil Liebe which resides inside his 5-leaf clover grimoire. Anti Magic can only be wielded by someone who is mana less, i.e., magicless, and opposes any form of mana once it comes in contact with. Moreover, it allows Asta to defend against any attack spells, burst through defensive spells, and nullify curses. Anti Magic can be duplicated by Mirror Magic but can’t be reproduced using Imitation Magic.

  • Unite Mode-

Union Magic or Devil Union can only be done by someone who is a devil host and has completed the Devil-Binding Ritual. Asta draws full potential of Liebe’s power and by assimilating the devil into his body, further augments the Anti-Magic and physical capabilities. During Devil Unite Mode, Asta takes on physical traits of the devil Liebe, such as horns, a tail, wings, and also garbed with Liebe’s power.

  • Bull Thrust-

Bull Thrust is an offensive type of Anti Magic that grants Asta the ability to dispel any type of magic spell in front of him using two types of swords, namely, Demon-Slayer Sword and Demon-Dweller Sword. This skill is unable to change the course of its direction.

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  • Black Meteorite-

This skill was first seen in Chapter 97 of the series and is another offensive type of Anti Magic. Asta uses this skill to dash towards his opponent, after covering his body with the Anti Magic, to release a powerful slash that cuts through any magic attack without hurting the opponent. This skill can be used with the Demon-Slayer Sword or the Demon-Dweller Sword.

  • Black Hurricane-

Black Hurricane is an offensive long-range type of Anti Magic and was first seen in Chapter 122. After coating the body with the Anti Magic, Asta uses this skill to rapidly swing the Demon-Slayer Sword which dispels nearby magic speels. Moreover, this skill can nullify an entire field of magic and magical traps in an instant.

  • Demon-Slayer Sword: Black Divider-

Black Divider is a long-range offensive spell in which Asta condenses the Anti Magic to the edge of the Demon-Slayer Sword and like other Anti-Magic attacks, it is drawn towards magic which makes any opponent unable to dodge it. The size can be extended several times than its normal size and he uses the flat side of the sword to deflect any attacks.

  • Demon-Dweller Sword: Black Slash-

Black Slash is an offensive mid-range type of Anti Magic and was used by Asta in Chapter 230 of the series. Asta fills the Demon-Dweller Sword with Anti Magic and releases the energy towards the opponents which cut through their magic. This spell is unable to cut through its opponents but can knock them unconscious.

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Power Level of Asta (Black Clover)- 

Asta maybe unable to wield any type of Magic Powers but that hasn’t stopped him from achieving his goals or defeat powerful enemies. Through strong resolution and together with the devil Liebe, he has overcome many obstacles and gained more powers through the journey. In terms of physical strength, no Magical Knight can best him except Yami Sukehiro. He is also an expert swordsman as is seen during his combat with his opponents. In terms of strength, he is nowhere near Licht or Julius but can keep up with his foes during combats. Besides these, he possesses an immense amount of durability as was seen in battles against Patoli, Dante, and other foes where he stood his ground. Black Asta is his ultimate demonic form, i.e., in his Devil Union Mode, his body is coated with Anti Magic which further increases his capabilities and enables him to use other Anti-Magic techniques. This mode allowed him to take down an opponent like Zagred and later knocked Dante unconscious using Demon-Slasher Katana’s skill. Also won against Nacht Faust and in Chapter 282, together with Liebe he easily overpowered the Demon which attacked the Clover Kingdom.


The Black Clover franchise revolves around Yuno and Asta and their journey while aiming to become the Magic Emperor. Currently, the series has 27 volumes and the ongoing anime has 3 seasons. Read the officially released chapters on VIZ Media and watch the anime series on CrunchyrollWe will be back with more posts like this, till then stay tuned with us.

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