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Top 20 Hottest Bald Actors With Beards in 2023

For some, baldness is a curse. But for many, a bald head with a perfectly trimmed beard often shows a masculine, rugged kind of look. Nowadays, many actors even take up roles with characters showing this look and totally pull them off.

A good chunk of people may prefer long locks with a clean-shaven face. But many still like the bald-with-beard look for its sophistication and classiness. And for the actors who have been pulling this look for years, this has become their own signature style.

Today, we will be discussing the Top 20 Hottest Bald Actors With Beards in 2023. Hopefully, this list will give you the confidence you need to own this look as your own as well. Or, you can just admire the charm exuded by these actors.

In this list, we are taking both the actors who usually have this look in general and the ones who took this look for a role. Let’s start!

Top 20 Hottest Bald Actors With Beards in 2023

20. Jayasurya

Movie: (Pretham)

Name Jayasurya
Other Popular Movies/SeriesLukka Chuppi, Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam

An Indian actor, producer, singer, model, and basically every entertainment professional under the sun, Jayasurya often works for Malayali films. This talented man has worked on more than 100 movies and won various accolades in his lifetime.

Jayasurya played the psychic slash human lie detector in the comedy horror movie Pretham. He nailed the bald-headed full bearded mentalist with his charm in all his glory. He showed off his versatility once again and made the movie more engaging.

19. Donald Faison

Movie: (Scrubs)


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Name Donald Adeosun Faiso
Other Popular Movies/SeriesThe Exes, Pitch Perfect

Donald Faison has been gracing us with laughs since for EVER. This American actor and comedian is well-known for playing the extroverted Dr. Chris Turk in the ABC/NBC comedy-drama Scrubs. He also worked in the sitcom The Exes as Phil Chase.

Donald usually rocks his bald with beard look on a normal basis. He has been married to his current wife, CaCeeCobb, since 2012 and has been described as a family one.

18. Jonathan Banks

Movie: (Better Call Saul)

Name Jonathan Ray Banks
Other Popular Movies/SeriesBreaking Bad, Dexter

Jonathan Banks is a D.C-born American actor known for his work in Breaking Bad and its spin-off legal crime drama, Better Call Saul.

A theatre kid who started his acting career in the 70s, he rose to prominence with his award-winning performance as Mike Ehrmantraut.

Jonathan usually rocks a classic bald look with a thin round goatee. He usually keeps his beard neatly trimmed, paired with a thin mustache which completes his appearance.

17. Bruce Willis

Movie: (Surrogates)


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Name Walter Bruce Willis
Other Popular Movies/SeriesRed, Assassin, The Sixth Sense

This Die Hard and Sixth Sense actor did many notable movies in the late 80s and 90s, rocking a rather high-slicked-back hairstyle. Nowadays, he has more of a bald look with untrimmed gray stubble, which gives him a rather rugged appearance. He doesn’t usually keep his stubble trimmed, which adds to his look.

Bruce Willis’s role as John McClane in the Die Hard franchise gained him worldwide recognition. He has worked in over a hundred movies and has won various accolades to date.

16. John Travolta

Movie: (Mob Land)

Name John Joseph Travolta
Other Popular Movies/SeriesPulp Fiction, Carrie

John Travolta has been carrying the industry since the 70s with his appearances in box office successes like Carrie, Grease, Urban Cowboy, etc.

He enjoyed another resurgence of popularity with the classic Pulp Fiction. Nowadays, he may not work in as many movies, but he does occasionally appear in stellar roles, proving he still got it.

John was famous for his rather majestic hair in his earlier movies. Nowadays, he accompanies his bald look with a full beard. This scruffy look gives him a rather virile aura.

15. Chris Daughtry

Movie: (Criminal Minds)


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Name Christopher Adam Daughtry
Other Popular Movies/SeriesAmerican Idol, The Power Hour

Daughtry has the picture-perfect bald-bearded look, complete with full-arm tattoos, which is perfect for his rockstar vibes.

The 43-year-old American actor, musician, and singer is the lead vocalist and guitarist of his rock band and has an insane range. Apart from Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry is hailed as one of the most successful American Idol contestants.

Although Chris has kept his ball look since the beginning, he has experimented with several types of facial hair looks and beards throughout the years. Currently, he keeps a lighter stubble which gives a scruffy but cool appearance.

14. Rajinikanth

Movie: (Sivaji: The Boss)

Name Shivaji Rao Gaikwad
Other Popular Movies/SeriesMuthu, 2.0

Rajinikanth’s contribution to Indian cinema cannot be compared to anyone. His career spans over five decades.

He is considered the one and only Thalaiva by the entirety of India and is an icon and an inspiration to everyone.

His versatility is insane, considering how many different languages he has performed in.

The length of his career means he has gone through a number of different looks and has somehow ended up nailing all of them.

In Sivaji, he played the character of an andro-humanoid robot and rocked a bald, full-circle beard look. It is almost impossible to describe the hype Rajinikanth created with this movie in words.

13. Samuel L. Jackson

Movie: (MCU Movies)

Name Samuel Leroy Jackson
Other Popular Movies/SeriesPulp Fiction, The Hateful Eight

A cultural icon whose work has resonated with people far and wide, it is difficult to find someone who hasn’t heard of Samuel L. Jackson before.

An American actor and producer, Samuel debuted professionally in 1980 and hasn’t looked back since.

Although most of his roles are nothing short of iconic, he has gained the most recognition as Jedi Mace Windu in the Stars Wars trilogy and Nick Fury in the MCU movies.

Samuel is one of the few actors who doesn’t let his looks define him and let his acting do all the talking. Still, you cannot help but admire his classy bald with a scruffy, salt-and-pepper stubble look.

12. Terry Crews

Movie: (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)


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Name Terry Alan Crews
Other Popular Movies/SeriesEverybody Hates Chris, America’s Got Talent

Terry Crews has done it all. As a former American football player, he has played in NFL and WLAF. He has hosted the widely popular America’s Got Talent. 

He has acted in sitcoms like Everybody Hates Chris and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Crews even played roles in movies like Idiocracy, Blended, and Rumble.

Terry has a perfectly strapped goatee that is as perfect as his charming comedic antics. His bald head, thin mustache, and trimmed goatee go well with his athletic build.

11. Ben Kingsley

Movie: (Shutter Island)

Name Sir Ben Kingsley
Other Popular Movies/SeriesSchindler’s List, Operation Finale

There are, perhaps, not many in this world who are as iconic as Ben Kingsley. Born to an English mother and an Indian Gujarati father, Ben has received a number of accolades in the span of his 5-decade career.

Some of his timeless roles include Dr. John Cawley in Shutter Island, Mahatma Gandhi in Gandhi, Itzhak Stern in Schindler’s List, Georges in Hugo, and more recently, Trevor Slattery (Mandarin) in Shang Chi.

Ben’s forever signature look includes his bald head with his thin goatee. He keeps his facial hair neatly trimmed, which naturally compliments his style.

10. John Malkovich

Movie: (Con Air)

NameJohn Malkovich
Other Popular Movies/SeriesOf Mice and Men, Red

Another long-time veteran in the industry, John Malkovich, started his career in the 70s as a charter member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He helped in directing as well as Broadway before moving on to acting in Hollywood.

Some of the best notable films include Of Mice and Men, Con Air, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Ripley’s Game. He also did several television roles, including Billions, The New Pope, and Space Force.

John has been rocking a bald-with-beard look since his early acting days. Nowadays, he keeps a clean head with a small, trimmed stubble with a thin white mustache.

9. Vin Diesel 

Movie: A Man Apart

NameMark Sinclair
Other Popular Movies/SeriesThe Pacifier, Find Me Guilty

I know you are surprised to see Vin Diesel on this list. But believe me; there are some movies where Vin Diesel comes with a beard and looks very hot. One of the most famous movies is A Man Apart.

Mark Sinclair, most popularly known as Vin Diesel, is one of the highest-grossing actors and a producer. None of his roles is more iconic than the elite street racer Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious franchise. He is also the one behind the iconic voice of Groot I and Groot II in the MCU franchise.

Although the American star usually keeps a clean-shaven face, he has rocked a short stubble at various times. Complete with his bulging muscles and good-looking features, it is not surprising to see why he fits well in his action-hero roles.

8. Jason Statham

Movie: (The Fate of the Furious)


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Name Jason Statham
Other Popular Movies/SeriesThe Transporter, The Meg

Jason Statham is basically the king of hardboiled, gritty roles. His past in martial arts and diving only makes him more apt for the action-heavy movies he stars him.

He played Frank Martin in The Transporters and also acted in a variety of action-thriller films like The Mechanic, Spy, War, Meg, etc. He is, of course, well known for his role in the Fast and Furious franchise as well as The Expendables.

Jason usually sticks with his bald, clean-headed look but has played with a variety of beard styles over the years. His most iconic one is definitely his full but light stubble which he keeps neatly trimmed.

7. Luke Goss

Movie: (Paydirt)

NameLuke Damon Goss
Other Popular Movies/SeriesDeath Race, Bros: After the Screaming Stops

The Goss Twins started as part of the boy band Bros. Luke Goss is a drummer of the band and has produced several UK hit singles since the beginning of their carer.

His first most notable role was that of the villain, Jared Nomak, in Blade II. He has appeared in several movies since, like Tekken, One Night with a King, Interview with a Hitman, and Traffik.

Luke is well known for his sharp features and overall look. He may have rocked a slicked-back classic look in his drummer years, but his current appearance with his bald head and trimmed stubble also compliment his face shape and jawline quite well.

6. Corey Stoll

Movie: (Billions)

Name Corey Daniel Stoll
Other Popular Movies/SeriesThe Strain, House of Cards

Corey Stoll’s classic appearance makes him look like a handsome businessman straight out of a novel. A New York-born American actor, he is best known for his role as Peter Ruso in Netflix’s political thriller House of Cards.

He also played Dr. Ephraim Goodweather in the horror drama series The Strain and Michael Prince in Billions.

Corey has worn wigs for a few of his roles, like Ernest Hemingway in Midnight in Paris, which are hot in their own way.

But, he easily pulls off the no-hair, classy full beard look as well and is often deemed as one of the sexiest bald men in the world.

5. Bryan Cranston

Movie: (Breaking Bad)

Name Bryan Lee Cranston
Other Popular Movies/SeriesYour Honour, Malcolm in the Middle

Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of Walter White on Breaking Bad is so iconic that it has won him four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

A talented actor, producer, and director, Bryan is a well-known face in the industry. His list of talents doesn’t end with on-screen acting since he has also voiced roles in Madagascar 3, Isle of Dogs, and Kung Fu Panda 3.

The American actor usually rocks a full head of hair with a classic mustache. But his clean head, circle beard look, complete with glasses, look as Walter White deserves a mention in our list owing to how phenomenal it is. No wonder so many are in love with this character.

4. Tyson Beckford

Movie: (Make Me a Supermodel)

Name Tyson Beckford
Other Popular Movies/SeriesHotel California, Addicted

Obviously, our list of hottest bald-with-beard actors is not complete without mentioning the top black model Tyson Beckford. He is best known as a Ralph Lauren Polo model and has also worked as an actor on T.V. before.

He hosted the American reality TV series Make Me a Supermodel and also participated in Fox’s dating show game The Choice.

Tyson has been using his looks to his advantage for years and has stated that he was born to be a model. Being among the hottest, Tyson obviously rocks his bald look with full stubble showing the entirety of his perfect bone structure.

3. Dwayne Johnson

Movie: (G.I Joe)


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Name Dwayne Douglas Johnson
Other Popular Movies/SeriesJumanji, Fast and Furious

There is basically nothing you can hate about The Rock. He is sweet, charming, humble, rocks a perfect body, and has attractive features. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers who was at the center of WWF’s success and development during the Attitude Era.

Dwayne may be retired in that field, but he has been killing it as an actor and producer. Some of his best movies include Jumanji, Black Adam, San Andreas, and Fast and Furious. Of course, we cannot help but also mention Maui, who he voiced in Disney’s Moana.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is going to be the first to pop up in anyone’s mind when we mention hot bald men. He usually rocks (pun intended) his bald look with either a clean-shaven face or a light stubble.

2. Shahid Kapoor

Movie: (Haider)

Name Shahid Kapoor
Other Popular Movies/SeriesJab We Met, Padmaavat

One of the “It” boys of Bollywood and a recipient of several awards, Shahid Kapoor, stands as one of the top actors who was a big heartthrob in the early to late 2000s.

He is well known for his romantic roles, like Aditya in Jab We Met and Prem in Vivah. His image went through a 180 with his darker, more gritty roles in later movies like Haider, Udta Punjab, Kabir Singh, and Padmaavat.

In the 2014 crime thriller Haider, Shahid appears with closely buzzed hair and a goatee with a mustache as the titular protagonist Haider. Needless to say, he killed both this look and his role.

1. Stanley Tucci (Easy A)

Name Stanley Tucci Jr.
Other Popular Movies/SeriesInside Man, Citadel

This American actor and filmmaker has been the subject of many’s admiring eyes, much to his own surprise. Known for his range and versatility, Stanley Tucci has undertaken every kind of role under the sun, from villainous to sophisticated.

Some of his notable film roles include Hunger Games, Supernova, The Devil Wears Prada and Lovely Bones.

Stanley has been bald for most of his career and often pairs it with a classic light stubble. A lot of people went crazy over his video mixing a Negroni on Instagram, understandably so. He is charming, good-looking, and has a certain appeal that you cannot help but be attracted to.

And that’s it for our list! Thanks for reading till the end!

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