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10 Best Berserk Female Characters Ranked

Berserk is a dark fantasy, considered to be one of the best manga of all time. Filled with gorgeous artwork, grim yet intriguing setting,s and well-written characters, the manga deserves every bit of its iconic status.

The female characters in Berserk are just as fleshed out as male characters, with personalities and convictions, and not just as caricatures. Here are the 10 best Berserk female characters ranked.

10 Best Berserk Female Characters Ranked

10) Sonia


The medium of the Band of the Falcon, Sonia is a teenage girl with the abilities of mind-reading and prophecy. She can also hear voices no one else can and uses her powers to share her mental images with her teammates.

When Sonia met Griffith for the first time, she became enchanted by the man’s charisma and bestowed her loyalty to him. Like most characters in Berserk, she also has a horrifying past where she had to witness her parents burn to death.

9) Erica


On number nine of the best Berserk female characters is little Erica. She’s a war orphan who was later adopted by a blacksmith named Godot. Erica lives with her adoptive father until he dies, and later leaves with Rickert.

The little girl meets Guts before he joins the Band of the Falcon, and takes a liking to it despite his surly attitude. She later takes care of Guts and Casca after the terrible events of the Eclipse, and also looks after Rickert.

8) Schierke


The young Schierke is a pupil of the witch Flora under whom she trains in witchcraft. She becomes a member of Guts’ Traveling Party and is quite valued for her skills. 

After joining Guts’ team, she adjusts well and gets along with everyone with her respectful attitude, the only exception being Isidro whom she considers a stupid monkey. Schierke is also the only person who can bring Guts out of the influence of his Berserk Armor.

7) Rosine


The first antagonist on the best Berserk female characters list, Rosine is an apostle who along with other apostles killed the wounded members of the Band of the Falcon on the night before the Eclipse. Despite her nefarious personality, she bonds with the village girl Jill and becomes good friends with her.

Rosine prefers to take the form of a young woman with insect-like characteristics like eyes and antennae. In her true form, she appears as a giant moth with large wings.

6) Nina


When thinking about the best Berserk female characters, one may not think of Nina who is selfish and a coward. But despite these traits, she is one of the most human characters in the series. Her habit of trying to keep herself above others comes from a place of self-preservation that is lacking in her profession.

However, she’s not above love and care, as shown by how much she looks up to Luca, her best friend, and how she comes to love Joachim.

5) Casca


Undeniably the most popular female character in Berserk, Casca is the estranged love interest of Guts. Initially, she is a unit commander in Griffith’s Band of the Falcon. Though she is entirely loyal to him, she soon falls in love with Guts. It’s all thanks to her that the Band survives complete destruction after Guts leaves the party and Griffith is imprisoned.

She leads the charge to rescue Grifith, yet she is the one who suffers most horribly at his hands. The traumatizing events of the Eclipse break Casca’s psyche, leaving her as a shadow of her former self.

4) Slan


The only female member of the God Hand, Slan is a powerful demonic being. She is worshiped by a cult of cannibals called the Goddess of Flames, though they do not know of her status as a God Hand. Slan’s twisted personality has her see beauty in destruction and carnage.

She takes a particular interest in Guts after witnessing his rage towards Griffith or the newly born Femto during the Eclipse. After that horrifying day, she takes pleasure in Guts’ suffering and his resilience and expresses an interest to have him become a member of the God Hand.

3) Luca


Arguably one of the most kindhearted characters in the series, Luca must be counted as one of the best Berserk female characters. She’s a tough yet gentle woman, caring for others selflessly. From making sure everyone is safe to show her love and kindness, Luca’s beautiful personality saves a lot of unfortunate souls like Nina, Lucie, Pepe, and Fouquet.

She also takes care of Casca after meeting the woman on the way to Albion and realizing Casca’s mental state. Luca is currently an inn-runner in Falconia.

2) Farnese de Vandimion

Farnese de Vandimion

Once a noblewoman, Farnese de Vandimion joins Guts’ Traveling Party at the beginning of the Millennium Falcon Arc with Serpico by her side. After joining the party, she learns witchcraft from Schierke and proves to be a prodigy in magic.

Farnese has suffered from negligence all her life and has a sadistic side to her personality. She rejoices in the destruction of others but does empathize with innocents. Though she initially hates Guts for kidnapping her, she comes to respect his determination in life.

1) Charlotte Beatrix Marie Rhody Wyndham

Charlotte Beatrix Marie Rhody Wyndham

The first position in this ranking of best Berserk female characters goes to Princess Charlotte Beatrix Marie Rhody Wyndham. She’s the princess of Midland who falls in love with Griffith at the first sight. Her devotion to him remains unmoved over the years that follow.

Despite being a princess, Charlotte is not arrogant or cruel, rather she’s kind and a gentle soul. Though there is naivety to her, as she cannot see the darkness in Griffith’s personality even after they reunite following Griffith’s incarnation. Charlotte currently rules Falconia alongside Griffith as the queen.

The ranking of the 10 best Berserkfemale characters ends here. It’s saddening that there will not be any new characters in Berserk from the Mangaka after its demise. But we can celebrate the masterpiece just as it is. 

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