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Top 15 Most Beautiful Bleach Female Characters | 2022

Bleach has been one of the longest-running manga and anime series for the past two decades. It means that the character ranges are extremely diverse. Obviously, there are quite beautiful females in the series as well. Therefore, in this post, we will rank the top fifteen most beautiful female characters in Bleach.

We have made a complete list of the most beautiful female characters, and stay tuned till the end to find out who takes the top spot.
So without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into it.

15) Lisa Yadoumaru-


Lisa is the present leader of the 8th division. She is one of the hottest female Bleach characters. She is quite stern to her comrades and is also the calmest of the lot.

Being the captain, she has an extremely developed battle sense and appears quite distant from public control.

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Lisa wears a pair of oval glasses and has beautiful turquoise eyes. She usually wears a Sailor’s Fuku and keeps her hair braided in a long ponytail after her battle with Aizen. No doubt she takes her place on this list.

14) Riruka Dokugamine-


Riruka is a former member of the notorious organization known as Xcusion and is a Fullbringer.

She is playful and hot-tempered and often does not deal well with people who cross her path.

She is extremely talkative and has her ideas regarding “Survival of the Fittest.

Riruka has similarly matching magenta eyes and hair. She wears a black dress with a top white section.

Also, Riruka braids her hair into two separate pigtails and completes her look with thigh-high leather boots, taking the fourteenth spot on the list.

13) Nemu “Nemuri Nanago” Kurotsuchi-


Nemu served under former captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi in the 8th division as a lieutenant.

She has a disappointing past and is often found in a melancholic and grievous mood. She does not often speak and prefers to keep to herself.

Fans will understand that she is a real beauty with brains. Her dark kimono reaches down to her thighs.

She also has silky hair braided in her back and has beautiful green eyes. No wonder she takes the thirteenth spot on this list.

12) Soi Fon “Fon Shaolin, Sui Feng”-


Feng is the captain of the second division on the Gotei thirteen and is one of the most skilled combatants.

She is one of the most loyal characters and is firm in her thoughts and beliefs. She has the immense resolve and will strive to defeat all her enemies, no matter the cost.

Feng wears a white dress and has beautiful grey eyes that seem to give off a haunted feeling.

Her hair returned to normal as it was a hundred and ten years ago after her battle with Aizen. She is a petite woman and takes the twelfth spot.

11) Mashiro Kuna-


Kuna is the co-lieutenant of the ninth division and works under the direct orders of Kensei Muguruma.

However, despite being one of the most powerful characters and members of the Gotei 13, Kuna’s nature is extremely childish.

She takes her fights as a child superhero would and acts in a kiddish way after winning the battle.

During her time in the Soul Society, Kuna wore standardized Shinigami robes. However, later on, she can be seen wearing a white bodysuit with orange gloves, boots and scarf, complete with a pair of goggles atop her head.

She somewhat attains a more serious outlook despite her childish nature during battle.

10) Haineko-


Haineko is the spiritual manifestation of Rangiku Matsumoto’s Zanpakutō. She is somewhat impatient and spontaneous, wanting to leave the cave because of boredom and is also rebellious at some point.

Her manifestation on the physical form has turquoise eyes with olive skin. Her fair is made in two bangs and tied to project the form of a cat’s ears.

She considers herself to be the definition of beauty and is surprised when Ichigo runs away from her perfect beauty. She is quite proud of her physical form and tends to look down upon other characters from time to time.

9) Loly “Rori Aivān” Aivirrne-


As a part of Aizen’s army, she is somewhat of a competent fighter herself. She is also the thirty-third Arrancar and is infatuated and over-protective of Aizen. She is cruel, merciless and vindictive towards all except Aizen.

Loly’s mask covers the left section of her face. She wears a short frilled dress which leaves little to the imagination.

She usually ties her hair in two pigtails since she believes Aizen likes that style. Overall, she takes tenth place in this list.

8) Yoruichi “Goddess of Flash, Demon cat” Shihouin-


Let’s be honest, if you’re a fan of furries, Yoruichi must be the queen of your imagination. Strong, self-sufficient, great battle sense and incredibly cute, she has got all the characteristics to make it to the top of the fan-favorite list.

She is the ex-captain of the 2nd division of the Gotei 13. Having abandoned her post, she presently works with Kisuke Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi in running a human shop.

Yoruichi is a slender beautiful woman with olive skin and luscious purple hair. Although she is from a noble family, she never brags that off to anybody and is quite humble in her sense.

While much is not known about her cat transformation, she can surprise anyone with it. She also loves this transformation since she was deeply disappointed when the cat’s tail was damaged.

7) Kuukaku Shiba-


Shiba is the head of the Shiba Clan. She is the sister of Ganju and the friend of Yoruichi Shihōin.

Shiba is a young woman who covers her head with bandages and is very aggressive. She is one of the best warriors of the Shiba clan for very good reason.

She has a tattoo on her left arm and prefers to wear bandages on her shoulders and both angles.

6) Franceska Mila Rose-


Franceska Mila Rose is one of the most beautiful female character in Bleach.  

Rose is a member of the Tres Bestias, the most elite three combatants of Aizen’s army. She is a sadist when it comes to fighting and has been nicknamed ‘the gorilla‘ by Rangiku Matsumoto.

She is one of the last few surviving Arrancars and is a force to be reckoned with when she decides to fight a battle seriously.

Rose has dark green eyes and is a tall, dark-skinned woman. She has long, wavy black-brown hair and dresses herself up as an amazon warrior.

She also prefers to wear a white cape with a purple gem as a grappling hook, taking the sixth spot on this list.

5) Ikumi Unagiya-


Ikumi is the owner of the Unagiya Shop in Karakura Town and is also its manager. She hires Ichigo for work after Ichigo loses his Shinigami abilities and powers.

She is a beautiful, tall and curvaceous woman with her hair in bangs pulled back into a ponytail, getting her into the top five.

4) Nelliel “Nel, Nel Tu” Tu Oderschvank-


Nelliel is an almost childish innocent-looking girl, however, do not go by her appearance. She lives in the Hueco Mundo along with her adoptive brothers.

She has a tribal vibe that accentuates her look. The skull on her head is a remanent of her hollow form.

However, she can get really brutal in battle, so be sure not to cross her. She has hazel eyes and emerald hair with a crimson line across her face.

3) Orihime “Hime” Inoue-


Orihime is the wife of Ichigo. Yes, that’s right, and she also has a son by the name Kazui Kurosaki. She is a headstrong woman, and wears her hair back with pins.

She is humorous and understands Ichigo like no one else. That is why taking the third position in the top three of this list.

2) Tier “Halibel” Harribel-


Tier “Halibel” Harribel is one of the most beautiful female character in Bleach. 

The de facto ruler of Hueco Mundo, Harribel, is one of the most striking female characters in the series.

She is one of the few surviving members of the Vasto Lorde groups, making it all the more important to preserve her and understands the true difference between brute force and intelligent combat as the ruler.

She has olive skin that contrasts beautifully with her sea-green eyes and her blonde locks that she keeps tied in three braids.

Her hollow mask consists of the lower sections of her face. She prefers to hide the remnants of her hollow mask with her jacket that leaves little to the imagination.

1) Rangiku Matsumoto-


Rangiku Matsumoto is the most beautiful Bleach Female character.

Serving under Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya, she is the lieutenant of the 10th division of the Gotei 13 and is the perfect example of beauty with brains.

While Matsumoto dislikes all the paperwork that comes from her rank, she is an entirely different monster on the battlefield.

She has beautiful wavy blond hair that contrasts well with her blue eyes. She wears a thin golden necklace that steals the hears to all the bleach fans. There is no real reason why she should not take the top spot.

So there it is, the top fifteen most beautiful female characters in Bleach. You can check out the bleach manga on Viz.

The anime is available on Crunchyroll, so that you can try that out as well. And in the meantime, stay tuned with us for such similar rankings.


Image Source | Fandom, Myanimelist

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