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Top 15 Best Anime in Australia 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:37 am

For many, anime is a great stressbuster. Very often, these series make the viewers aware of the realities in life while providing entertainment. The recent viewership of anime has gone up in Australia over the past few years.

It is perhaps, therefore, time to make a dedicated list of the most popular anime available in Australia.

In this post, we will rank the top 15 best anime in Australia based on their IMDb rating and make a list that brings all the anime together. If you are interested in knowing the best anime, stay on till the very end. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive straight into it.

15) Tokyo Ghoul-

Tokyo Ghoul

IMDb Ratings- 7.8

Genre- Horror, Psychological Thriller

Number of Episodes- 48

Where to Watch- Funimation

A plot where the action begins from the very first episode. Ken Kaneki is a normal university-going student who loves to occasionally visit his favorite coffee shop to steal glances at the girl he likes.

The problem arises because everything is not as it seems.

In a society where humans and ghouls are forced to co-exist together, Kaneki’s crush turns out to be a rampaging psychopath serial-killing ghoul.

Before long, Kaneki’s life is turned upside down, and he has to accept the world he so despises- the world of ghouls.

14) Bleach-


IMDb Ratings- 8

Genre- Comedy, Action, Drama

Number of Episodes- 366

Where to Watch- Crunchyroll

Bleach is one of the best anime series over the last two decades. Make no mistake, it is considered as one of the big three for a good reason and has served as the inspiration for several other series.

Ichigo is a high schooler who has the ability to see ghosts. Very soon, he is drawn into the world of souls and a revenge conspiracy much greater than his world.

With the Final Thousand Yeat Blood Arc scheduled to come out this October 2022, this is a great time to catch up on all the action you were missing.

13) Howl’s Moving Castle-

Howl's moving castle

IMDb Ratings- 8.2

Genre- Drama, Comedy

Watch Time- 1hr 59mins

Where to Watch- Netflix

Howl and his moving castle have the reputation of being downright evil. So obviously, bad things follow him wherever he goes.

When Howl comes down to a small village, a girl is cursed to turn into an older woman. She must now journey with Howl in his moving castle to find the witch the put the curse on her to undo the curse.

In the meantime, both learn a thing or two about each other. Maybe Howl is not as bad as he was made out to be.

12) Tokyo Revengers-

Tokyo Revengers

IMDb Ratings- 8.3

Genre- Action, Drama

Number of Episodes- 24

Where to Watch- Crunchyroll

For Hanagaki Takemichi, it was no different. But his after-death experience sure was something else. He takes up 12 years into his past, where he goes back to two middle school gangs battling it out for the area.

Takemichi must also fight his inner demons of depression, fear, and self-doubt even as his girlfriend becomes a sacrifice in the war of the two gangs. This one’s a must-watch for all those looking to try out something different.

11) My Hero Academia-

My Hero Academia

IMDb Ratings- 8.4

Genre- Superhero, Comedy

Number of Episodes- 113

Where to Watch- Netflix

Izuku Midorya is an average child, but being normal is quite different in the society he lives in. In a world where 99% of the population has some sort of a superpower known as Quirks, Izuku is powerless but idolizes the all-powerful Allmight.

His life takes a turn when Allmight names him his successor, and Izuku gets admission to the top superhero academy in the country. Join Izuku in his country to garner his powers and become the No.1 superhero.

10) Mob Psycho-

Mob Psycho

IMDb Ratings- 8.6

Genre- Comedy, Action

Number of Episodes- 25

Where to Watch- Netflix

Mob is literally the most powerful esper in his world, so much so that he has to keep his emotions under control to prevent damage. He wants to learn to control his powers and joins a fraud who claims to be a powerful esper.

This is a real fun tale of brotherhood and friendship with Mob at the center of it as he leans to live out his emotions. The beauty of this shows that it does not drag on but ends on a wholesome note.

9) Demon Slayer-

Demon Slayer

IMDb Ratings- 8.7

Genre- Horror, Action, Comedy

Number of Episodes- 26

Where to Watch- Netflix

Demon Slayer has become the most popular anime in Australia in 2022. A recent favorite of all anime watchers, Demon Slayer, traces the journey of the Tanjiro Kamado after his entire family is massacred by a demon, leaving only his sister. Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Cops to find a cure for his sister, who is also transformed into a nightmare.

The show makes it a gripping tale of love and friendship as Tanjiro meets Zenitsu and Inosuke and trains to become Hashira level, the strongest in the cops. He crosses paths with two Hashiras- Rengoku and Tengen and is as much a story of brotherly love as it is of friendship.

8) Code Geass-

Code Geass

IMDb Ratings- 8.7

Genre- Psychological Thriller, Action

Number of Episodes- 50

Where to Watch- Netflix, Funimation

Lelouch Lamperouge is no ordinary kid. A social genius, he leads an everyday life until one day he discovers the power to make people do whatever they want. Quite literally, he decides to stand up against Britannica, despite being 17th in the line of throne.

Internal politics drive a wedge into the royal household as Lelouch tries to find a way to free Japan (now known as simply Sector 47) from the clutches of Monster Britannica. This Psychological thriller is sure to turn some heads.

7) Jujutsu Kaisen-

Jujutsu Kaisen

IMDb Ratings- 8.7

Genre- Comedy, Action

Number of Episodes- 24

Where to Watch- Netflix, Crunchyroll

Yuji Itadori has a weird wish: he wants to give people the deaths they want. Now don’t take this the wrong way; he means that every person has the right to live and die according to their wish.

In a world beset with negative or cursed energy, Itadori eats the finger of Sukuna, the worst demon, and awakens his consciousness. FIghting his inner battle, Itadori trains as a jujutsu sorcerer to fight all the other curses terrorizing the country until he can fight no more.

6) Dragon Ball-


IMDb Ratings- 8.7

Genre- Comedy, Action

Number of Episodes- 412

Where to Watch- Funimation

Honestly, the anime that started it all for the fans. Considered the inspiration for the big three, the Dragonball franchise ranges from Dragonball Z to Dragonball Super and is one of the best anime out there.

Everyone loves Karkarot (I mean Goku), his goofiness, and his ability to push beyond limits. Goku is the epitome of all that could be achieved simply by pushing all boundaries. The never-give-up attitude is inspiring. No wonder this ranks as one of the top animes in this list. 

5) One Piece-

One Piece

IMDb Ratings- 8.7

Genre- Comedy, Action

Number of Episodes- 1000+

Where to Watch- Netflix, Funimation

Another member of the big three, along with Naruto and Bleach, this is the longest-running anime series of all time with over a thousand episodes. It all began with Luffy’s dream to become the pirate king.

The novel ending world of one piece, with its ever-expanding universe, is truly an example of what to do right for it to remain a fan favorite even after so many years. And will continue to do so for years to come.

4) Naruto, Naruto Shippuden-


IMDb Ratings- 8.7

Genre- Comedy, Action

Number of Episodes- 720

Where to Watch- Crunchyroll, Funimation

This anime has a separate fan base, mostly because it makes you laugh and cry at the same time. One of the best anime series in Australia; this is the literal definition of what an anime should be.

From the abandoned and most hated kid to the Hokage of the Leaf Villiage, Naruto is a tale of resilience and friendship and the truths of life delivered with a sucker punch. There can literally be no reason why you should not watch this anime.

3) Attack on Titan-

Attack On TItan

IMDb Ratings- 9

Genre- Action, Drama

Number of Episodes- 79

Where to Watch- Netflix

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime in Australia. This anime will make you question your entire existence, especially after releasing the second part of season 4. It really shows the transition from a protagonist to an antagonist in mere minutes.

In a world where monstrous creatures called titans run rampant, people think they are safe within the walls. The walls they built with the titans inside. Friendly advice: Don’t root for any character; you never know who dies when or who turns out to be what.

2) Death Note-

Death Note

IMDb Ratings- 9

Genre- Psychological Drama, Dark Comedy

Number of Episodes- 37

Where to Watch- Crunchyroll, Netflix, Funimation

Light Yagami is somewhat of a genius. One fine day, he finds a Notebook with Death Note was written on it. Light finds out that he can kill anyone if he knows the name and face of the person.

With his newfound power, Light sets out to become the God of a new world where all criminals would be dead. An intense psychological thriller that’ll keep you glued to your seats until the very end.

1) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood-

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

IMDb Ratings- 9.1

Genre- Action, Drama, Comedy

Number of Episodes- 64

Where to Watch- Netflix, Crunchyroll

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is the best anime in Australia. It talks about two brothers- Alphonse and Edward, finding a way to restore Alphonse’s body. They must follow the law of equitable exchange to regain their entire bodies.

Alphonse’s soul is tied to a suit of armor, while Edward uses an automaton for body parts. Watch these brothers journey in their quest for the Philosopher’s Stone to restore their bodies back to their previous state.

So there is a complete list of the best anime in Australia. The manga version of all these comics is available on VIZ. For such similar posts, stay tuned with us, and in the meantime, check these anime out, and you won’t be disappointed.

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