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Top 15+ Best Anime Openings (Underrated) in 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:37 am

Sometimes, there are some anime openings that not only touch fans’ souls but end up becoming their ultimate favorites. Here, in this article, we are listing the Top 15+ Best Anime Openings (Underrated) in 2022.

We will be talking about such themes that have a special place in our hearts, and these songs are personal favorites of our team.

Note- This is not a list of the best anime openings of all time. You can easily read such a list from any other website such as MyAnimeList.

So we’re not focusing on the openings that everybody loves, but we are focusing on some hidden gems (underrated openings) that our writers on Otakus’ Notes enjoy to the fullest. The reason why we are presenting this article is that we want you to listen to these and appreciate them as we do.

We deem them underrated not because they were not famous enough when they first got released but because with the release of new songs every other day, their fame dwindled in the past few years, and we want to rekindle that fame again.

So, please go ahead and enjoy this list where we will be summing up, according to our choice, Top 15+ Best Anime Openings (Underrated) in 2022.

16) Ghost Story Opening 1 (Grow Up)-

Ghost Story Opening 1 (Grow Up)

Release Date- October 25, 2000

This anime opening is one of the most underrated songs of all time. It was performed by the band Hysteric Blue. The band first formed in the year 1997 but broke up in 2004 after their guitarist landed himself in legal trouble.

The singer of this song is Mayumi Takeda, also the main vocalist of the band. After the band dissolved, Mayumi and the drummer Takuya went on to form a separate band called The Screaming Frogs.

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15) Majo no Tabitabi Opening 1 (Literature)-

Majo no Tabitabi Opening 1

Release Date- October 21, 2020

This opening theme is another song that is not appreciated enough by fans. It is performed by the singer Reina Ueda. It is the first song from the single called Literature by her.

RIRIKO is both the composer and lyricist of the song, and the arranger is Ken Ito. The genre of Literature is Pop or J-Pop. The duration of this song for the anime is 1 minute and 30 seconds.

14) No game no life Opening 1 (This Game)-

No game no life Opening 1 (This Game)

Release Date- May 21, 2014

This Game is another song that is a favorite of die-hard No game No Life fans. It is the opening theme of the anime and it is performed by Konomi Suzuki.

The composer of the song is Wakabayashi Mitsuru, and the lyricist is Fukaao Yuki. The album version of this song was released in 2017 in Suzuki’s album, LIFE OF DASH.

13) Shigatsu wa Kimi no uso Opening 1 (Hikaru Nara)-

Shigatsu wa Kimi no uso Opening 1 (Hikaru Nara)

Release Date- October 9, 2014

This anime song is not really underrated as it is still considered one of the greatest opening songs ever. It is the first opening song for the celebrated anime Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso performed by Goose House.

The song first debuted with the first episode of the anime. If one analyses the song’s lyrics closely, one will realize that it actually spoils the entire plot of the anime. The duration of this song for the anime is 1 minute 30 seconds. 

12) Sailor moon Opening 1 (Moonlight Densetsu)-

Sailor moon Opening 1 (Moonlight Densetsu)

Release Date- March 7, 1992

This song is one of the best anime opening songs ever. Japanese idol group Dali sang this, and it serves as the opening theme for two seasons of the Sailor Moon anime.

There is also an English cover with re-written lyrics of this song for the English dubbed version of the anime. The song went on to become a big hit in Japan and even got a gold certificate from RIAJ

11) Naruto Opening 4 (GO!!!)-

Naruto Opening 4 (GO!!!)

Release Date- April 28, 2004

Even though Naruto is a famous anime, this opening is not as appreciated as the other ones. The band FLOW performed this song, and it is used as the 4th opening song of Naruto.

The genre of this song is pop-punk/rap-rock and is produced by the label Ki/oon Records. It became very famous in Japan as it charted in Oricon’s Top 10 charts for three weeks straight.

10) FMAB Opening 5 (Rain)-

FMA Opening 5 (Rain)

Release Date- June 2, 2010

This beautiful song is another important anime song that visual kei rock band Sid performed. Upon its release, the song became so famous that it peaked at #2 on the Oricon single chart.

The genre of the song is alternative rock, and Ki/oon Records produced it. Rain was the 5th opening for the anime Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

9) Fairy Tail Zero Opening (Ashita Wo Narase)- 

Fairy tail zero Opening (Ashita Wo Narase)

Release Date- January 27, 2016

This anime song is indeed underrated, as very few people appreciate it. Singer Kavka Shishido performed this song, and it is the 22nd opening of the anime Fairy Tail.

Kavka is a Japanese Mexican drummer and singer who used to be part of a rock band called The News. In 2012, she debuted as a solo musician.

8) Overlord Opening 1 (Clattanoia)-

Overlord Opening 1 (Clattanoia)

Release Date- August 26, 2015

The Japanese band OxT performed this song, and vocalist Masayoshi Ōishi sang it. The song is the second single by the group and, it became so well-known that it ranked at 28 on the Oricon single chart.

The genre of the music is pop, and the lyricist of the song is hotaru. The composition is done by Masayoshi Ōishi himself.

7) Dr. stone Opening 1 (Good Morning World)-

Dr stone Opening 1 (Good Morning World)

Release Date- August 21, 2019

Good Morning World is one of the most famous openings of Dr. Stone anime. The famed group Burnout Syndromes performed this theme. 

They are also famous for their hit song FLY HIGH!!!, in the Haikyū!! series. This song is composed by Burnout Syndromes as well.

6) Nanatsu no Taizai Opening 1 (Netsujou no Spectrum)-

Nanatsu Opening 1 (Netsujou no Spectrum)

Release Date- October 15th, 2014

Netsujou no Spectrum is a famous song from Nanatsu no Taizai, and Ikimonogakari, the Japanese group, performed it. The genre of the song is Japanese rock and j-pop. It is also from the album Fun! Fun! Fanfare!. 

The album became so famous that it got the Japan Record Award for Excellent Work. This group also released songs for other renowned anime like Naruto, Boruto, etc. 

5) Black Clover Opening 10 (Black Catcher)-

Black Clover Opening 10 (Black Catcher)

Release Date- January 8, 2020

This song is the 10th opening song of the anime Black Clover, and singer Yamaike Junya aka Vickeblanka, performed it. Apart from singing, Junya is also a songwriter, guitarist, and pianist.

The song starts at episode 116 and goes on till episode 128. The genre of the song is Japanese rock, pop and it belongs to the album Devil.

4) Vinland Saga Opening 1 (Mukanjyo)-

Vinland Sage Opening 1 (Mukanjyo)

Release Date- August 21, 2019

This opening recently became very famous after the anime Vinland Saga got fame. It is performed by the band Survive Said The Prophet, and the song is part of the album Inside Your Head. The genre of Mukanjyo is Japanese rock, Japanese indie, j-pop

The song Dark Crow replaces this opening after episode 12. The duration of this song for the anime version is 1 minute 30 seconds. 

3) Jojo Opening 2 (BLOODY STREAM)-

Jojo Opening 2 (BLOODY STREAM)

Release Date- January 30, 2013

BLOODY STREAM is one of the best but the underappreciated opening theme of the famous anime Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures. The Japanese singer Coda sang this song while Saori Kodama wrote it and Toshiyuki O’mori composed it.

This song is famous for its fashionable and unique tone and the husky voice of the singer. The song peaked at number 4 in the Oricon chart and at number 7 at Billboard‘s Japan Hot 100.

2) The God of High School Opening 1 (Contradiction)- 

The God of High School Opening 1 (Contradiction

Release Date- July 7, 2020

This song is another of our personal favorites that we believe is not loved enough. The Japanese DJ, composer KSUKE, is performed by the American singer Tyler Carter. 

The song is part of the single album Contradiction and is produced and distributed by Warner Music Japan. The length of the song is 1 minute 29 seconds.

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1) Beastars Opening 2 (Monster)-


Release Date- January 5, 2021

Beastars opening 2 (Monster) is the best underrated Anime Opening of all the time. Paru Itagaki wrote and Yoasobi sang this opening.

And special thanks to Ayase for the music composition. The thrill in this opening is mind-blowing.

Special Mention-

  • Demon Slayer Opening 3 (Zankyou Zanka)-

On that note, we conclude our Top 15+ Best Anime Openings (Underrated) in 2022. We really hope you will appreciate these underrated and underappreciated openings. Surely every year many new songs are coming out but, there are just some songs that can never be forgotten and, these are those openings.

If we missed any opening close to your heart, we’re sorry about that. We definitely promise to include your favorite opening in our next list. So, stay tuned for more articles on manga/manhwa/webtoon, films, dramas, and many more.

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