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Top 15 Best Car Anime For Car Lovers (2023)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:36 am

Car enthusiasts seldom find it easy to discuss their interests with someone else. Their deep love for mechanical components and concept models seldom supersede anything else.

It is not fun to fit into a world where everyone is not a fan of horsepower or the latest engine.

Therefore, in this post, we will rank the top 15 best car anime that you car lovers have been waiting for.

It will be a comprehensive list of the best cast animes out there, so make sure to stay on till the end. So without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into it.

15) What’s Up Mechadoc-


MAL Ratings- 6.29 

Studio- Tatsunoko animation

Number of Episodes- 30

Mochadoc is an immensely underrated anime when taken in the context of the amount of effort that went into creating it.

The creators went to the extent of recording original car noise to put it into the series.

This series only uses original cars, which means a lot of effort went into acquiring the licenses.

The authenticity of this show is really surprising. This will have all the car fans running around in ecstasy.

14) Super Grand Prix-Super Grand Prix

MAL Ratings- 6.40

Studio- Toei animation

Number of Episodes- 44

A brilliant racer who builts his own car to participate in a race is dejected after his car breaks down.

He crashes his car because of poorly built and promises never to race again.

But all does not end because in comes a mysterious man who was once a great racer and left the game at his peak.

Now they must fight together to make their own dreams come true, and more so to prove to the world that machines are not all that makes a man.

13) F-Zero: GP legend-

GP Legend

MAL Ratings- 6.45

Studio- Production Reed

Number of Episodes- 51

While pursuing the criminal Zoda, a supercop Rick Wheeler gets into a fatal car accident.

He is put into a medically induced cryogenic sleep with no other option to save him.

Jody Summer and Dr. Stewart revive him after 150 years. His new job is to keep the prize money out of the hands of an unethical organization.

Will Wheeler be just as effective as he was in the past? Watch this series to find out.

12) Speed Racer-

Speed Racer

MAL Ratings- 6.69

Studio- Tatsunoko Production

Number of Episodes- 52

Gou Mifune is a gifted racer driving Mach 5, the most advanced race car equipped with the latest technologies.

This car is nigh impossible to defeat in races and is one of the best ever made. However, Mifune’s father, the creator of Mach 5, does not want him to race.

This anime takes up through a tour of the racing world where there is corruption and intense rivalry, all battling for the helm. Among all this chaos, can Mifune actually succeed in his goals?

With a lot of detail that goes into the design and description of the cars, this is an anime the car lovers cannot turn down.

11) Tailenders-


MAL Ratings- 6.73

Studio- Pictograph

Duration- 27 mins

A promising racer Tomeo Shiro tries to make an experimental turn in a race that involves him in an almost fatal accident.

Although he recovers, his heart is replaced by the engine that powered his car. Because of this change, he is demoted and considered to be only a machine part.

However, all is not lost because he might be allowed to race once again for all his glory and pride on a planet far away.

With various cars and even weirder designs, this is a good anime for those interested in car designs.

10) Formula-1 – Engines On The Track-

F Formula

MAL Ratings- 6.73

Studio- Studio Deen

Number of Episodes- 31

Gunma Akanji lives a simple life in the countryside, playing pranks on his neighbors and having a jolly time in general. However, one night on his tractor, he is intercepted by a fast-moving race car.

Akanji loses to the car on his tractor, and this becomes the starting point of an incredible journey. With a new fire to put himself at the top of the formula racing world, this is a show where all forms of car customizations are shown.

9) eX-Driver-

Ex Driver

MAL Ratings- 6.69

Studio- Actas, Production Reed

Number of Episodes- 6

Life is supposedly much more straightforward in a future where all automobiles are controlled by Artificial Intelligence.

But is the machine really infallible? Accidents still happen, though comparatively more petite, and the cars are scraped directly if accidents are to occur.

Into this world of A.I, in step three, people who do not have mechanized cars- Lotus, Subaru WRX, and Super.

They try to raise awareness and keep the public safe at all times. If you are interested in machine-controlled car models and designs, this one is the anime for you.

8) Blassreiter-


MAL Ratings- 6.91

Studio- Gonzo

Number of Episodes- 24

If you are searching for something different that still has cars in it, this is the anime for you. This can even be considered as the Transformers of anime because of what is projects.

When automatons begin to have their own hearts and ideas, it becomes a real menace.

This is strictly for those fans who want to know the core details of car engineering and the interested in learning how each part literally works to create the entire beast.

7) Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go-


MAL Ratings- 7.29

Studio- Production I.G

Number of Episodes- 53

It is a tale revolving around the Go brothers and the hiatus they cause. Never before was such action seen with such gritty understanding of the racing world.

To participate in races, the Go brothers must build their own cars. This is a car lover’s heaven because it projects all the customization, the minute details that go into building a car, and much more. It is one anime you can definitely check out.

6) Appare Ranman-

Appare Ranman

MAL Ratings- 7.29

Studio- P.A Works

Number of Episodes- 13

The take of a brilliantly wise but coward samurai and a young mechanic who find themselves at sea, quite literally. They need to find enough money so that they can return to their respective homes.

However, getting money is not that easy, which is why they have to participate in a race that takes them from Los Angeles to New York in a steam-powered car built by them. If car personalization is your forte, this one is the anime for you.

5) Future GPX Cyber Formula-

Future GPX

MAL Ratings- 7.34

Studio- Sunrise

Number of Episodes- 37

Kazami Hayato is the youngest member of a racing team in the future where machines assist all races. With the help of these advanced navigation systems, races are much safer and better.

In all these hiatus, Hayato manages to win the 10th Cyber Grand Prix. However, he severely lacks morals and understanding of the sport.

For him, riving the best machine and winning is all that matters. Follow him as he learns to explore other emotions such as friendships and work for a world outside racing.

4) Oban Star-Racers-

Oban Star Racers

MAL Ratings- 7.50

Studio- Hal Film Maker

Number of Episodes- 26

The tale where young Eva sets out to find her father. But this is no ordinary tale because this young kid is an engineering genius who can literally build cars and bikes from scrap.

Follow her gritty quest to find her father. This anime is a masterpiece that deals with human emotions beautifully and throws in quite a few skeletal cars to complete the deal.

3) Capeta-


MAL Ratings- 7.8

Studio- Studio Comet

Number of Episodes- 52

For as long as Capeta has known himself, he always worked according to his father’s wishes.

He now wants to make his parents stop worrying for him. He just has one love: cars.

However, poor as they are, they cannot afford the luxury of toys. Capeta, therefore, decides to take up Go-karting.

Capeta has his eyes set upon the grand prize: to race in Formula One. Can Capeta rise above all the deprivation and go achieve his dreams. Watch this anime to find out.

2) Redline-


MAL Ratings- 8.2

Studio- Madhouse

Duration- 1hr 42 mins

Redline is one of the most adrenaline-pumping racing anime out there. A deadly race held every five years where the driver’s courage determines the limitations of the race, Redline delivers hard on the promise of cars.

Fans can consider this similar to Death Race, only better with a lot more action and a lot more cars.

If you are not a car enthusiast, maybe this anime will make you reconsider. A dystopian future where races happen on different planets breaks or makes the lives of racers.

1) Initial D-

Initial D

MAL Ratings- 8.3

Studio- Gallop, Studio Comet

Number of Episodes- 26

How can we talk about the top car animes and not mention Initial D? This is, quite frankly, the best anime ever made on cars.

It follows Project D in all its groove and uses only real cars as part of the deal.

For the fans of vintage cars, this is literally an expo where you can get to know the variety of specifications. Throw in quite a bit of racing, and it becomes one of the best anime series out there.

Therefore, this is the list of the top car animes you can check out. In the meanwhile, stay tuned with us for similar posts.


Image Source- IMDb, CBR

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