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Top 15 Best Australian Anime Ranked 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:36 am

How many anime have you seen where Australia is represented properly? Not many, right? Well, that is why we are here with this list on Top 15 Best Australian Anime Ranked 2022.

On this list, we have included any anime that even mentions Australia, its people, its culture, or portrays any character from Australia.

It is interesting to see how so many of these get past our notice, and it is only later that we realize how they have included a certain country in their show.

Thus, we do not want Australian fans to miss out on anime that showcases their country and culture.

Now, without further ado, go ahead and read our article on Top 15 Best Australian Anime Ranked 2022. And ranking is done based on IMDb ratings.

15) One Off-

One Off

IMDb ratings- 6.7

Genre- Slice of Life

Number of Episodes- 4

One Off is a best slice-of-life Australian anime that showcases the story of High school girls in summer.

Here, we see Shiozaki Haruno, a teenager who loves to ride motorcycles, especially her bike, Honda’s Giorno.

Even though she lives in a remote place, she wants to go out and live a carefree life in the city.

A major character called Cynthia is from Australia in this anime.

14) Silent Möbius-

Silent Möbius

IMDb ratings- 6.8

Genre-  Action,Fantasy

Number of Episodes- 26

In this anime, we see how aliens called ‘Lucifer Hawks’ invade earth after coming from another dimension.

They want to attack humans and enslave them, but they can’t because of the Attacked Mystification Police Department.

It is a special department where women with extraordinary abilities work.

Here we see an Australian aboriginal character called Kiddy. She is a Cyborg who later becomes a combat Cyborg.

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13) Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow

Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow

IMDb ratings- 7.0

Genre- Adventure, Drama, Slice of Life

Number of Episodes- 50

This anime Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow is based on the novel Southern Rainbow by Phyllis Piddington.

It talks about a girl called Lucy, whose family moves to Australia from England to run a farm.

Here Lucy is forced to start a new life which is not at all an easy thing to do for her.

Lucy and her sisters go through many experiences, like meeting many animals and encountering many different people.

12) RahXephon


IMDb ratings- 7.2

Genre-  Action, Drama, Mystery, Romance

Number of Episodes- 26

This anime talks about how the life of Ayato Kamina changes completely when fighter jets invade Tokyo.

After this incident, he meets a woman called Haruka, who comes from the organization, TERRA.

She reveals to him how he has been living in a place called Tokyo Jupiter which is in a time bubble that has been placed by humanoids called Mulians.

Here, the character Kim Hotal’s parents got killed in Australia.

11) Sabage-bu!-


IMDb ratings- 7.3

Genre-  Action, Comedy

Number of Episodes- 12

Momoka’s life turns upside down when one day she encounters a girl called Miou.

She saves Momoka from a pervert by scaring him with equipments.

Later Momoka sees that girl in her own school and finds out that she is the president of the Survival Game Club.

She too joins this club, and here she makes many new friends.

In this anime, the girls go to Australia to take part in a survival game.

10) Yu-Gi-Oh!-


IMDb ratings- 7.3

Genre- Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Number of Episodes- 27

This anime is about a boy Yuugi who is often bullied in his daily life.

Even though Yuugi has caring friends, he still feels like no one properly understands him.

When he solves the Millennium Puzzle that he got from his grandfather’s Game shop, he unleashes a new personality of the “King of Games.”

This new personality of Yami Yuugi is exactly the opposite of him.

There is an Australian character here called Jim Cook, based on Steve Irwin, the famous Australian wildlife expert.

9) Free!: Eternal Summer-

Free!: Eternal Summer

IMDb ratings- 7.4

Genre-  Comedy, Slice of Life, Sports

Number of Episodes- 13

This is the second season of the famous sports anime on swimming called Free!

Here, we see how the original members of the Iwatobi high school swim club are actively looking for new members to join them.

On the other hand, the seniors of this club must decide what to do with their future as some wish to continue swimming while others are unsure about it.

In this anime, episode 12 takes place in Australia. Here, we also meet the Australian parents of Rin, with whom he used to live.

8) Hetalia: Axis Powers-

Hetalia: Axis Powers

IMDb ratings- 7.4

Genre- Comedy

Number of Episodes- 52

This anime is about countries that are reimagined as real human beings.

The story centers primarily around World War I and World War II and focuses on the Axis Powers.

It also sometimes showcases the Allied Forces. The main characters that we see here are Germany, North Italy, and Japan.

In this anime, we see Australia as well, and because of its connection with England’s colonies, they look similar.

7) Digimon Adventure 02-

Digimon Adventure 02

IMDb ratings- 7.5

Genre- Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Number of Episodes- 50

This story centers around Taichi Yagami and his friends who after moving to junior high, lose contact with their Digimon partners.

But one day, Taichi receives a distress signal, and he finds out that a new enemy, Digimon Emperor, is antagonizing the Digimons by suppressing their ability to Digivolve.

In one of the episodes in this anime, they go to Australia and meet an Australian boy called Derek.

6) ef: A Tale of Melodies.-

ef: A Tale of Melodies.

IMDb ratings- 7.5

Genre-  Drama, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural

Number of Episodes- 12

The story centers around a boy called Himura Yuu, who is academically gifted and only wishes to maintain his top position in the school.

One day, he meets a mysterious girl called Yuuko who recognizes him, but he doesn’t remember her.

She will trigger something that has been left forgotten in his memories and will force him to confront his past. This season of the anime is set in Australia.

5) Virtua Fighter-

Virtua Fighter

IMDb ratings- 7.6

Genre-  Action, Adventure, Comedy

Number of Episodes- 35

In this anime, we see Akira Yuki, who is greatly skilled at Bajiquan, wants to see the eight stars constellation for which he needs to gain immense strength.

This makes him go on a journey to learn more about himself and gather information about how to see these stars.

Here, we see an Australian character called Jeffry McWild, a fisherman of aboriginal ancestry. He is an excellent fighter who practices pankration.

4) Ghost Hunt-

Ghost Hunt

IMDb ratings- 7.6

Genre- Horror, Mystery, Supernatural

Number of Episodes- 25

Mai and her friends are interested in ghost stories.

They are also curious about the mysterious abandoned building, which is rumored to have ghosts in it.

Then, they come across Shibuya Kazuya, the president of the Shibuya psychic research company, whom the principal calls to solve the mystery about the school building.

In this anime, we see an Australian priest called John Brown who speaks Japanese in a Kansai accent.

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3) D.Gray-man-


IMDb ratings- 7.7

Genre- Action, Adventure, Comedy

Number of Episodes- 103

In this anime, we see how the Millennium Earl traps the souls into mechanical equipments called Akuma.

The only way to save these souls is to exorcise them with the anti-Akuma weapon called Innocence.

Allen Walker becomes an official exorcist to stop the Millennium Earl and free the souls.

Here, there is an Australian character called Reever Wenham, who is a member of the Black Order.

2) Dragon Ball Z-

Dragon Ball Z

IMDb ratings- 8.7

Genre-  Action, Fantasy

Number of Episodes- 291

This immensely famous anime talks about the events after Goku’s win in the World Martial Arts tournament.

He now lives with his wife and son, but that changes when Raditz arrives.

Raditz tries to tell Goku how he is Goku’s brother and it was Gokuu’s destiny to destroy the planet Earth.

But he could not convince Goku to join hands with him. He then warns him and his friends of an unknown but powerful enemy who is a threat to everyone.

We see a space version of Australia in the Dragon Ball Universe, and characters like Zarbon and Jeice are from this place.

1) Hajime no Ippo-

Hajime no Ippo

IMDb ratings- 8.7

Genre- Comedy, Drama, Sports

Number of Episodes- 75

Ippo is a bullied young boy who wants to change for the better. One day, he joins the Kamogawa boxing gym after Takemura Mamoru, a talented boxer, saves him.

From then on, his journey starts to become a renowned boxer, and we witness how he surpasses his own limits.

In this anime, we see an Australian boxer called Arne Gregory, who loses his title to Miata Ichiro.

We hope this article was helpful to fans who wished to see Australia being represented in their beloved anime.

On that note, we conclude our article on the Top 15 Best Australian Anime Ranked 2022.

Stay tuned to get more updates on your favorite manga/anime/manhwa, dramas, films, and many more.


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