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Top 10 Best Characters in Mission: Yozakura Family (Most Popular)

Mission: Yozakura Family is one of the best Weekly Shōnen Jump manga that is recently gaining a lot of attention for being a full package of action, comedy, and romance. Thus today, we bring our article on Top 10 Best Characters in Mission: Yozakura Family (Most Popular).

Hitsuji Gondaira wrote as well as illustrated this manga which is running from August 26, 2019. It tells the story of Taiyo, an introverted high school boy who is an orphan. His only friend is Mutsumi Yozakura, the head of the most powerful family of spies.

Her brother Kyoichiro loves Mutsumi a bit too much, and thus, he cannot stand Taiyo. To save himself and continue his relationship with Mutsumi, he marries her and becomes a part of the Yozakura family.

As Kyoichiro never harms anyone who is a Yozakura, Taiyo was able to save himself temporarily. But now that he is the husband of Mutsumi, he must train to become a spy and protect his wife.

10) Sousuke Michibata- 

Sousuke Michibata

He is the holder of a bronze-ranked spy license and also a classmate of Taiyo and Mutsumi. We mostly see him wearing a headband and a face mask.

His ability to not get noticed is quite helpful for him, which he uses for spy-related works. Apart from that, he has Heat Haze, with which he can suppress his breathing, heartbeat, and even his presence. 

9) Ban Yozakura-

Ban Yozakura

Ban is the grandfather of the Yozakura siblings and the husband of Keiko, the 8th Yozakura head. He is a very playful and fun-loving person who is deeply in love with his wife.

Ban mostly uses pistols and his infiltration skills in fights. He has an incredibly flexible skeletal frame, which can make his body bend and contort in any way he wants.

Catching him thus becomes quite difficult, as he can slip out effortlessly from any place. His blooming is Passage, which gives him the ability to pass through places that are impossible to go through.

8) Nanao Yozakura-

Nanao Yozakura

Nanao has a big physique when he is in his mutated state and a small stature when he is in a normal state.

He is the youngest of all the Yozakura children with quite an innocent personality. Nanao also has the tendency to sacrifice himself for the well-being of others.

His power deals with poisons and drugs that he himself creates. Nanao’s blooming is called Adaptation, which helps him adapt to any poison and environment.

7) Shinzo Yozakura-

Shinzo Yozakura

Shinzo is the second eldest son and the third sibling of the Yozakura Family. He is a buff, tall young man who has a meek personality.

Big weapons and guns are his best companions, and without those, he becomes pretty much useless. Due to his scaredy-cat nature, he avoided the spy license exams. But after his siblings forced him into it, he completed it in record time.

His blooming is called Destroy, with which he literally goes on a rampage and obliterates anything and everything in his way.

6) Kengo Yozakura-

Kengo Yozakura

Kengo is the third eldest son and 5th sibling of the Yozakura Family. Most of the time, he wears a black cat onesie, and we hardly see his eyes.

He is a free-spirited person who likes to do exciting things. Kengo can be quite narcissistic about his looks, and he tries his best to hide his negative emotions from his family.

He is a master of disguise and was able to pass the spy license exam with two other identities. His blooming ability is Assimilation which enables him to understand everything about his enemies.

5) Shion Yozakura-

Shion Yozakura

Shion is the second eldest daughter and 4th sibling of the Yozakura Family. Family. She is mostly seen wearing loose-fitting clothes with candy in her mouth.

She’s a laid-back person who passes her time by playing video games and reading manga. The only time she becomes aggressive is when she is losing in her games.

Shion is a genius hacker who passed her spy license exam at the young age of eight. Her blooming is Analyzation which lets her read data at the speed of a supercomputer.

4) Futaba Yozakura-

Futaba Yozakura

Futaba is the eldest daughter and the 2nd eldest sibling of the Yozakura Family. Despite being 20 years of age, she looks younger and dresses in a Lolita fashion.

She’s a very caring sister who took on the role of a mother after their mother passed away. Futaba is also the one with tremendous strength as she mastered both Aikido and Jujitsu when she was six old.

Her blooming is Magnanimity, which heightens her cognitive vision and helps her negate any attacks.

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3) Kyoichiro Yozakura-

Kyoichiro Yozakura

Kyoichiro is the eldest Yozakura son and also the most powerful sibling. He has the appearance of a fox with squinted eyes and a smiling face.

He has an unhealthy obsession with Mutsumi, his youngest sister, to the point of stalking her. This happened because he could not save her when she got kidnapped, and from that day, he became overprotective.

At first, he very much wanted to kill Taiyo for getting close to Mutsumi, but slowly he became much more accepting of him. His weapons are steel threads, which uses to slice through anything and block any attack. We are yet to know about his blooming ability.

2) Mutsumi Yozakura-

Mutsumi Yozakura

Mutsumi is the youngest daughter and also the 10th head of the Yozakura Family. Unlike her super-talented siblings, she is an ordinary human without any supernatural powers.

When she was very young, she was kidnapped by the evil organization Tanpopo, and her father later rescued her. But this incident gave her a permanent white streak of hair due to stress.

Shortly after, she meets Taiyo and becomes great friends with him after he saves her from bullying. Even though she is not as strong as others, she tries to do everything in her ability to help her loved ones.

1) Taiyo Asano-

Taiyo Asano

As the main protagonist, Taiyo can be considered one of the best characters in Mission: Yozakura Family. After marrying into the Yozakura family, he encounters many dark secrets and trains hard to protect his wife.

At first, he comes off as a powerless boy who is a social outcast. But after rigorous training with the Yozakura family members, he becomes one of the most powerful characters in the series.

He becomes even more powerful when Mutsumi gives him her blood. This grants him supernatural abilities as well as the Blooming ability of Hardening, which can solidify parts of his body, helping him withstand any attack.

These are some of the Best Characters in Mission: Yozakura Family, whom we have ranked according to their popularity. Stay tuned for more interesting articles on your favorite anime, manga, webtoon, etc. 


Image Source– MAL, Viz

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