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Top 10 Most Voted One Piece Soundtracks in 2023 (One Piece OST)

Last updated on October 11th, 2023 at 05:26 pm

Soundtracks play a significant role in visual entertainment. Though animation and storyline are considered the primary supporting pillars, we believe soundtracks equally important. They remove the feeling of boredom and set the atmosphere according to the ongoing or upcoming scene.

They play a significant role in enhancing the emotions of a particular scene, thus functioning hand-in-hand to make the film or series a great success. Often, the storyline or animation may not be up to the mark, but the soundtracks carry it forward and remain in the hearts of its fans.

One Piece is undoubtedly one of the longest-running anime series and has more than 100 soundtrack and studio albums. Therefore, in today’s article, we will discuss the Top 10 Most Voted One Piece Soundtracks.

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10) Wanokuni Theme- 

Votes received- 6835

Wanokuni Theme, with 6835 votes, is one of the most voted One Piece soundtracks in 2022. This Original Soundtrack is a collection of albums of music produced and was released mainly for two arcs and a TV special.

The two arcs were the Wano Country Arc which is the thirty-first story arc of the series, and the other one being the Whole Cake Island Arc, which lasts from episode 783 to 877. It consists of two discs, Discs 1 and 2. Disc 1 has 30 tracks for the Wano Arc, while Disc 2 has 29.

9) After eating, Grand Line-

Votes received- 7004

This 80-second-long audio clip is notably one of the most soothing tunes in the world of One Piece. We were first introduced to this song after the Marineford Battle, during Law’s Speech addressing the new Era.

The tune, which comprises primarily violins, flute, and drums, can be divided into two parts, each solving its purpose. While the first part is played chiefly when a conflict is solved, the other part is used during cliffhanging moments.

8) Mother Sea-

Votes received- 7894

On the seventh position on our list of Top 10 Most Voted Strongest Soundtracks of One Piece stands the soundtrack Mother Sea, with 7894 votes. Created primarily to provide a sad and emotional tone to a scene, the soundtrack is often used with parting moments or emotional flashbacks.

This 3.24-minute long track, at the funeral of Luffy’s ship, Going Merry, makes it furthermore challenging to hold back tears. Her last conversation with our young pirates lamenting over her failure to take them further, with the Mother Sea soundtrack in the background, will leave anyone teary-eyed.

7) Luffy vs Ratchet-

Votes received- 8211

In the seventh position, we have a soundtrack from the 7th movie of One Piece, Luffy vs. Ratchet. This track was first played during Luffy’s fight with Lucci when he bounced back to his feet after being beaten down.

The most exciting thing to watch is this highly energizing soundtrack in the background, with Luffy surpassing his limit and taking the battle to a whole new level. It depicts One Piece’s journey from a goofy pirate anime with weird characters to one of the most loved anime to date.

6) Hangeki no Norshi-

Votes received- 9503

Our next soundtrack, Hangeki no Norshi, is associated with some of the most memorable moments from the anime, One Piece. We are introduced to this fabulous soundtrack during the Marineford Arc, where Luffy fights with the three admirals. 

The next scene is before the start of the last great pirate war, and Luffy’s ship, Thousand Sunny, can be seen approaching. When Luffy’s friends and allies from the Grand Line join him, this soundtrack playing in the background is undoubtedly one of the most heartwarming scenes.

5) Dokuro wa Shinnen wo Shouchou-

Votes received- 11,489

In the fifth place on our list of Top 10 most voted Piece Soundtracks stands Dokuro wa Shinnen wo Shouchou with 11,489 votes. This track comes in the 9th movie of One Piece and is played during some of the most memorable scenes.

While one scene is Luffy’s announcement of going to Marineford to save Ace, the other one is Whiteboard’s fight with the marines. The track adds a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm to the air and makes us wonder what the future is holding up for our heroes.

4) To the Grand Line- 

Votes received- 11,716

To the Grand Line is undoubtedly one of the most nostalgic soundtracks in One Piece. This 3-minute 45 seconds long track flashbacks the entire journey of our heroes before our eyes. 

Fans, who have been with One Piece since the very beginning and have been one with the adventures of Luffy and his friends, their ups and downs, claim this track as their favorite one.

3) Overtaken-

Votes received- 12,547

Overtaken, with 12,547 votes, is one of the most voted One Piece soundtracks in 2022. Consisting of instruments like drums, trumpets, and violins, this soundtrack brings about a suspenseful tone.

This soundtrack is memorable as it is associated with two of the most epic scenes in the world of One Piece. The walk to Arlong is one of them. The marching of our heroes, along with the sound of the drums and violin, fitted perfectly into each other, like an army march.

2) The Very Very Very Strongest-

Votes received- 13,008

Now, we have the second most loved soundtrack, The Very Very Very Strongest. With 13,008 votes, this 1-minute and 49 seconds long soundtrack is primarily a battle theme.

The rolling of the drums, accompanied by violins and pandeiro, together makes this one of the most distinct soundtracks of the entire series. The tune brings in a feeling of victory after a fight, which further interests the viewers. 

This battle-themed track was first used during the infiltration of Enies Lobby by Zoro and others.

1) Luffy’s Fierce Attack-

Votes received- 13,122

Shanks stopped Marineford War. Luffy’s Fierce Attack, with 13,122 votes, is the most Voted One Piece Soundtrack in 2022. Running for 68 seconds, Luffy’s Fierce Attack soundtrack can pump you up even on your lowest days.

We were first introduced to this audio when Luffy asks Rayleigh to halt and not proceed further with the stories of One Piece. The track perfectly sets the atmosphere and prepares us for an impending battle or suspenseful scene.

Here, we come to the end of our article; Top 10 most voted One Piece Soundtracks. We will be back again with such exciting topics, so until then, stay tuned.

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