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Blue Lock Chapter 207 Spoilers & Raw Scans (Kaiser’s Motivation)

Last updated on February 23rd, 2023 at 01:34 pm

Blue Lock Chapter 207 raw scans have started coming, so here we are with all of the known spoilers about Chapter 207. From getting Hiori’s past and his resolve from the previous chapter, we see how that has changed him.

This time, we get to see other pairs of characters and how well they work out. This might be relevant to how Isagi and Hiori combo might turn out to be in the future too.

Blue Lock Chapter 207 Spoilers

Blue Lock Chapter 207 Spoilers

This chapter focuses on Nagi and Reo as pairs for the first half of the chapter. The second half of the chapter shows us the dynamics of Kaiser and Neo as a duo.

  • Nagi and Reo are in the bath after the Manshine City match has ended.
  • They keep talking about their match and how Isagi managed to snatch the win away from Manshine City.
  • Reo is super confident that this time with his help, Nagi will become a world-class Striker.
  • Nagi is not so sure about this, as he has only been playing all this time to defeat Isagi.
  • Reo then goes on to explain the Flow state and how anxiety negatively affects Nagi’s performance.
  • He thinks that adjusting the goals a bit would make Nagi motivated enough.
  • With this, Reo sets a bar for Nagi and a different goal entirely for him to reach.
  • Reo successfully manages to convince Nagi and present him with a new motivation.
  • After this, Kaiser seems to study Isagi’s plays in their match as Ness enters.
  • We get to know from Kaiser himself about how many different kinds of players he had crushed.
  • He is fired up and wants to crush Isagi and questions Ness about How Isagi managed to go above his expectations.
  • Ness tries to give a roundabout answer, but Kaiser gets angry at him.
  • Isagi is a big hurdle to Kaiser’s motivations and goals.
  • Kaiser only came to Blue Lock to obtain a better offer and become the world’s best Striker.
  • He knows that Bastard Munchen is fully under the control of Noel Noa, and he cannot do anything to change that.
  • With this, Kaiser strengthens his resolve and once again is fired up and wants to devour Isagi.
  • Ness also looks pretty frustrated about Isagi and the impact he had on Kaiser.

Blue Lock Chapter 207 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 207 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 207 will be released on February 21st. On top of this, we also get to know the title for Blue Lock Chapter 208, which is 100%. 

Blue Lock anime is airing every Saturday and is adapting the Second Selection arc. The manga is also available to read on many websites which have the full collection.

With this, we will close the curtain on Blue Lock Chapter 207 Spoilers and Raw Scans. We will be coming up with more updates on your favorite and many other manga, so make sure to check us out.

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