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(Isagi’s Enemies) Blue Lock Chapter 208 Spoilers & Raw Scans (Updated)

Last updated on February 27th, 2023 at 05:44 pm

Blue Lock Chapter 208 is steadily increasing the pace of the manga and the series. Isagi already has a lot of enemies, and the count keeps on increasing each time he destroys his opponents as well as his teammates.

The chapter starts by showcasing one of the best duos in Blue Lock. Nagi and Reo have got some of the best chemistry as well as combination.

This was also showcased in their recent match against Basterd Munchen, in which they both managed to score a phenomenal goal. They start with a small talk and talk about how many bids they earned for themselves after this match.

Nagi still thinks he falls short of Isagi and could never beat him. With this, he says that he has no hope that he will become the World’s Greatest Striker.

Reo knows everything and understands that he just needs to re-adjust Nagi’s goals. So, he changes this and makes a favorable goal which helps out both of them.

Nagi just needs to earn enough to be able to buy his video games and not work for the rest of his life. With this, we can see a motivated Nagi who is willing to fight again.

Coming back to the next best duo, Ness and Kaiser. Kaiser seems to analyze Isagi’s plays and try to understand how Isagi managed to cross his expectations.

He also admits that he is only truly happy when he crushes and defeats people. Kaiser questions Ness about Isagi but is only met by disappointment and further gets angry.

Kaiser does not understand how and why Isagi still wants to defy his talent and abilities. He is only in Blue Lock to remain as Noel Noa’s equal or get enough money to get away from Basterd Munchen.

With this, we see Kaiser is angry, frustrated, and motivated after the incidents and wants to fully devour Isagi. Ness is also jealous and angry that someone else is receiving more attention than him.

Blue Lock Chapter 208 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Blue Lock Chapter 208 Predictions & Raw Scans

The title for Blue Lock Chapter 208 will be “100%.

  • “For him to prove his true worth as a striker, he’s training extra hard to further, evolve in their match against Italy!!!”
    Germany Stratum’s BLMS Training Room. Isagi, together with Raichi and Igaguri, are doing a Shuttle Run Training to improve their stamina.
  • Igaguri already can’t keep up with such intense training that he falls, so it’s Isagi and Raichi that continues running for 20 laps. Next is a One Touch Pass Training with Kurona.
  • Kurona suggested they increase their tempo, passing in between obstacles. Isagi kinda messed up the last one, so he apologized to Kurona, but Kurona said their tempo was good, so they gotta do it again.
  • Then, an Off the ball moving training with Hiori as Isagi’s teammate against Kiyora and Yukimiya.
  • Hiori defends the ball from Kiyora and then passes it across the field to Isagi. Isagi successfully got the ball before Yukki, then scored a point.

Yukimiya: Haha, shoot, you got me. That turnover was superb.

Isagi: Alright!

Kurona: Wow-You’re getting good, Isagi

Igaguri: You’re really starting to look like a monster. Hiori gives Isagi a tumbler while they rest from training.

Hiori: “Metavision”?

Isagi: It feels like you’re seeing the entirety of your peripheral vision. It’s an application of the “reflexes” you probably told me before, Hiori. It’s like doing it all the time. It’s very exhausting.

Isagi had a flashback of Hiori asking him, “Why not try thinking reflexively?”

Hiori: That’s great. But your body couldn’t keep up with the image you were thinking at the time, right?

Isagi: Yeah, That’s why I’m training to be able to do it. It’s what I’m doing now.

Hiori: To those around you, it looks like you’ve awakened all at once, but to you, it looks like you’re just gradually improving all the steps of what you can do. It’s a steady awakening, isn’t it?

Isagi: Yeah, I think that’s what improving is all about.

Hiori: But in that match, Isagi-kun… Your predictions and moves were so godlike that from the outside, it was like you were manipulating everyone in the field.

Isagi: Huh

Hiori: That’s exactly what it was. If your personal mentality was exposed to that sense of being the protagonist”, then you must have looked like a god or a ruler to Yukki, right?

Isagi: Manipulating the field.

Isagi: *internal monologue*: Could it be that this is the same impression I had of Rin when we first fought? And to be able to do it here on the stage of the Neo-Egoist League against the world’s bests. Maybe I’ve reached a truly amazing level!

Isagi: But even if this training goes well and I improve my level. The chance of beating Kaiser is 50% at most, no, 40.

Hiori: Wow! Can you imagine that much? Isn’t that enough? If you get that far against Kaiser.

Isagi: No, it’s not. It’s meaningless unless I have a theory that I can win 100%. Noa was there for that match, so I was able to move freely. But I can’t be the best in the world if I rely on that. Even if I played perfectly, using “metavision” and weaving this”sense of being the protagonist,” “something” is still lacking for me to score 100%.

Raichi and Igaguri are still training in the background. Raichi is getting annoyed since Igaguri is practicing just to get fouls on purpose.

Raichi: You acting monk!

Igaguri: Ha! Call me “sneaky”! I’ve mastered the art of getting fouls from my right shoulder almost 100% of the time! Isagi, overhearing their conversation, thought about “100%…” from what Igaguri said.

Raichi: What are you trying to do, idiot? We have VAR; they’ll know if you’re acting!

Igaguri: I’m not acting! It’s just a “light hit and an exaggerated fall”!

Raichi: It’s definitely acting! Then after that, something kinda triggered Isagi.

Igaguri: Shut up! I’ll be the guy who fouls no matter where I hit! And I’m gonna win against that VAR! This is my awakening!

Raichi: Stop that! You’re not helping me with the practice!

Igaguri: It’s sneaky! Raichi and Igaguri continue their bickering, while Hiori and Isagi are
still sitting when;

Hiori: Haha, what an idiot.

Isagi: No, that’s it.

Hiori: Huh?

Isagi: Damn, maybe, it’s perfect to goal.

Isagi *internal monologue*: This theory could beat Kaiser!!!

Hiori: Huh, what do you mean-

Isagi gets up and runs and tells Igaguri, “Thanks, Igaguri. You’re the best!”. Raichi and Igaguri were both surprised.

Igaguri: Don’t tell me he’ll awaken as a “sneaky” one too!?

Raichi: I’ll bet it’s not that.

Yukki: Huh? Isagi’s gone?

Hiori: Yeah, he went somewhere with a face that looks like he came up with something again.

Yukki: Seriously, dammit! Is he gonna evolve again?

Hiori: Yeah. Me too, I really want to play soccer like that. Isagi is running down the hall.

Isagi *internal monologue*: I’m sure I can do it! But to master this theory in such a short time, I can’t do it alone. He’s the only one who
holds the clue to this new piece I found!

Isagi stopped by the door where Kunigami was training with weights.

Isagi: Yo, Musclehead. Lend me your ability.

“In a flash, he was convinced! The formula for the ultimate evolution! He’s one step closer to his ‘100%’!” To be continued in the next chapter, “vs. Ubers.”


Everyone right now is raring to go for their next match and also has a deep hatred toward Isagi. There are a lot of people who would want to be like Isagi and wants to devour him.

Starting with Nagi and Reo, we can expect their combination to get even deadlier. Nagi had already shown us how well he could evade Kaiser and Isagi in the match.

Using his tricks from the same, Nagi can reach a whole different level if he can pull that off repeatedly in matches. Just with his single awe-striking goal, he managed to get a bid of 88 million.

Reo will also do his best to support Nagi and give him the best passes possible. They were unstoppable in their match with their combo, as none of the Defenders was able to stop them.

Coming to Kaiser, we know now he is furthermore motivated to prove his talent and crush Isagi. He understood a bit of how Isagi works in matches and knows the effective way to crush him.

Kaiser will now be able to release 100% or even get a breakthrough in his next match with Isagi. Ness also understands the implications of this and will try to work his best not to fall short.

Blue Lock Chapter 208 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 208 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 208 should release on 27th February if there are no delays. The name of the next chapter is also given out to be 100%.

The raw scans should generally release around Saturday for this manga. We will also be updating the same in this article once they get released.

With this, we will conclude our article on Blue Lock Chapter 208 Spoilers & Release Date. We always try and come up with new and interesting articles for your favorite manga, so make sure to check them out.

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