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Chainsaw Man Chapter 102: How strong is Denji now? (Explained)

Tatsuki Sensei has ended the hiatus and imploded the fans with the return of Denji as Chainsaw Man. The new War Devil Arc focuses on Asa Mitaka and the War Devil ‘Yoru’. After Yoru possesses Asa, they soon get in trouble with the Bat Devil.

There we see the Bat Devil being obliterated by the Cockroach Devil. That is when our beloved Chainsaw man makes an appearance. Without further ado, let’s discuss how powerful Denji is right now.

How strong is Denji in Chainsaw Man manga? 

Denji was able to easily defeat the cockroach devil by cutting off his hands one after another. Denji did not hesitate one bit to obliterate the Cockroach devil to save a cat whilst abandoning the lives of three people. Although his personality change is as clear as day, we still have inconclusive information as he is yet to show off his new combat skills. 

Chainsaw Man Vs Cockroach Devil

Denji showed excellent mobility and creative use of his chainsaws on his feet to cut the head of the Cockroach Devil. Denji also showed insane control over his devil transformation, allowing him to defeat a powerful devil like the cockroach devil with such ease, that too in his first initial transformation.

Although his fight with the Cockroach Devil showcased Denji’s great strength, his saving a cat after the media covered the fight, and it gained him colossal fan support. Since the Chainsaw Devil gets weaker as people fear him less, how strong Denji is debatable as of now.

Denji’s Abilities in Chainsaw Man

  • Contract Formation: Pochita fused with Denji to form the Chainsaw Man. The Chainsaw Devil can form contracts and grant insane strength to Denji when he needs it.
  • Healing Factor: Denji’s healing factor is different than other devils allowing him to construct his whole body from just one organ using devil and human blood alike.
  • Superhuman Physique: Denji has insane strength, speed, and durability in his Chainsaw man Form.
  • Devil Killer: What makes Chainsaw Devil different and the strongest Devil in Chainsaw Man is his ability to kill other Devils. Chainsaw Devil is the only devil who has the ability to destroy a devil permanently after devouring its body. The Devil devoured by Chainsaw man ceases to exist in both Hell and on earth.
  • Unlimited Stamina: Once he transforms into his Chainsaw man transformation, he has unlimited stamina.
  • Chainsaw Mastery: Denji has mastered a very creative and unique fighting style tailored to his chainsaws.
  • Immortality: The Chainsaw devil is immortal. If it is eradicated on earth, it will respawn in Hell. If it is annihilated in Hell, it will spawn on earth.
  • Transformations: Chainsaw man has two transformations so far and insane character development throughout the manga.

His first transformation is relatively lean and agile. Chainsaw Devils’ complete transformation is the horrendously powerful and insanely buff-looking devil with bulging muscles and an insane bloodlust.

Denji also showed insane durability and willpower when he took blows from Santa Claus after his deal with the Darkness Devil.

Power Level of Chainsaw Man Devil

Denji has showcased incredible feats blocking attacks from vicious, powerful, and primordial devils like the Eternity Devil and Santa Claus and has even landed blows on them. 

He has shown feats that rival those of other protagonists. At his prime, the Chainsaw devil is powerful enough to take on Asta in his devil union form.

Chainsaw Man How strong is Denji now

Denji is powerful enough to face Killua and Gon in their prime in the Chimera Ant Arc. He can also put a powerful person like All Might on his toes, although that fight would showcase more of Denji’s healing prowess.  

In a deathmatch, the Chainsaw devil’s prime is strong enough to compete with mid-level Stands like Silver Chariot and Magician’s Red and come out victorious. His speed is more than that of Speed O’ Sonic in One Punch Man. In his fight with Katana Man, he went subsonic and proved his speed.

Denji’s martial art competes with that of Jin Kazama in Tekken. Denji is not as powerful as any mainstream protagonists like Luffy, Naruto, and Ichigo. Aside from this fact, he is definitely a force to be reckoned with. 

All these are just theories and power scaling based on How strong Denji is right now. With this, we have reached the end of this article. We will be back with another exciting article on Chainsaw Man. Till then, stay tuned with us and read the articles mentioned below.

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