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Top 25 Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man (As Per Manga) | Updated

This article is updated based on new theories and knowledge. 

Chainsaw Man has been the talk of the Year in the Horror-Action-Gore Category. Although it started serializing in December 2018, the story picked up pace early this year and piqued a lot of interest through its unique and diverse way of world-building.

The story has come a long way, underwent major modifications and the introduction of exciting characters. The Manga is right now 96 chapters strong and totally content. Many Devils and Devil Hunters have been introduced and sacrificed.

So, it is the right time to settle a popular question that, Who are the Strongest Characters of them all?

To fairly understand the Comparison, let us take an overview of the Plot under context. Chainsaw man is set in a world where all the things, let it be abstract or surreal and highly feared by humans, take a physical form as a Devil. The powers of these Devils are based on their level of fear among the masses.

For Example, fear of Blood Loss, Snake, Shark, and Typhoon gives birth to their weak devil counterparts. Then some highly feared and famous things give birth to Very Strong Devils like Hell Devil, and Eternity Devil.

In recent Chapters, there has been an Introduction to The Devils born out of Primal Fears like Darkness, Future, Nazis, Nuclear Bombs, and Aids.

To battle these Strong Devils that show up anywhere in the world and result in Mass Murder, The Devil Hunters Squad has been created. The Devil Hunters are extraordinary people who form a contract with a devil constrained in the Agency Prison in exchange for their body parts.

Devils feel satisfied when they receive some sacrifice and live for it. The more the Devil Hunter sacrifices, the more power he gets from the Devil. The powers are attributed to the type of devil under contract with; similarly, the power level is according to the fear instilled by that devil on Humans.

But When a Devil is vanquished by a Devil Hunter, they don’t actually die off. Because fear doesn’t end once instilled, the devil will revive after some years, so it is tried to restrain and keep them captured rather than assassinating them.

Having such a complex but intriguing story build-up, it will be very exciting to know the Top 15 Strongest of these all and ultimately find out the most Powerful Character in Chainsaw Man.

The protagonist is Denji, whose father died with a gruesome Debt following Denji. He becomes a private Devil Hunter to pay the debt and befriended a low devil named ‘Pochita.’ Overwhelmed by a powerful demon, he dies once, but Pochita fuses its heart with Denji’s and awakens him as the Chainsaw man.

He can grow Chainsaw from his hands, legs, and Head by pulling a rope trigger from his chest. Later he was caught and made to join the Devil Hunter Squad by Makima for not crushing him on the spot. Enough explanation, let’s discuss the rankings on the strongest Chainsaw Man characters without any further delay.

Top 25 Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man

25) Bat Devil

Bat Devil

Bat Devil was one of the very first antagonistic devils introduced in the series. It had kept Power’s cat imprisoned in exchange for a human body. It highlighted its strength by subduing power, who herself was a powerful blood fiend. Even Denji as a Chainsaw Man struggled against the Bat Devil before ultimately taking it down. 

The Bat Devil served as a perfect introductory devil in the series, foreshadowing the different types of dangerous devils that were yet to make an appearance in the series.

24) Eternity Devil

Top 25 Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man

The Eternity Devil was a tricky devil faced by Denji and the others. It stemmed from the fear of eternity and had done a great job in trapping the members of Special Division 4. It also grew powerful with Kobeni’s fear and began attacking them. 

The main power of the Eternity Devil was to trap people in an alternate reality for an infinite amount of time. It was possible to break out of that by defeating the Eternity Devil, but its rapid regeneration power meant that it was a futile effort.

23) Fox Devil

Fox Devil

The Fox Devil is beneficial in the Chainsaw Man series. Apart from being one of the powerful Chainsaw Man characters, the Fox Devil is friendly to humans. Many devil hunters have formed a contract with the Fox Devil, which allows them to summon it by uttering the words “Kon.”

 It is a reasonably large devil that is very useful against the lower-ranked devils. We saw the Fox Devil in action for the first time when Aki summoned it against the Leech Devil. The Fox Devil did not have any trouble in defeating it and chewed off the Leech Devil’s head.

22) Himeno


Himeno was a member of the Special Division 4 squad and had a contract with the Ghost Devil. She was a relatively level-headed and strong-willed woman who possessed the required qualities necessary as a devil hunter. In the beginning, she had the power of the Ghost Devil’s arm in exchange for one of her eyes. 

She later traded all of her body to utilize the full power of the Ghost Devil, who was quite powerful and was able to provide ample support to Aki.

21) Spider Devil 

Top 25 Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man

Spider Devil is an emotionless cold-hearted devil who used to work as a Devil Hunter in Special Division 4 alongside other fiends and devils.

Her torso resembled a spider, while she had the upper body of a girl. She could use any abilities of a spider, and we first saw her ruthlessly going on her job by assassinating zombies.

 She had the ability to walk around walls providing her with increased mobility. She was also able to hide underground and launch a surprise attack on her enemies without them noticing.

20) Katana Man

Top 25 Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man

Katana Man had a stark resemblance to Chainsaw Man and was one of the most powerful characters in the series.

Denji had assassinated his grandfather at the beginning of the series, which filled him with a thirst for revenge. In the same way, Denji uses the Chainsaws on his body; Katana Man uses his Katanas.

 He could cut down anything in an instant and went toe to toe against Denji before falling to him.

19) Akane Sawatari

Akane Sawatari

Akane Sawatari was one of the strongest characters in Chainsaw Man, who almost seemed undefeatable at one point. She was contracted with the Snake Devil, which was extremely powerful. She caused havoc among the members of Special Division 4 and was also able to defeat Himeno

She could also utilize the Ghost Devil later against Aki, which the Snake Devil had swallowed previously. She proved to be a difficult foe to be taken down even by all the members of Special Division 4.

18) Beam

Shark Fiend

Apart from being one of the powerful Chainsaw Man characters, the Shark Fiend was also quite lovable and popular. She was extremely loyal to Denji and saved him on multiple occasions. As the name suggests he had the power of a Shark and could swim even on solid ground.

His face had the body of a shark which allowed him to attack his enemies with powerful jaws and crush them to death. He could also change to his beast form anytime which was a huge gigantic shark.

17) Galgali


The Violence Fiend was also introduced along with the Shark Fiend. It had incredible storage of power that was feared even by the top officials of Public Safety Devil Hunters.

As a result, it always had to wear a mask which acted as his limiter. Although while acting as a buddy he did not seem like a violent devil he could engage multiple enemies all by himself and finish them off without much trouble. 

16) Hirofumi Yoshida

Top 25 Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man

Yoshida is a Private Devil Hunter in Chainsaw Man who is strong enough to even be recognised by Makima. As soon as the news of Chainsaw Man living in Japan spread throughout the world Makima sought for Yoshida to acts as Denji’s bodyguard.

He had made his contract with the Octopus Devil and can fully utilise its powers. Its main power includes giant tentacles that can crush any enemies with sheer force. It can also spray black ink and reduce the vision of its enemies.

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15) Power (Blood Devil)



Power is a Devil Hunter who was a Weak Devil named Blood Devil with the power to control her blood; she makes sturdy equipments. After joining the Devil Hunter Squad, she learned Human Manners and control of foreign blood when touched. She is in the same three-man squad, Denji, and Aki, specially Monitored by Makima herself.

She has inhumane strength and a craze for assassinating. She possesses Animal intellect and super sensing abilities. After getting trained by Kishibe. She honed her skills to the sharpest and learned coordination combat.

14) Aki Hayakawa 

Aki Hayakawa

Aki is a Normal Human with special training in Kendo and Swordsmanship. He had a devil contract with The Fox Spirit Devil and could call the devil for help seven times a day. He had a sharp intellect, unlike the other two in the Squad, and was the leader cum second-in-command after Makima herself.

He builds up extraordinary Raw Strength later in the story and also enters into a contract with the Future Devil. The ability to view the Future gives him a considerable benefit with his Swordsmanship. Even his Sword has a Curse Devil embedded inside it; if used, he has to forfeit his life span.

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13) Curse Devil

Curse Devil

Curse Devil responds to contracts in exchange for the sensation of Fingers and Life span. Aki used the Curse Devil on Katana Man by stabbing him three times with his curse sword. Curse Devil has an inevitable grab; he grabs the person and bites of their shoulders, and crushes both their arm, mortally crushing them.

This devil is not restrained, so it made a contract with Santa Claus and Tolka’s Master too. Curse Devil can be manifested anywhere when summoned; it can grab and mortally wounds anyone. Aki lost most of his life by summoning the Powerful Curse Devil, leaving only two years left to live for him.

12) Bomb Devil (Reze)

Bomb Devil

Reze was a Soviet Spy who was trained in the military since childhood. At some point, the Bomb devil’s body is fused with her, making her the Bomb Devil Hybrid. Despite her slender body, she has great physical strength and a wide range of destruction capabilities. She came to capture Denji and take his heart to the Devil.

She can detonate her skin into powerful explosions by pulling a trigger from her choker band. When transformed into devil forms, her destruction level increases manifolds. She overpowered many devils and devils and also crushed those who tried to save Denji from her.

11) Santa Claus

Chainsaw Man

She is a Devil Hunter from Germany who had come to Japan to extract Denji’s Heart. She had a contract with the Doll Devil, which gave her the ability to make anyone in the world a Doll, listen, and do everything she says. The huge Number is her only advantage because the dolls are quite weak individually.

She was Tolka’s Master and later in the story enters into a contract with Darkness Devil at the same time. She transforms into a Doll Centipede and grows stronger and stronger as the night approaches. She easily overpowers everyone and transmits her pain to the other dolls, making her unstoppable.

10) Angel Devil

Angel Devil

He is a pure devil, like Power, who is a Devil Hunter now after being restrained. He has the most peculiar ability, i.e., to rob the life span of anyone just by touching them.

In one instance, he took off two months of Aki’s Life span just by holding his hand for a second. He is regarded as the Strongest Devil Hunter after Kishibe in the whole of Japan.

He is quite nimble and very experienced in Devil Combat. He can use the life span collected to manifest equipments but can not return them. We never got to see his true powers until Makima took him under her control and manifested a 1000 year slash sword from his Halo.

9) Quanxi


Quanxi is introduced as a former Devil Hunter, regarded as the strongest Devil Hunter ever. She, for some reason, left the squad and started living with Demons. She has four friends with her and is quite intimate with each other. Cosmos Devil is one of them; they make all the bidding for Quanxi.

She has immense physical strength comparable to Kishibe but under the Chinese squad. She later underwent a contract with the Arrow Devil and became an Arrow Devil Hybrid. She can force out numerous arrows at hyper speed and also use her bow to wipe out masses as a Buckshot at close distance.

8) Kishibe


Kishibe is the strongest Devil Hunter right now, with three devil contracts simultaneously. He has the powers of the Claws Devil, Nails Devil, and the Knife Devil. 

There is no match to him in hand-to-hand combat. He easily subdued two of the fiends under Quanxi and had been rejected by Quanxi numerous times.

He has immense physical strength and admits to liking to take down Devils. He is the most experienced and rigged hunter; the marks and stitches on his body say the same. With Extraordinary wit and calm, he can subdue most of the powerful demons and is dispatched to only dire missions.

7) Hell Devil

Hell Devil

Hell is a hugely feared domain; in a course, with it, the Hell Devil is mighty. Hell devil takes a form of a disfigured face centaur with flaming flesh and sharp fingers.

He had a summoning contract with Santa Claus; when summoned, he can force anyone into hell directly.

In the void of lifelessness and darkness, he can assassinate anybody and enjoys sovereignty in hell. He can manifest into a huge palm and drag anyone to the depths of hell; he also displays immense strength and durability. Although in the recent chapters, he was easily overpowered by Denji, he deserves this high rank.

6) Punishment Devil

Punishment Devil

Punishment Devil does not manifest freely; it can only be summoned when one calls for it with wholehearted scorn and hefty sacrifice. Punishment devil had only two contractors in the whole history, making it very hard to access.

Although Makima summons The Punishment Devil by sacrificing a bunch of Criminal Lives and seeks his help to sub-strain Jū no akuma, it was told that the Punishment Devil is the only Devil to be able to go against Jū no akuma, the antagonist of the first arc of the story.

It consists of numerous demons damaging the target directly from a portal from the sky side.

5) Cosmos Devil

Cosmo is one of the fiends under contract with Quanxi; she has one of the most overpowered techniques in the story. Cosmo can force her target to understand everything in the universe. This renders them in a semi-catatonic state in which they are “only able to think of Halloween until they die.

Once this occurs, the person will be unable to think or say anything other than the phrase “Halloween” until their death. Cosmo used this ability on Santa Claus, rendering her helpless and saving Quanxi. She is repulsive and mad on the outer side, so she doesn’t seem like Danger.

4) Jū no akuma

Jū no akuma

13 years ago, the ammunition mafia flourished like anything. Mass treacheries and Raids revealed the production and transportation of Tons and Tons of equipments by the Media all over the world. This made Jū no akuma, the most dangerous and powerful devil all over the world.

One day Jū no akuma just appeared in India and assassinated 57,912 people in just 26 seconds and teleported throughout the world, assassinating about 1.2 Million people under 5 minutes. This made it the most hated and feared Devil ever again.

Most of the Devil Hunters all over the world joined the squad to take revenge on Jū no akuma for crushing off their families. It was later revealed to be exterminated. But other devils who get a part of Jū no akuma’s Corpse get immensely Powerful.

3) Control Devil (Makima)


The highest official in The Devil Hunter Squad after Kishibe, she was initially thought to be a human, But later in the story, it is revealed that she was a devil all Along, a Control Devil. She had been living for centuries since mankind thought of subduing others under them.

It seems only Kishibe knew of this and plotted to defeat her in silence. Recently we found that The President of Japan had formed a contract with Makima that, every time she dies, she can transfer the death to a Japanese citizen at random.

In the recent chapters, the president of America contracted with Jū no akuma in exchange for 1 year of the life span of every citizen of America to assassinate Makima. Makima unleashed her full abilities and took all the devil hunters under her control to fight it.

She could not destroy Jū no akuma completely, but the fight ended in just 12 seconds and was the most awesome fight in the whole story.

2) Darkness Devil

Chainsaw Man

Darkness is regarded as a Primal fear; it is one of the strongest devils ever mentioned and the most overpowered Devil shown in the manga until now. Darkness Devil had only one appearance when the Hell Devil summoned Denji and his group the hell forcibly.

The Darkness Devil is huge and monstrous; he has the immense physical strength to lift many humans and Devil at ease. It has a Darkness sword, which, when it touches a human or devil, cough up a huge amount of blood. Its unique ability to chop off the arms of any number of people in an instant, rendering them useless.

Even the Control Devil, Makima, could do nothing against it rather offer up numerous sacrifices to save Denji and her group. The Darkness Devil has a special ability known as death stare.

In the whole story, only Santa Claus is shown to form a contract with the Darkness Devil.

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1) Chainsaw Man (Denji & Pochita)


Denji entered into a body fusion with his pet demon “Pochita” and became a hybrid Chainsaw man Devil. He can grow chainsaws from his limbs and heads and can cut nearly anything in his reach. Initially, he had less power and durability, but as he joined the squad, he befriended Power and Aki he learned the Normal Human Manners.

After getting trained by Makima and Kishibe, he gained huge intellect and learned to fight efficiently. It was later revealed that the whole world wanted Denji’s Heart, Devils, and Humans alike. It is said that when a devil rebirths from Hell. The first sound they hear is the same sound that Denji’s Chainsaw Motor makes.

In recent chapters, Denji transformed into a True Devil; he was the first devil hybrid to become a true devil in the manga.

It was revealed that he had took down Makima 27 times already in this form; he had immense strength and durability. Even after being plunged into space, he came back unscathed. He even went back to Hell, destroyed every devil there, and came back to overpower the Hell Demon.

In this state, he forgets his own personality and becomes something else completely. His most Overpowered ability is that when he assassinates and eats the flesh of any devil, then the devil can not survive rebirth anymore. It will be erased from existence itself.

In the history of that world, there were no Nazis, Aids, or Nuclear Bombs, because The Chainsaw Man had eaten them and erased them completely. Only Makima in the whole world remembers some devils that The Chainsaw Man crushed and ate.

Presently, Denji has used this True Devil form only once, which took Makima to use up everything she had to sub-strain.

It seems that Manga will come to an end in some months or will start a new season with a new preface because the obvious boss fights are nearing. More and More last moment, Trump Card Devils will be unleashed. I can only imagine the blast it will have.

Do read and follow this story to have a unique and fascinating Treat. As Makima uses the lives of others as she defies death and The Chainsaw Man who is destined to assassinate the very Devils that haunt the Earth, the plot is ripe and sweet. Follow us and keep an eye on our next update. Stay Tuned, Stay Hyped.

You can read Chainsaw man at Viz.com and other paid platforms or watch its anime only on Crunchyroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is the most powerful character in Chainsaw Man?

Ans. The Chainsaw Devil is the most powerful character.

Q2. How is Chainsaw Man so powerful?

Ans. Chainsaw Man is so powerful due to his contract with the Chainsaw Devil.

Q3. Is Makima in love with Denji.

Ans. No, Makima is not in love with Denji.

Q4. Does Reze like Denji?

Ans. Yes, Reze likes Denji.

Q5. Is Himeno dead in Chainsaw Man?

Ans. Yes, Himeno is dead in Chainsaw Man.

Q6. Is Chainsaw Man cancelled.

Ans. No, Chainsaw Man is not cancelled.

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