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20 Sexiest Chainsaw Man Female Characters (2023 Ranked) | Updated

The story of Chainsaw Man contains some of the best & hottest female characters since the beginning of the story. We are first introduced to Makima, who is an instant source of attraction for the protagonist of this series, as more female characters are introduced later. Today, we will be noting down some of them and form a list of the top 20 sexiest female characters in Chainsaw Man.

This list is going to be a highly competitive one since the females in Chainsaw Man have a more prominent role and tend to stand out more than the males.

So let us see if our favorite characters make the cut or not.

20 Sexiest Chainsaw Man Female Characters (Ranked)

20) Class President

Class President

The class President is an unnamed human girl and the student council president of Fourth East High School. She made a contract with the Justice Devil and is a minor antagonist in the series.

In her human form, she has an average build and short, light-colored hair. Her contract with the Justice Devil allowed her to transform into a blob-like creature with claws and tentacles. She even gained super strength and super speed.

Although she was supportive of Aki Mitaka, in reality, she was just a narcissistic and self-absorbed girl who thought that Aki was having an affair with their teacher!

19) Division 4 Female Member

Division 4 Female Member

Division 4 Female Member is an unnamed character in the series. Her partner is Madoka, and she serves in the Tokyo Special Division 4 as a devil hunter.

She is a beautiful young woman in her 20s, has short brown-black hair and brown eyes. She also has silver piercings in her ears, making her even sexier.

At the welcome party for the new devil hunters, she is shown to have a kind, caring, and mature personality and even tries to comfort Kobeni when she seems upset.

18) Princi/Prinz


Princi or Prinz is the Spider Devil, who is the physical embodiment of the common fear of spiders. She works in the Tokyo Special Division 4. as a Devil Hunter.

A beautiful woman, she has long, black hair and eight spider-like legs in her Devil form but prefers to remain in her human form to appear more friendly.

She is very calm and polite but will definitely kill those who look at her the wrong way! She is very bold and even attacks the Darkness Devil without any hesitation. As she is wholly devoted to Makima, she follows her every order. Her summoning abilities allow her to call Makima, even in Hell.

17) Yuko


Yuko is just a high school girl who is a member of the Devil Hunter Club and also the main antagonist of the Justice Devil Arc. She also has a contract with the Justice Devil. She has short brown hair and wears square-shaped glasses.

While Yuko appears to be very kind and friendly to her classmates and club members, it is later revealed that she has a very twisted personality and a skewed sense of justice and morality.

She doesn’t hesitate to kill people whom she believes are evil and doesn’t feel guilty about it. However, it is revealed later that she only wanted to be like Chainsaw Man and did not really have a higher purpose.

16) Whip Hybrid

Whip Hybrid

As the name suggests, Whip Hybrid is a Human-Devil hybrid and a minor antagonist in the series. In her human form, the Whip Devil is a short woman with brown hair and a pretty smile.

When she transforms into her Hybrid form, she can transform her hands into whips, her head elongates, and she has sharp teeth similar to Chainsaw Man. As she is controlled by Makima’s brainwashing abilities, we don’t know her real personality either.

15) Santa Claus 

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is one of the major antagonists of the series and one of the sexiest and most enigmatic characters. Santa Claus’s main body is that of a pale and sickly woman with blue hair and green eyes. Her initial appearance is as a mentor figure towards Tolka.

Although some might think Santa Claus is a Devil, she is but a human who made a contract with the Doll Devil. This way, she creates perfect dolls to sustain her global hive mind of assassins.

She is an extremely manipulative person who would do anything to attain her goals. At one point, she even possessed a portion of the Darkness Devil’s power!

14) Cosmo


Cosmo, one of the sexiest Chainsaw man female characters, is a Fiend and one of Quanxi’s girlfriends.

She has spiky-pink hair, which is usually tied up in pigtails, and adorable hearts for pupils. She dresses adorably in a cropped orange sweater, light blue shorts, and pink sneakers. Except for repeating the word “Halloween,” she doesn’t speak.

She is in love with Quanxi and follows her around everywhere. She’s usually very happy and cheerful, but her true personality is very logical, as seen when she’s talking in more than one-syllable words with Santa Claus.

13) Pingsti


Pingsti was a part of Quanxi’s girlfriends and had a unique eel-like hairstyle. She used to blush a lot and had a cute look. 

Her dark-colored hair reached up to her eyes as bangs, and her side bangs were comparatively long. Moreover, she had an exotic accent and a playful look in her eyes.

12) Long


Long was also a member of Quanxi’s harem group and was one of the quieter girls. She had dark red hair that was quite messy and kept one of her eyes covered. In addition to that, she had a pair of red horns growing from the top of her head.

 Her red colored hair matched her powers as she could breathe fire from her mouth. Thus, this fiery character is one of the sexiest Chainsaw Man female characters.

11) Sawatari


Apart from being an assassin by profession, Akane Sawatari also had sharp looks and was quite young with an expressionless face. 

She never seemed unnerved by anything and had a no-nonsense approach to life. She was usually seen adorning a casual outfit comprising a hoodie and shorts.

 Her stoic nature, combined with her cute appearance, is deserving of a place on this list of hottest Chainsaw Man female characters.

10) Michiko


Michiko Tendo was a part of the Public Safety Devil Hunter duo that had arrived from Kyoto. She had an intense look in her eyes that made her extremely hot. 

Her face had a long scar running below her eyes, and she kept her hair tied in a messy bunch with two large strands falling on either side. 

She had a soft personality and was quite sensitive, which made her even more appealing. As a result, she is, without a doubt, one of the hottest Chainsaw Man female characters.

9) Fami


One of the sexiest Chainsaw Man female characters is the Famine Devil or Fami. She is a member of the Four Horsemen and disguises herself as a student at Fourth East High School. She treats the War Devil, Yoru, like her sister and tries to help her out too.

Fami is a very mysterious Devil who rarely shows any emotions but has a very good read on other people’s characters.

Her goals and the full extent of her abilities haven’t been established as of now. However, she can revive dead Devils, Fiends, and Hybrids and even has teleportation powers.

8) Asa Mitaka 

Asa Mitaka

The main protagonist of the Academy Saga, i.e., Part 2 of the manga serialization, is Asa Mitaka.

Initially, she was just an antisocial high school girl who studied by herself all the time and wished that her classmates would die. She hated Devils and wanted nothing to do with them until she was possessed by the War Devil, Yoru.

She has low self-esteem and is pretty clumsy but tries her best to make friends, get a boyfriend, and make the most of this second chance at life!

7) Yoru



War Devil and member of the Four Horsemen, Yoru, plays the role of the main antagonist of the Academy Saga arc. She possesses Asa Mitaka’a body as a Fiend and takes over her appearance with an added scar across her face and left cheek.

Her goal is to revive the Nuclear Weapons Devil from Chainsaw Man, and she is pretty confident in her abilities. She does not care about Mitaka or other humans and doesn’t mind killing them to advance her goals, either.

However, she acts very human-like when she gets embarrassed and throws childish tantrums, especially after being rescued by Chainsaw Man!

6) Kobeni


Kobeni is the shy and least-talkative member of Special Division 4. She gets easily nervous and frightened when being encountered by devils, which is extremely cute. Overall she has an innocent appearance and is very submissive in nature. 

Although when the situation becomes demanding, she can spring to action off any devil she wants. Her soft nature and that sweet flustered look on her face are what make her so attractive.

5) Himeno


Apart from being one of the hottest characters in Chainsaw Man, Himeno was also one of the best girls in this series. She had a deeply emotional side to her, which she kept hidden due to her nature of work. 

She had a pretty face, and she always kept one of her eyes covered with an eyepatch.

 Her curvy figure was a source of attraction for many of the male characters in Chainsaw Man. She also went about kissing every newcomer in Special Division 4, which was extremely hot.

4) Power


Power was Denji’s buddy and the most lively character in Chainsaw Man. She was a blood fiend who was a very handful girl and kept everyone amused with her antics. She was very cute and had an attractive figure. 

Her tremendous character growth throughout the series and her dynamics with Denji was extremely sweet. She was always bursting with energy, and a set of horns emerged from her head. Her most adorable feature was the way she shifted all her blames on others.

3) Reze


Despite being one of the major antagonists in this series, Reze is one of the most loved and sexiest female characters in Chainsaw Man. She was the Bomb Devil, and she shared a great equation with Denji. 

Someone who could attract Denji’s attention despite being swayed toward Makima deserves the second spot on this list. Apart from having pretty features, Reze was very playful and knew how to get close to someone.

2) Quanxi


Quanxi was the devil hunter who had come from China and maintained a harem group along with her. She was, without a doubt, one of the sexiest female characters in Chainsaw Man with her exotic look and confident personality. 

Even when she was cornered, she did not flinch a bit and maintained her composure. She had an attractive figure, and her relationship with Kishibe was very adorable.

1) Makima


The first spot on this list and the title of the sexiest character in Chainsaw Man belong to Makima. She had been a source of attraction for Denji right from the start.

 As the series progressed, we saw that Makima had other suitors besides Denji, like Aki. This was rightly so, as Makima had an authoritative personality along with a slender, curvaceous body. 

On that note, we are concluding our top 20 sexiest female characters in Chainsaw Man. The first half of the list is filled with some of the most popular characters and is also a highly competitive one. 

Only time will tell if new characters will make their way to this list once the series progresses. Stay tuned with us for more Chainsaw Man articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Makima the hottest female character in Chainsaw Man? 

Ans- Yes, Makima is the hottest female character in Chainsaw Man.

Q2. Who is the sexiest female in Chainsaw Man? 

Ans- Makima is the sexiest female in Chainsaw Man.

Q3. Who is the hottest character in Chainsaw Man? 

Ans- Hottest Male Character – Aki Haykawa            

Hottest Female Character – Makima 

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