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15 Best Characters in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (2023)

Zom 100 Manga is in its trending period currently, so we will be talking about it. The manga series also has many interesting characters, who have managed to stay alive, in this zombie apocalypse.

In this post, we will specifically be talking about the Zom 100 Characters. We will be ranking some of the Top 15 Zom 100 Characters, who have been the lone survivors of this apocalypse. But in the end, they too become zombies.

Without further ado, let’s straight up get ourselves to the ranking part.

15 Best Characters in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

15) Higurashi Kanta

Higurashi Kanta

Higurashi Kanta is one of the minor antagonists of the series, in the first major arc. He also lived in Gunma for a short period, to fulfill his bucket list. He along with a few other characters, wanted to take revenge upon people.

They were the ones responsible for releasing the zombies in Gunma, which a few people fell prey to. Higurashi also made sure that those people wouldn’t get out, and also increased the voltage of their electrical fencing.

Along with these friends, he posed a certain threat to the village. But at the end of this arc, he understands the errors of his ways and gets back to living normally.

14) Kumano Masaru

Kumano Masaru

Kumano Masaru was the carpenter we met in Chapter 14, who was living on a mountain surrounding the Gunma village. He was responsible for helping all of the village members to escape, by building a bridge.

During the zombie invasion of Gunma, the only bridge which was connected was broken down. Kumano to repay Akira, rebuilt the bridge again. Akira and his friends had previously saved him from zombie boars.

He was also responsible for building a treehouse, and effectively striking down one item of Akira’s Bucket list.

13) Hinae


Hinae was a minor character in Kyoto, where Akira, Kenichirou, and Takeru had met her. She was also the owner of the last Teahouse in all of Hanamachi. She was also the crush of Takeru Minakata.

They had provided the main characters with some fun games, but soon enough, zombies were crawling all over. Takeru even went to great lengths, to free Hinae, so that she will do what she likes.

Finally, after the teahouse was destroyed, she announced that she will be marrying her Danna, Mr. Arashiyama. This came as a huge shock to Takeru, who had fallen head over heels for her.

12) Koharu Toono 

Koharu Toono

She was the local guide for breweries, and also the owner of one in Nijikata prefecture. Koharu had been running the bar, to serve the people, even during this zombie apocalypse.

She also mentioned that she was a huge lush, who loved to party every day. And, she had to quit drinking it, after she became a working adult. However, due to the help of Akira, she understood what she wanted to do again.

Koharu was responsible for saving Akira and his friends when her bar was occupied by zombies.

11) Daisuke Samejima

Daisuke Samejima

Daisuke Samejima was a minor character, who appeared in the new chapters. In this apocalypse, he now owns a boat, which shelters many kids, who have lost their homes and parents due to the zombies.

He used to even fish in the sea, to salvage food for all the kids present. Thanks to his ferry ride, Akira was able to catch a long fish, as well as feed the children who were starved too.

10) Tendou Akiko

Tendou Akiko

Tendou Akiko is the mother of Akira, who lived in the faraway village of Gunma. She is a very kind and caring woman, who still kept working for the villagers, despite her old age.

She was also a very lively woman, who cared about Akira very much. Akiko was also shown to care for her husband and villagers dearly too.

9) Tendou Teruo

Tendou Teruo

He was the father of Akira and was a very strict, but caring man. He cared for Akira’s well-being more than anyone else in the world. Teruo also used to think of Akira daily, ever since the day he left to study at a College in Tokyo.

He is also a very strong man and a hard worker. Despite his old age, he still finds time to work in the fields.

8) Tsuru 


Tsuru was one of the recent characters, introduced to us. He was a scientist, who had lost his family and everything, during the zombie apocalypse. Despite this, he still came with Akira, to find the laboratory and create a vaccine.

His blood serum was also responsible for saving Shizuka after she was bitten by a zombie. After Akira and his friends left, he still stayed in the lab, for the sole purpose of devising a vaccine to cure this zombie disease.

7) Lambda Chop 

Lambda Chop 

Lambda Chop is an AI Robot Butler, who was the official butler of the AI Hotel. After the Hotel was destroyed badly by zombies, he started traveling with Akira and his friends.

Since it was an AI, it was extremely knowledgeable about almost everything. It also helped the main cast many times and also kept on serving them throughout their journey.

6) Izuna Tokage

Izuna Tokage

Izuna Tokage was the latest addition to Akira’s travel group. She was the person, who was mostly responsible to save Shizuka. With her blood only, Tsuru was able to create a blood serum that cures people of their zombie disease.

Izuna was also a hardcore gamer, who always used to stay on top of the leaderboards. She is a very kind and caring person and always tries to keep others’ feelings, above her feelings.

This is the reason she is among the top Zom 100 characters list. Her character is one which we can all relate to, at some other point in life.

5) Takeru Minakata

Takeru Minakata

Also known as Takemina, he was the childhood friend of both Akira and Kenichirou. He was the one responsible for knocking sense into Akira after the latter went into a frenzied state after becoming a millionaire.

He is also a born gambler and a pro at being a bartender. Takeru was offered the position of the Lord of the Cans, but he still chose to travel with Akira. Takemina makes the whole group a lot more funny and comedic, due to his nature.

Even though he can be a total klutz at times, he still helped and fought with the group on multiple occasions.

4) Beatrix Amerhauser

Beatrix Amerhauser

Beatrix Amerhauser was a German woman, who had traveled to Japan, due to her love for the country. She was even more knowledgeable than the other characters, when it came to Shrines, and Japan’s past.

Along with this, she was also a strong fighter. She is proficient in both a bow and a sword and had killed many zombies with these weapons. To protect herself, she also wears Samurai armor.

She is also commonly referred to as Bea-chan, by the group members. Beatrix also has a funny German accent, whenever she tries to speak Japanese.

3) Kenichirou Ryuuzaki 

Kenichirou Ryuuzaki

Kenichirou is one of the main protagonists of the series, and a very loveable character. On the surface, he just looks like a womanizer, but deep down, certain things make him emotional.

We get to see his emotional side as well as his past, in the most recent chapters. Thanks to Akira, he can enjoy a carefree life, completing everything he wanted to do before he died.

Most of the time, he is used as bait, to lure zombies somewhere else.

2) Shizuka Mikazuki 

Shizuka Mikazuki 

Shizuka is one of the main female characters of the series and has a crush on Akira. Despite showing her cold and emotionless side initially, she mellowed down later in the series.

She was also able to write down her wishes, as well as her goals in the Bucket List. In the most recent chapter, she also talked with the other female characters, about how she liked Akira.

Shizuka is a very intelligent, and calculative woman, who deeply cares about everyone else in the group. This is the reason, she is in the top 2 Zom 100 characters list.

1) Akira Tendou

Akira Tendou

Finally, moving on to our protagonist, we have Akira Tendou. He is a carefree guy, who wants to live his life to the fullest now. Working for a black company for 3 years made him realize, that there are other things he wanted to do.

He was also the person who initially started the idea of the Bucket list. Akira was responsible for saving many characters in the series. He had saved his friend Kenichirou, Shizuka, and many strangers in the series.

Akira is also prepared to face any danger, to fulfill his wishes on his bucket list. Due to his time at his company, he became a very persistent and hard worker, who never knew when to give up.

This nature of his had helped many characters realize what they wanna do in this zombie-infested world. He also has a crush on Shizuka but had never proposed to her in the series.

This marks the end of our list of Top Zom 100 Characters. There are still many other good characters in the series too, both alive and dead. But, these characters stood out the most. For more similar content, make sure to check our posts here.

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