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Akira Tendou in Zom 100: Past, Role & Other Facts (Bucket List of the Dead 2023)

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 06:14 pm

With each passing day, Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead’s hype spreads to all parts of the world and grabs everyone’s attention. As a result, fans keep searching to learn more about the series and its characters.

Out of them, Akira Tendou is at the top of their list because he is the main character of Zom 100. So, there is no need to search further; you have already come to the right place where you will get to know everything about Akira Tendou in Zom 100.

Whether you are looking to know about Akira’s role, past, or any other information about him, just keep up with this post till the end. So let’s get started!

Akira Tendou in Zom 100: Wiki

Akira Tendou in Zom 100
Akira Tendou in Zom 100
NameAkira Tendou
Eye ColorBlack
Hair Color Black
Ability Quick Reflexes, Extraordinary Speed and Body Movement

I. Past:

Akira Tendou is a nice guy who has believed in living with the moment since his school days. In his school time, he also played rugby and is one of the best members of his school team. However, his job life is so frustrating for him that he can’t handle it anymore.

He always did his best to meet his fellow co-workers’ expectations, but he still can’t reach them. Despite working the whole day and having his entire focus on the job, he still can’t enjoy a single good moment.

However, he had a big crush on his fellow co-worker, Saori Ootori, who is extremely attractive and hot. That’s why he still has a ray of hope in his job life and wishes to pursue her.

On the other hand, Saori is a smart woman who has already chosen to become the wife of her CEO and has no interest in Akira. Now, he lost his single hope and gradually became so depressed with his job life.

Akira is always wishing for a way that would help him escape from it. One day, a zombie apocalypse comes over Tokyo and begins turning people into mindless zombies. Where everyone feels very sad and begins thinking of ways to save themselves, while Akira sees it as a good opportunity to escape from his job life.

II. Role:

Akira Tendou in Zom 100

As the zombie Apocalypse comes to Tokyo, Akira becomes very happy about it. This is the only way to help him escape from his slave life and provide him with a new life. So, Akira decides to live his new life to the fullest without any regret and decides to do everything that he always dreamed of doing.

Now, he doesn’t have any boss to serve, any government to follow rules, or any organization to control, so he can do anything in this zombie city and use anything he wants.

Akira first wrote a list of activities that he always dreamed of doing and embarked on a journey to complete them. His bucket list is filled with naughty wishes, thrilling activities, pranks, and so on.

Some of his wishes are very easy to complete, while others are incredibly tough for him to complete. However, he is ready to face any challenges that come his way on his way to completing his Bucket List.

Through his journey, he also meets other survivors, adds them to his team, and inspires them to live life to the fullest.

III. Girlfriend:

Akira Tendou in Zom 100

1) Saori Ootori-

Akira Tendou first had a crush on his fellow co-worker, Saori Ootori. Saori is an extremely attractive lady, blessed with cute facial features and a curvaceous body.

Akira always wanted to confess her feelings for her and make her her first girlfriend. However, Saori is interested in becoming her Boss’ wife and has already slept with him countless times.

She even became a zombie, so Akira had no chance to stay in love with her, and the only way to leave was to move on in his life and find someone else.

2) Shizuka Mikazuki-

When Akira runs from Zombies in search of food supplies, he meets Shizuka Mikazuki for the first time. Since watching her once, he can’t resist giving her the compliment of being “the woman of his dreams.”

Shizuka is also an extremely beautiful lady who looks very cute and attractive. Aside from her beautiful looks, she is also excellent at fighting zombies.

Later, Akira also adds her to his team and shares some good times with her. Despite having so much interest in her, Akira still hesitates to confess to her about his hidden feelings for her.

3) Yukari-

Yukari is another beautiful character in Zom 100 who is considered as Akari’s crush. As an air hostess, she is extremely beautiful and has an attractive figure. She is in a shopping mall in fear of zombies, and this is the place where she first meets Akari.

After witnessing Yukari’s exceptional beauty and kind nature, Akari can’t resist making her friend. However, Yukari already had a boyfriend who she truly loved, but she eventually became Akari’s friend.

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IV. Other Facts

  • Akira Tendou was a pro rugby player in his school days and has extraordinary speed and reflexes. That’s why he is so good at outrunning a pack of Zombies with ease, no matter what location he is trapped in.
  • Akira has a big and first crush on his fellow coworker, Saori Ootori, and wants to be her first girlfriend.
  • Even though he hates his job, he has worked very hard since his school and college days to join his dream company.
  • Akira had already completed four of his wishes before adding them to his bucket list. Moreover, even after completing his wishes, he is still adding new ones to his bucket list. So, we can say that his Bucket list is still not finished and that he keeps adding new ones.


That’s it for the post! We hope you found everything about Akira Tendou in Zom 100, such as his role and past. Akira’s carefree personality and incredible athletic skills set him apart from the series’ other characters.

He really lives his life to the fullest by fulfilling all his dreams and fighting zombies. That’s why Zom 100 is so popular among fans and has succeeded in making it a special place in their hearts.

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