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15 Hottest Diamond Face Shape Male Celebrities (2023)

To attract someone or establish a relationship, we need to look and smell good, but sometimes we don’t look good, and that is because we need to take into consideration our face shape.

Face shapes are of seven types: oval, round, square, diamond, heart, pear, and oblong. You should know your face shape, which can help you choose your desired hairstyle and look. The style you would look good in significantly increases your overall personality and look.

If your face shape is a diamond, you are lucky, as today, we will be looking at celebrities with diamond face shapes. You can take inspiration from their cut and style.

15 Hottest Diamond Face Shape Male Celebrities

15) Kanye West

Kanye Omari West
Age46 years
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Songwriter
PopularityFamous, Gold Digger, All Falls Down

Kanye West is a very famous but controversial rapper. As he gained more popularity, he got involved more in controversy with Taylor Swift, Adidas, and so on. He is one of the most successful guys in the rap industry. For example, his album Donda was a commercial success.

He is also one of the world’s best-selling music artists; with over 160 million records sold, he has won numerous Grammy awards and has been nominated for big screen awards.

14) Michiel Huisman

Michiel Huisman
Age42 years
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Songwriter
PopularityGame of Thrones, The Flight Attendant, The Haunting of Hill House

When he started his career with Dutch films and TV series, Michiel Huisman debuted in many hits like Full Moon Party, Black Book, etc. During the prime of his acting career, he was also part of a band called Fontane. Michiel Huisman has steadily starred in English TV series and films.

Starting with the TV series Dalziel and Pascoe. You must have seen him in blockbusters like World War Z, Game of Thrones, and The Haunting of Hill House.

13) Matt Damon

Matthew Paige Damon
Age52 years
ProfessionActor, Film Producer, Screenwriter
PopularityGood Will Hunting, The Jason Bourne

Matt Damon is among the most successful actors, ranked by Forbes magazine among the most bankable stars. He has earned over $3.88 billion at the North American box office through movies.

Matt Damon doesn’t like to style fancy; publically, he is seen by fans in a regular polo shirt, black trousers, and hard-bottom shoes with dry, messy, and shiny hair, which goes well with his face shape.

12) George Clooney

George Timothy Clooney
Age52 years
ProfessionActor and Filmmaker
PopularityGravity, Up in the air

George Clooney is a very respected actor. He started his career with a TV series on the NBC medical drama ER, which proved successful. As a result, George Clooney gained wide recognition; after that, he also acted in many hits like From Dusk Till Dawn, Batman and Robin, and many more.

You can take inspiration from George Clooney; he wears a leather jacket with any shirt, a pair of black jeans, and a lovely gentleman’s haircut.

11) Robert Pattinson

Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson
Age37 years
PopularityThe Batman, Twilight

Robert Pattinson is known for his roles in Twilight and the latest superhero film in the DCEU. The Batman. The Batman. After his mind-blowing and surprising acting in Batman, he is seen as the perfect actor for the character.

Robert Pattinson has been seen with the same hairstyle in everyday life and movies, as the hairstyle suits him, making him look even more handsome and charming. The hairstyle is called the Short Straight Brunette Hairstyle.

10) Nick Jonas

Nicholas Jerry Jonas
ProfessionActor, Singer, Song Writer
PopularityNight at the Museum, Careful What You Wish For

Nick Jonas is both a singer and an actor, but he is widely known for his singing career. He formed a band group with his brothers Kevin and Joe, known as the Jonas Brothers, which Columbia Records later signed. The group released a studio album, It’s About Time, under the Columbia label.

Later, they signed with Hollywood Records, gained even more popularity under Hollywood Records, and got their series, Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream and Jonas.

9) Adam Levine

Adam Noah Levine
Age44 years
PopularityMaroon 5

Adam Levine is a very famous musician. He is known for his role as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist in the pop band Maroon 5, for which he also received multiple awards, including Grammy awards. During his prime, he was also a coach on the reality talent show The Voice.

His team also won in seasons 1 and 9. He did face failure at the start of his career, but later he thrived under the band Maroon 5.

8) David Gandy

David James Gandy
Age43 years
ProfessionModel, Actor
PopularityItalian designers Dolce & Gabbana

David Gandy won the first televised model-search competition. After that, he started his career as a model. In the era of an industry dominated by skinny models, Gandy’s muscular build changed the whole perspective of the model industry, making designers change the standards of clothing.

As he is muscular, any clothes that suit him, Bur David Gandy, have been noticed mainly with a classic hairstyle quiff with side parting, which makes him look charming.

7) David Beckham

NameDavid Robert Joseph Beckham
Age48 years
ProfessionFootballer, Businesswomen
PopularityPlayed For Manchester United, Real Madrid

David Beckham is one of the most legendary former footballers. He is known as a right-winger for his passing range, crossing ability, and bending free-kicks. David Beckham is among the most respected footballers, as he has contributed much to his club and country teams.

He is also known as the greatest Manchester United footballer of all Time. He is the first English player to win league titles in four countries.

6) Brad Pitt

NameWilliam Bradley Pitt
Age59 years
ProfessionActor, Filmmaker
PopularityThelma and Louise, Interview With the Vampire, Moneyball

If you watch Hollywood movies, there is no way you don’t know the legendary actor Brad Pitt. He has worked in many big-budget movies as a lead actor in films like A River Runs Through It and Legends of the Fall. He has mainly worked on hits and blockbusters. He has also won many accolades.

For many years, various media outlets said he was the world’s most attractive man. He is also known as one of the most powerful and influential people in the American entertainment industry.

5) Ryan Reynolds

NameRyan Rodney Reynolds
Age46 years
NationalityAmerican, Canadian
ProfessionActor, Filmmaker
PopularityDeadpool, Deadpool 2, Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds is known for his lead role as the main character Deadpool in the 20th Century Fox X-Men movies Deadpool and Deadpool 2. For which he has also won awards.

He is also one of the actors to play in two rival superhero movie industries as a main character in The Green Lantern by DCEU, which wasn’t a hit.

4) Jamie Kennedy

NameJames Harvey Kennedy
Age53 years
NationalityAmerican, Canadian
ProfessionActor, Comedian
PopularityIn Scream, Scream 2, and Scream 3

Jamie Kennedy is a well-known celebrity. He hasn’t worked in many films but has worked in great ones. He played Randy Meeks in the Scream franchise, Romeo + Juliet, Good Deeds, and the CBS drama Ghost Whisperer. He is also an excellent stand-up comedian and podcaster. He also did voice work for The Cleveland Show.

3) Song Joong-ki

NameSong Joong Ki
Age37 years
NationalitySouth Korean
PopularitySungkyunkwan Scandal and the variety show Running Man

Song Joong-ki is a South Korean actor who became famous after the K-drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He is also known as one of the original cast members of Running Man. Mainly, he has appeared in K-dramas and TV series.

He is also included in the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity List in the 7th position. He is said to be one of the most successful actors in K-dramas. He is also the top Hallyu star in the Korean entertainment industry.

2) Tye Sheridan

NameTye Kayle Sheridan
Age26 years
ProfessionActor, Producer
PopularityX-Men: Apocalypse, Ready Player One

Tye Sheridan is known for playing young Scott Summers and Cyclops in the X-Men film series. He didn’t last as long as Cyclops in the X-Men’s film series, but according to X-Men fans, he was best suited for Cyclops as he looked very similar to Cyclops from comic books.

After the X-Men film series, he continued working in the film industry and appeared in films like Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Ready Player One, etc. He started as an inexperienced teenager and finished as a successful adult.

1) Li Chen

Name Li Chen
Age44 years
ProfessionActor, Producer
PopularitySeventeen-Year-Olds Don’t Cry

Li Chen is a Chinese actor and producer, mainly known for his role in the series Beijing Love Story. He is also the leader of the popular program Keep Running.
He has worked in several series, like Beijing Youth and The Good Fellas, for which he won the China Movie Channel Media Awards and Aftershock.

Li started his career as a teenager. He faced many failures throughout his career, but he became a perfect Chinese actor known for his hard work and talent.


All seven types of face shapes are attractive if styled accordingly. As seen in the list of celebrities, most handsome celebrities have diamond face shapes, so we can conclude that a diamond face shape is one of the most appreciated and bright face shapes.

Do small things with great love. 

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