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15 Most Beautiful Female Olympic Players Of All Time (2024)

We often go unnoticed, even though there are various domains where we can glimpse beautiful faces. Just like that, when the Olympics are held every four years, we switch on the television and see the players swamped with lovely visuals.

There are many sports, and the audience sees those shiny, adept profiles. Those players are exceptionally talented and so good-looking that one can’t go away without cheering for them.

Below are a few Olympic players who gained recognition not solely based on their skills but also for their striking looks. I assure you that once you glance at them, you will feel mesmerized.

15 Most Beautiful Female Olympic Players Of All Time

1. Eileen Gu

Full NameEileen Feng Gu
Age20 years
SportFreestyle Skiing
Eye ColorHazel


One of the most influential and 2022 world’s third highest-paid females is the 20-year-old young athlete. Eileen was also honored with the 2023 Laureus World Action Sportsperson of the Year accolade.

She has a record of winning gold medals in halfpipe and big air and a silver medal in slopestyle as the youngest Olympic champion at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Gu has not only been praised for her talent but also her beautiful and endearing visuals.

2. Alysha Newman

Full NameAlysha Eveline Newman
Age29 years
SportPole Vault
Eye ColorBlue


Don’t focus too much on her gorgeous face and stunning body; concentrate on her achievements as well. Alysha’s athletic career is full of various accomplishments in the sport. She competed in the Olympic Games in 2016 and 2020.

Newman also set a new record at the 2018 Commonwealth Games of 4.75 meters in the pole vault in the women’s category. She has competed in several prestigious international competitions.

3. Valentina Acosta Giraldo

Full NameValentina Acosta Giraldo
Age23 years
Eye ColorBlack


Valentina is another of the youngest athletes on this list. She was a gold medalist in archery at the 2019 World Youth Archery Championships. In 2020, she competed at the Summer Olympics in the women’s individual event.

You can’t resist adoring her. Giraldo is winning hearts with her wonderful skills and appealing visuals.

4. Camila Giorgi

Full NameCamila Giorgi
Age31 years
Eye ColorHazel


Are you seeing her sharp, intimidating, and striking visuals? Picture yourself playing against her as a competitor. It’s not merely limited to her visuals; Camila is a phenomenal tennis player.

She has experience competing in numerous matches, such as the Wimbledon Championships, the 2021 National Bank Open, the 2013 US Open, the Indian Wells Open, and the Eastbourne International. She knows how to make a game of her own.

5. Yuliya Levchenko

Full NameYuliya Andriyivna Levchenko
Age25 years
SportHigh Jump
Eye ColorBrown


She is glowing. Isn’t she? Yuliya is indeed breathtaking. She knows how to make your heart flutter. And I’m confident in saying she has been impressive throughout her career as a high jumper.

Levchenko won the silver medal at the 2017 World Championships in Athletics. She attained gold and bronze medals at the 2014 Youth Olympics and 2016 World U20 Championships, respectively. She has won many more titles and made the nation proud.

6. Winifer Fernandez

Full NameWinifer María Fernández Pérez
Age28 years
Eye ColorBlack


Winifer has shown magic in volleyball and demonstrated her skills. Competing in several big and important competitions and setting a good record in all of them has helped her earn recognition. She has won many gold and bronze medals for her team.

Fernández went viral because of her photos and videos of training and playing in 2016. She is awe-stunningly beautiful and influential. It seems like volleyball is suitable for her.

7. Zehra Gunes

Full NameZehra Güneş
Age24 years
Eye ColorBrown


Let’s talk about her achievements if you are done looking at her. Zehra, too, went viral for her good looks and was listed as the sexiest and most beautiful female athlete. She has been given the title of the most valuable player in the 2021–22 Turkish Women’s Volleyball League.

Güneş has countless gold, silver, and bronze medals under his belt. She is a Turkey women’s national volleyball team member and has performed well in every match. She is absolutely fetching and mesmerizing. Just wait for me; I need to update my dictionary to find and describe her beauty.

8. Georgia Ellenwood

Full NameGeorgia Lorraine Ellenwood
Age28 years
SportCombined Track and Field Events
Eye ColorHazel


Yes, yes, yes, she is an athlete, not any model or actress who is a player in combined track and field events. Georgia has represented her nation, Canada, in numerous international competitions, including the World Indoor Championships, the NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field Championships, and the 2020 Olympics.

Undoubtedly, Ellenwood is exquisite, which is definitely the reason for raising the temperature. Her achievements make her shine brighter.

9. Alica Schmidt

Full NameAlica Megan Schmidt
Age24 years
Eye ColorBlue


Alica is not just stealing medals from other competitors but also our hearts. She is a champion runner who represents Germany. Before starting to compete in big matches, she was a fitness trainer. I think it’s not only me who wants to get training from her. Right?

Schmidt was part of the 2020 Summer Olympics German team. Except for this competition, she has shown her talent and passion for the sport many times.

10. Lieke Klaver

Full NameLieke Klaver
Age25 years
SportTrack and Field (Sprinting)
Eye ColorBrown


I think the more I see her pictures or videos, the more she seems beautiful and captivating. She hasn’t only astonished us with her appearance but also with her bag full of achievements.

Klaver has many medals to show off in addition to his muscles. She has always been impressed with what she does. She has a record of earning four national titles. Recently, Lieke won a gold medal at the 2023 World Championships for the women’s relay.

11. Skylar Diggins

Full NameSkylar Kierra Diggins-Smith
Age33 years
Eye ColorBlack


The cool Skylar has been playing basketball since she was in school. And she has always been remarkable and impressive with her performance. At the age of 33, she has enough experience in the sport.

Diggins can literally make you look unattractive. She is on this list for a reason. She has won many awards to highlight her career. After this article, Skylar is earning more deserving recognition, for sure.

12. Eugenie Bouchard

Full NameEugenie Genie Bouchard
Age29 years
Eye ColorBlue


Firstly, we know that blue-eyed people are firmly the most beautiful. You can easily spot them in the crowd. Eugenie is one of them. She is a professional tennis player who represents Canada. She has contributed a lot to the national team and created a monumental impact there.

Bouchard has a long list of awards, such as 2013 WTA Newcomer of the Year, 2014 WTA Most Improved Player, and more. She has competed in several competitions. The result might not always be in her favor, but gradually, she has shown improvement.

13. Paige Spiranac

Full NamePaige Renee Spiranac
Age30 years
Eye ColorIce Blue


Let’s not let her distract you so much that you want to know about her. Of course, I strongly agree that Paige is way too attractive and eye-catching. And that’s why we are here, counting her on the list of the most beautiful Olympic players of all time.

She can definitely bewitch everyone with her irresistible appearance. The formerly experienced golfer has become a social media personality and golf instructor. Imagine getting instruction from her for playing the sport. Isn’t it exciting?

14. Voula Papachristou

Full NameParaskevi Voula Papachristou
Age34 years
SportTriple and Long Jumper
Eye ColorBrown


The two-time European Athletics U23 Championships’ gold medalist champ and Olympic triple jump player has participated in numerous competitions.

Paraskevi has proven her skills many times. Isn’t she looking like an actress straight from a movie scene? But no, she is a full-time athlete. She is just too much to handle. The Greek jumper has been working hard for the sport for so long.

15. Ivona Dadic

Full NameIvona Dadic
Age29 years
SportTrack and Field
Eye ColorGreen


Isn’t she flexing her muscles and six-pack abs, and aren’t we all envious of it? And let me remind you, it’s not just about her body to flaunt, but Ivona is an Austrian athlete who has competed in the Summer Olympics two times in 2012 and 2020 in track and field sports.

Dadic completed 8th place in the 2020 Summer Olympics in the sport. She has competed in several other competitions and finished in good ranks. Ivona is too beautiful to be ignored by the public.


The names above are all Olympic players who have performed immensely well and also took the crown for going viral for their dazzling faces. Through this article, I’m taking a chance to not let their beautiful faces go in vain without getting any appreciation. These females are the most beautiful Olympic players of all time.