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Top 10 Hottest God of High School Male Characters Ranked

God of High School is an action anime based on the Korean manhwa of the same name, written and illustrated by Yongje Park. MAPPA animated the series, and its high quality animation and great artwork show that.

The series is about a martial arts tournament called God of High School (GOH), conducted by a mysterious organization for youngsters. The winner of the tournament will get any one wish of theirs fulfilled.

The show has only one season, but even in its small span, there have been several eye-catching characters. Today we bring you the top 10 hottest God of High School male characters ranked.

Top 10 Hottest God of High School Male Characters Ranked

10) Seung-Chul Baek (Seungchul Baek)

Seung-Chul Baek

We’ll begin this list of the top 10 hottest God of High School male characters with Seungchul Baek. He’s one of the contestants of the God of High School Competition.

Seungchul Baek is a Genuine Fighter with genius intellect and extraordinary physical condition.

He’s a young man with a slender but powerful body and fluffy brown hair. His eyes are blue under his glasses. Though he looks good, his red tracksuit is less than fashionable which is why he’s at the last spot here.

9) Man-Seok Gang (Manseok Gang)

Man-Seok Gang

Manseok Gang is a horrible and violent bully who is rightfully put in his place by Mori Jin. He’s a ITF Taekwondo practitioner and has a sadistic streak. Ruthless and violent, he tortures Gamdo Go cruelly during their match.

Manseong Gang is a rough-looking man with a muscular and tall figure. He has dark brown hair styled in dreads and brown eyes. He’s not the best out there, both in character and looks.

8) Commissioner R

Commissioner R

Commissioner R is the only commissioner on this list and for good reason. He’s the person who recruited Mori Jin for the God of High School tournament and also the first person to defeat him. His Charyeok allows him to steal powers from the gods as well as to manipulate wind.

Commission R is a tall and pale man with straight blond hair and narrow eyes. He often keeps his eyes closed, and wears the standard commissioner uniform.

7) Seong-Jin Oh (Seongjin Oh)

Seong-Jin Oh

Seongjin Oh is another bad man who is also one of the hottest God of High School male characters. He’s the chairman of the Ohsung Group who proposed marriage to Mira Yu to get to her National Treasure sword, Bongseon.

As a rich man, Seongjin Oh is sharply dressed and well-groomed. His hair is purple and his eyes lavender under thick eyebrows. He is also very well-built.

6) Dae-Wi Han (Daewi Han)

Dae-Wi Han

The next character on this list of hottest God of High School male characters is Daewi Han. He’s not only a good-looking character but also one with a heart of gold.

He’s a Full-Contact Karate practitioner enters the God of High School competition to cure his best friend’s disease.

Daewi Han’s traits are unconventionally attractive. He looks lazy and bored, with small pupils and nondescript black hair. But the way he carries himself makes him a sight for sore eyes.

5) Mu-Jin Park (Mujin Park)

Mu-Jin Park

Number fifth spot as one of the hottest God of High School male characters goes to the person in charge of the God of High School tournament: Mujin Park. He’s a prodigy destined for greatness who planned the tournament to fulfill his own ambition.

Mujin Park is a good-looking man with sleek jet black hair and dark eyes. There is a cross-shaped scar on his forehead that is a reference to his Charyeok, Longinus which grants him two golden crosses in each hand.

4) Mo-Ri Jin (Mori Jin)

Mo-Ri Jin

Mori Jin is the protagonist of the anime who enchants the viewers with his carefree and friendly nature. He’s a martial artist, skilled in Renewal Taekwondo.

Mori Jin enters the God of High School competition to reunite with his beloved grandfather.

Mori Jin is tall and has sharp features. His eyes are his most distinct trait: black irises with bright yellow, cross shaped pupils.

After unlocking his powers, his irises become blue. His playful appearance makes him one of the hottest God of High School male characters.

3) Taek Jegal

Taek Jigal

Taek Jegal may be a villain but he is a hot one. He’s called a monster by everyone around him, both allies and enemies, and his monstrosity is all the more prominent by his “Might is right” philosophy. His power or Charyeok is Greed that allows him to steal the abilities of others.

Taek Jegal is a handsome young man with long teal hair, with several loose strands falling attractively over his face. He’s tall and pale, and wears a suit with the shirt collar open.

2) Il-Pyo Park (Ilpyo Park)

Il-Pyo Park

At the first glance Ilpyo Park looks meek and innocent, but we soon learn exactly how cool he is. He’s one of the competitors of the God of High School tournament, and practices Ssamsu Taekkyeon. His Charyeok is Hojasa, the mythical nine-tailed fox.

In his ordinary form, Ilpyo Park has indigo hair and blue eyes. But when using his powers, he becomes 110% hotter, with his hair turning white and his eyes turning bright. He also gains red markings around his eyes and a pair of fox ears.

1) Man-Duk Sang (Mandeok Sang)

Man-Duk Sang

Now time for the hottest God of High School main character, and it is none other than Mandeok Sang.

Making a small appearance in the anime, this guy is one of the members of Nox, where his alias is Eskalios Von Ragne Sang Manjin. Mandeok has a cool character design white white spiky hair and a slim build.

His eyes are dark brown without any pupils, but sometimes there is a Ω in his eyes. His stiff but elegant clothes and his overall aura makes him the most attractive character in the series.

This is where we conclude this list of the top 10 hottest God of High School male characters ranked. Fans can watch the anime on Crunchyroll, though the availability of it depends on the location and Crunchyroll’s licensing policy. If you’re done with the series, then you can come visit Otakus’ Notes for some quality anime contents.

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