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How to Fix Funimation Subtitles Not Working?

If someone is an anime lover, then there is the possibility of hearing about Funimation. It can be described as a streaming service dedicated to streaming and distributing anime series. Also, it is famous for quickly dubbing and subbing exclusive content. However, this platform has issues with working properly, like Funimation subtitles not working.

This streaming service is available through the Funimation application or a browser. It enables changing the subtitles while watching anime. However, it is recommended to use the app. Because several users have faced issues while turning on subtitles on a browser.

Why Are Subtitles Not Working On Funimation?

There can be only two main reasons which result in not working correctly with Funimation subtitles. Firstly, it is due to a software issue with the device on which the Funimation is being streamed. Another reason can be a glitch that gets in the Funimation video player.

Even Funimation itself tweeted about this problem and gave a most common solution. In this, a user is required to simply turn on and off the subtitles.

Many a time, the underlying issue can be distinctive. As a result, this solution might fail to work. Thus, other solutions are required to troubleshoot this problem and get back the Funimation subtitles.

How to Fix Funimation Subtitles Not Working?

1) Change the Browser

Compared with all other fixes for Funimation, changing the browser is recommended and best as well. Generally, it is being complained about the lacking of Funimation subtitles. Thus, the cause is using the default browser on Android and iOS.

That’s why the best part is to install a new browser on Android or iOS. In this, the best option to go for is Opera, Chrome, and Firefox. Using such browsers can aid in resolving the subtitles issue.

2) Update Funimation

This application might fail to work due to an outdated version of Funimation. It is better to try checking to see if the application requires an update and if it does, then update the Funimation.

Android users:

  • Head over to the Play Store and hit on the profile icon.
  • Further, press manages apps and devices to see a list of all the apps.
  • Hit updates available to look for the availability of any updates for the apps.
  • In case, there is an update available for the Funimation, then press the update option for it for updating the Funimation.

Apple users:

  • Go for the App Store and press on the profile picture, then hit purchased.’
  • Through this, a list of all the apps will appear which are downloaded.
  • Look for the Funimation app and see if there is any option for updating it. If there is, then hit on it for updating the Funimation.

3) Disable VPN or Adblocker

One more common reason for the subtitles failing to work correctly on this content player is Ad blockers or VPN. Thus, it can result in issues with subtitles. In case someone is experiencing that Funimation’s subtitles are not working, then it is better to turn off the Ad blocker or VPN.

Disable VPN or Adblocker
Disable VPN or Adblocker

After doing this, one can reveal their identity, and there will be no longer privacy over the internet. Because of being one of the solutions, it will fix the issue instantly.

4) Update the Device

Sometimes installation can be interrupted, or updates can be missed and result in issues with the streaming device. Partial firmware or old firmware installation can result in subtitles of Funimation not working correctly.

Android users:

  • Head over to settings, then hit software update.
  • Then tap download and install for checking the updates.
  • In case, there is any update available, then download it for updating the phone.

Apple users:

  • Go for settings, then hit General.
  • Now, select the software update option.
  • Press ‘download and install, if there is any update available for downloading and updating the phone.

5) Log out of Funimation

Another potential quick fix for the subtitle issue of Funimation is to sign out of the account. It is better to sign out of the Funimation account before returning and logging in. Through this, one might resolve any account-related issues which are resulting in the subtitle issues occurring.

Funimation Log Out

  • For this, open the Funimation and in the bottom right, hit the account.
  • Now, the account settings will be opened.
  • At the bottom, one can locate the ‘log out‘ option.
  • Hit it to log out of the Funimation account.
  • At last, log back into the account, then again try to use the Funimation.

How to get Subtitles on Funimation?


The below steps are the same whether one is using the browser or app on a PC:

  • Head over to the Funimation website or open its application.
  • Log in to the account and look for the anime the user wants to watch.
  • Open it and at the bottom right corner, hit the message icon at the left of the gear icon.

How to get Subtitles on Funimation

  • Head over to the subtitle section and turn on it.

How to get Subtitles on Funimation

Turning on subtitles of a particular episode while watching on phone is possible. Follow the below instructions for turning on subtitles:

  • Firstly, head over to the Funimation app.
  • Look for the anime the viewer wants to watch and hit the play for the preferred episode.
  • After pausing the video, one can see the three dots present at the top-right corner.
  • Hit those three dots and select the icon with the letter “CC.”

If someone wants to play a show with English subbing and there is no way to click it, it is likely due to licensing. Some shows are permitted for dubbing only, and that’s why one fails to get subtitles on that anime. Overall, it has the right to dubbing, but in some cases, subtitles are not there.


Whether someone is a long-time fan or new to the anime world, Funimation has everything one requires. There are thousands of hours of content for downloading and streaming. Even known for its subs and dubs of exclusive content. However, there can be several distinctive reasons behind Funimation subtitles not working.

The fact is that most of the time, one can do something just by trying and resolving the problem quickly. It is possible through the above-mentioned fixes. As a last resort, one can consider getting in touch with Funimation and see if they can fix it or not.

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