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FLCL Shoegaze Ep 2 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Masaki’s Realization)

FLCL Shoegaze is yet another new season on FLCL, which is premiering in the Fall Season. FLCL: Grunge had its run in September, but the series was concluded in almost three episodes. 

However, Grunge had also received many bad reviews, and quite a lot of people were disappointed with the series as a whole. This series also came as a sort of a surprise since it is a sequel to the FLCL Alternative series. 

FLCL Shoegaze will also be three episodes in length, and this time around, we are expecting some good things out of the series. Let us see if the first episode has caught our attention or not. 

This series is set 10 years after FLCL Alternative and follows the 15-year-old Masaki. He has been seeing a mysterious Ghost every day since the day his town got blown up. However, his life is changed after he meets an eccentric girl called Harumi. 

They also decide to barricade themselves in the mysterious building called Tsuganei Tower. It was because only Masaki could see a huge and unique bird perched on the top of this building. 

So, both of them decide to investigate these weird phenomena. The episode ends there as we see some of the other characters that we recognize from the FLCL Alternative series. 

We saw Naoto and Samejima from the original FLCL series as well. 

FLCL Shoegaze Ep 2 Spoilers & Predictions

FLCL Shoegaze Ep 2 Spoilers & Predictions

This new episode would focus more on the investigation part of Masaki and Harumi. Masaki had found even more mysteries ever since he entered the place. He still hadn’t found out what he wanted to know all along. 

He has only reached the new hidden area in the building now, and this will give us more answers to the mysteries of this season. It seems the problem might become a huge one since the Bureau of Interstellar Immigration is also involved in this case now. 

Chief Kanda and Agent Kana Koumoto have been brought in since Masaki and Harumi had locked themselves in Tsugamei Tower. The police, as well as Kanda, Kana, are now more interested in the case after they noticed that there was some sort of explosion in the building. 

The top part of the building was also mysteriously damaged, and this is yet another case for them to solve. However, we still don’t know the intentions of the Bureau of Interstellar Immigration, as their goals might be different from what we expect. 

Since this is an original anime, we would have to wait for almost a week before we get the answers to all these mysteries. 

FLCL Shoegaze Ep 2 Release Date

FLCL Shoegaze Ep 2 Release Date

FLCL Shoegaze Ep 2 will be released in 4 more days, on 8th October. The release time of the new episode is at 9:30 AM IST. However, the series takes a bit more time to get updated on the streaming services. 

Even on the official and unofficial streaming services, it may take around 1-2 days more for the episode to be available for streaming. This has been present since Grunge’s airing and has been continuing now. 

These are all of our spoiler and prediction theories about FLCL Shoegaze Ep 2. For more exciting and similar content-based articles, make sure to check our articles here. 

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