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Tearmoon Empire: Wiki-Plot, Release Date, & Where To Watch

We always have a dream to experience the old times when people lived in the Royal Palace and enjoyed their royal hood. So, finally, your dream comes true, and Tearmoon Empire is about to make its debut in the world of anime.

This series falls under the fantasy genre and follows the story of a young princess who lives in her royal palace. Moreover, its light novel and manga parts already debuted in 2019 and got a great response from fans.

The major reasons for its huge success are its unique storyline, captivating royal world-building, and wide range of beautiful princess-like female characters. As a result, fans were very eager to visit the Tearmoon Empire Wiki to learn everything. So let’s get started! 

Tearmoon Empire Wiki

Tearmoon Empire Anime Wiki


Tearmoon Empire


Nozomu Mochitsuki

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The Tearmoon Empire is set in a beautiful fantasy world where the Tearmoon Empire ruled. Mia Luna Tearmoon is the princess of the kingdom who currently rules over the entire Tearmoon Empire.

She is a very selfish ruler and does not make any good decisions to make her kingdom better, even though she is not paying attention to her kingdom’s people. As a result, the Tearmoon Empire gradually collapsed, and she got the title of the most selfish princess of all time.


Now, it is time for Mia Luna to get beheaded as punishment for her past mistakes and wrong decisions. However, despite dying, she went back in time to her 12-year-old body. Now, she had only one option to avoid her future execution: to rebuild the Tearmoon empire.

She began working on correcting all of her past mistakes that her future self had made. Moreover, she needs to turn all her enemies into allies by making good decisions for the kingdom’s benefit.


Even though she had memories of her past life and already knew what not to do, it was still not an easy task for Mia Luna. This is because it is her first time doing things for others in her entire life.

Now, it’s very interesting to explore Mia Luna’s journey from being a selfish princess to becoming the Great Sage of the Empire.

Tearmoon Empire Anime: Release Date

Tearmoon Empire Release Date

On September 6, 2022, the officials first confirmed that the Tearmoon Empire would get an anime adaptation. Since their first announcement, the officials have shared several promo videos, key visuals, character visuals, cast, and staff members.

Later, on August 16, 2023, the officials finally confirmed the exact release date for the series along with its broadcasting networks and streaming platforms. As per their latest official information, the Tearmoon Empire anime will premiere on October 7, 2023.

Tearmoon Empire Anime: Main Characters

Main Characters of Tearmoon Empire

1. Mia Luna Tearmoon:

Mia Luna is the main character of the series and the only princess of the Tearmoon Empire. She is an exceptionally beautiful young girl with beautiful short hair and blue eyes. Due to her selfish nature, she always first thinks about herself and does not pay attention to her position as princess.

However, she is the only person in the kingdom who never looked down on her maids; instead, she gave respect to them. When she goes back in time, she realizes all her selfish actions and commits to correcting all of them.

2. Anne Littstein

Anne Littstein is one of the maids who worked for Mia Luna. She is another beautiful young girl in the series who has long, beautiful red hair and blue, sparkly eyes. She is also chosen as the right hand of Mia Luna for her loyal and selfless nature towards Mia.

In order to help Mia study, she herself works hard to learn all subjects at Saint-Noel. Moreover, she is one of the two close people who stayed with Mia at her time of execution.

3. Ludwig Hewitt 

Ludwig Hewitt is another maid and the left-hand of Mia Luna. He is a handsome guy with a pair of glasses that give him a genius look. At first, he worked so hard to help his kingdom become more economically strong.

However, he found that the empire was already corrupted at its core and needed a correct ruler to correct it. Later, he joined hands with Princess Mia and began working for her to rebuild the empire and erase corruption from its existence.

On the other hand, Ludwig is the second person who stays with Mia at her time of execution, along with Anne.

Where can I watch the Tearmoon Empire anime?

Where to Watch Tearmoon Empire Anime

If you are living in Japan, then you can watch Tearmoon Empire anime on your local Japanese TV networks, such as Tokyo MX, BS11, and MBS.

Here are the broadcast dates and times of the series on different TV networks:

  • At 25:00 on Tokyo MX (October 7)
  • At 25:00 on BS11 (October 7)
  • At 26:38 on MBS (October 7) 

On the other hand, if you are living outside Japan, then you can watch Tearmoon Empire anime on several popular streaming platforms.

Here are the streaming platforms where the series will be released:

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. D-Anime Store
  3. U Next
  4. Anime Unlimited


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this anime wiki to be useful and learned everything about the Tearmoon Empire anime. If you are looking to explore a captivating royal world and meet beautiful female characters, then this series is the perfect pick for you.

Moreover, its time-traveling factor makes the series more engaging and interesting when its main female character goes back in time to save herself from being beheaded.

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