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Top 10 Four Knights of Apocalypse Main Characters (Children of Seven Deadly Sins)

As you all know, Four Knights of the Apocalypse is the sequel to Seven Deadly Sins. But did you know who the Four Knights of Apocalypse main characters were?

If not, no worries; in this post, we will share the amazing list of the top 10 Four Knights of Apocalypse: main characters. Some are children of seven deadly sins and possess exceptional power levels, just like their parents. So let’s get started! 


Top 10 Four Knights of Apocalypse Main Characters

10. Ironside: Son of Varghese


Ironside is the holy knight in Camelot and is known as the Red Knight. He is a merciless knight who has no emotion against anyone, not even his own son Percival and his father Varghese.

That is why he does not hesitate to kill them. However, he loved his other son, Diodra, and for the sake of his son’s sake, he returned to Arthur’s service.

Known Ability:

His main ability is “Star-shaped cutting power,” which allows him to deduce star-marked attacks toward opponents by just pointing two fingers.

9. Pellegarde: Best Friend of Ironside


Pellegarde is the holy knight in Camelot and is known as the Black Knight. He loves to fight strong people, no matter if they are his friends or enemies, men or women. Even though he is loyal to King Arthur, he still neglects his order and decides to train Percival.

Known Ability:

Pyre is the main ability of Pellegarde which allows him to control fireballs and create massive explosions from them.

8. Anghalhad: Daughter of Calden


Anghalhad is a beautiful holy knight who is mostly called by a cute name, Anne. She first met Percival in Sistan, and by joining her group, she became their first and only female member.

She also provides great help to the Percival group in stopping Ironside from completing the coffin ritual.

Known Ability:

Anne has an unknown magical ability that allows her to find anyone’s intention, whether they are lying or not.

7. MelaGaland: The Ultimate Demon Fusion


MelaGaland is the fusion of two powerful chaoses: Chaos Melascula and Chaos Galand. After witnessing the exceptional power level of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse, they understand they can’t defeat them.

As a result, they used their ultimate fusion form to kill all four of them. Aside from their body fusion, their weapons were also fused and became incredibly powerful. 

Known Ability:

“Meifu no Bansan” is the main ability of Melagaland that summons hands from the ground and drags opponents directly into the afterlife.

6. Nasiens: Adoptive Grandson of Ordo


Nasiens is a mysterious boy and a member of the Percival group. He always wears a white coat along with a white wide round hat, which gives him a stylish look.

Just like his grandfather, he is very interested in plants and wants to become a great herbalist.

At first, he became Percival’s friend with the intent to make him a guinea pig and to do all types of experiments on him.

However, he gradually becomes his true friend and is ready to help him save the world from the wrong people.

Known Ability:

His main ability is “Mixing Venom,” which allows him to ingest all types of poisons and change their composition.

5. Donny: Nephew of Howzer


Donny is a holy knight of the Liones and is currently a member of Percival’s group. He cares a lot about his group members and is always ready to sacrifice himself to protect them.

Throughout Percival’s journey, he provides great help to him in finding Ironside. His fighting ability, especially swordsmanship, is exceptional, and he learned it from his uncle Howzer. 

Known ability:

Telekinesis is the main ability of Donny that allows him to move anything, even powerful opponents, without touching them.

4. Gawain: Niece of Arthur Pendragon


Gawain is the knight of Famine and the only female knight of the apocalypse. In her original form, she is a young girl with short stature and a lean body.

However, while using her Sunshine ability, she became very tall and muscular, just like the Escanor of the Seven Deadly Sins. She is also quite arrogant and overconfident in her overwhelming power level.

Known Ability:

Sunshine is the main ability of Gawain that enhances her physical strength to the greatest extent. It also allows her to use the power of the sun.

3. Tristan Liones: Son of Meliodas and Elizabeth

Tristan Liones

Tristan Liones is the knight of pestilence and the most handsome character in the series. Just like his mother Elizabeth, he also had a good heart and was always ready to protect his kingdoms from all types of threats.

He is also able to use both divine powers from his mother’s side and demonic powers from his father’s side. However, he preferred to use his goddess powers over his demonic powers, which are very difficult to control.

Known Ability:

Ark and Full Counter are the main abilities of Tristan. By using the ark, he develops divine lights to attack, while he uses full counters to reflect magical attacks coming from opponents.

2. Lancelot: Son of Ban and Elaine


Lancelot is the knight of war who first appears in the series as a mysterious talking fox. Just like his father, Ban, he is a brutal warrior who defeated countless power opponents.

As the son of a fairy, he is capable of changing his physical form into anything. Moreover, he can also read anyone’s mind and find out what thoughts are going on in his opponent’s mind.

Known Ability:

The main and most powerful ability of Lancelot is Unnamed Mysterious Power. This ability allows him to destroy and pulverize anything with immense magical energy by just pointing at it.

1. Percival: Son of Ironside


Percival is the knight of death and the main character of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. Due to being raised in an isolated environment, he is always curious to see new things that he has never seen or heard about.

Even though he had a small body and a childlike personality, he possessed superhuman strength and powerful abilities.

Known Ability:

Hope is the main ability of Percival that allows him to develop an enormous amount of magical aura around his body through tapping the hope of his allies.


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this top list of the Four Knights of Apocalypse’s main characters useful and liked it. It is very thrilling and exciting to meet the children of the seven deadly sins. Moreover, they were also capable of using the powerful moves of their parents.

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