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Sukuna Is Stronger Than Gojo | Officially Confirmed In Jujutsu Kaisen

It won’t be too far-fetched to say that Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the best and most popular shounen manga of recent times. Two of its characters who enjoy immense popularity in the entire anime fandom are Ryomen Sukuna and Satoru Gojo. One is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer of ancient time and the other is the strongest in modern time. In this article, we’ll talk about the decisive fight between Sukuna and Gojo and whether Sukuna is stronger than Gojo.

Sukuna vs. Gojo: Full Fight

Sukuna vs. Gojo: Full Fight

The Sukuna vs. Gojo fight was a long time coming. For the story to progress further, the two must clash against one another. And they do so after Gojo is rescued from the Prison Realm. Their conclusive battle happens on Christmas Eve day at Shinjuku.

Before the battle starts, Uraume has found the rest of Sukuna’s fingers, barring only one. With the rest of the fingers, Sukuna is almost back to his full strength with a total of 19 fingers. The last finger of Sukuna is hidden somewhere by Gojo himself, so there’s little chance of Uraume finding it.

I. The Beginning

The Beginning

Gojo begins the battle with a bang. He’s enlisted the help of Gakuganji and Utahime and aided by Utahime’s cursed technique, Solo Forbidden Area, Gojo uses his Hollow Purple at 200% of its potency. The resultant attack is powerful enough to destroy everything in its path and demolish Sukuna’s hands when he tries to stop the attack.

It’s a big move from Gojo and deals considerable damage to Sukuna but the King of Curses is quick to heal himself with Reverse Cursed Energy.

II. Hand-to-Hand Combat

Hand-to-Hand Combat

After the first attack, begins their hand-to-hand combat. The biggest challenge of fighting Gojo is the inability to touch him because of his Infinity. But Sukuna has a solution for that too. By using Domain Amplification, Sukuna covers himself with a domain that neutralizes every cursed technique it touches, including Infinity.

This means Sukuna can now touch Gojo and deal physical blows to his person. Gojo has also trained quite a lot and can easily go toe-to-toe in physical combat against Sukuna. Their hand-to-hand fight is intense and destructive enough to destroy highrise buildings around them.

It goes on for some time and when it becomes clear that there would be no clear winner in physical combat, they proceed to the next step of their fight.

III. Domain Battles

Domain Battles

Sukuna and Gojo are the two most powerful characters in the series and their respective domains are also two of the strongest domains shown in the series. When their domains clash, Malevolent Shrine vs. Unlimited Void, it’s unclear which one will win.

That changes very suddenly when Sukuna cleverly uses the barrierless nature of his domain to attack Unlimited Void from the outside. Unlike Malevolent Shrine, Unlimited Void is an enclosed space protected by a barrier. But like every domain, it’s stronger on the inside and vulnerable from the outside.

The relentless slashing attack of Malevolent Shrine on the outer barrier of Unlimited Void shatters the domain, making Sukuna the winner of the first round of their domain battle.

The thing about domain battles is that when a domain collapses, the user experiences a cursed technique burn-out of three minutes. In this period, they cannot use their cursed technique and are completely vulnerable. Sukuna uses this time to cut Gojo mercilessly with his slashing technique.

Gojo uses Reverse Cursed Technique and Simple Domain to heal himself and counter Sukuna’s attacks. But the slashing attacks are too relentless for Gojo to properly heal himself.

When it seems like Gojo is about to lose, it’s revealed that Gojo has actually been using the Reverse Cursed Technique not to heal his body but to recover his burnt-out cursed technique.

He uses his proximity to Sukuna and blasts him with Cursed Technique Reversal: Red into the shrine of Sukuna’s domain.

Having done so, they are ready for the second round of their domain battle. This time Gojo makes sure to strengthen his domain’s barrier from outside attacks.

But Sukuna once again proves to be cleverer. He turns off the sure-hit effect of his domain and uses it to increase the power of his outside attack which Gojo has not predicted. As a result, Unlimited Void crumbles once again.

When Gojo is once again hit with powerful slashing attacks, he uses his clan’s Falling Blossom Emotion to heal the shallow cuts. Gojo opens his domain for the third time in a row, this time he makes it tiny, smaller than a basketball.

The smaller size of the domain has raised its potency to several levels. This time when Sukuna breaks Gojo’s domain from the outside, Gojo has managed to damage Sukuna inside the domain too much for him to maintain Malevolent Shrine anymore.

As a result, both domains crumble, leaving each party unable to use their innate cursed technique for three minutes.

The fourth time they open their domains, Gojo wins and the fifth time their domains clash, Sukuna is affected by the effects of Unlimited Void. This is when the next twist comes.

IV. Appearance of Mahoraga

Mahoraga vs. Gojo

Turns out Sukuna has already summoned Mahoraga with Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique and has been hiding the Shikigami inside the shadows, giving it time and opportunities to adapt to Unlimited Void.

He is also smart enough to make Megumi carry the burden of Mahoraga’s adaptation instead of carrying it himself.

Now that Unlimited Void is useless against Sukuna because of Mahoraga, the only thing that’s standing between Sukuna and victory is Gojo’s Infinity.

For Mahoraga to adapt to Infinity, the wheel over Mahoraga’s head needs to spin four times. This means Gojo has to destroy Mahoraga before the Shikigami gets to experience Infinity four times.

V. Appearance of Merged Beast Agito

Sukuna, Mahoraga, Merged Beast Agito

Gojo is determined to destroy Mahoraga before that happens and to prevent Gojo from doing so, Sukuna summons another powerful Shikigami, Merged Beast Agito, which is created from the combination of Round Deer, Mourning Tiger, Great Serpent, and Nue. With Agito’s addition, Gojo now has to fight a three-against-one battle.

It’s a tough battle and Mahoraga eventually adapts to Infinity and slices Gojo’s arm right off. But he heals himself with Reverse Cursed Technique and hits Agito with Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue, destroying the Shikigami instantly.

VI. Hollow Purple

Hollow Purple

Now that Agito is out of the picture, that only leaves Sukuna and Mahoraga. Gojo plans to use the remainder of the Blue technique and combine it with Curse Energy Reversal: Red to create Hollow Purple. Sensing his plan, Sukuna orders Mahoraga to destroy the remaining Blue as he destroys the Red.

As Mahoraga proceeds towards the Blue in the sky, Gojo uses the attractive force of the Blue technique to summon himself between the Shikigami and Blue, landing a powerful physical attack on Mahoraga. 

Sukuna, on the other hand, is using Piercing Blood to destroy the Red technique. But Gojo begins chanting to strengthen the power of Red which turns Piercing Blood useless.

The Red and Blue techniques finally collide, creating a powerful singularity that is Hollow Purple at its 120% power. The intensity of the attack demolishes everything in its path, hitting all three of them.

VII. Conclusion


The ending of the fight comes as a huge twist. At first, it seems like Gojo has won because while Mahoraga and Sukuna are in no condition to fight after being hit by Hollow Purple, Gojo has been less affected because the technique is created from his own cursed technique.

It is then revealed by Sukuna that when Mahoraga adapted to Infinity, it wasn’t adapting to Gojo but the space, the world itself. And thus when the Hollow Purple is launched, Mahoraga has already cut everything in its path, including Gojo.

Thus, the winner of the decisive Sukuna vs. Gojo fight in Shinjuku is none other than the King of Curses: Sukuna. Later, Gojo’s conversation with Geto after he dies confirms that Sukuna is indeed stronger than Gojo.

And while Gojo gave his 100% to this fight, he believes Sukuna wasn’t giving it his all. Gojo also mentions how thinks Sukuna would’ve won even if he wasn’t using the Ten Shadows Technique.

Admitted by the strongest jujutsu sorcerer in the modern era confirms that Sukuna is officially stronger than Gojo and currently, the strongest character in the story.

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