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Haku Ki in Kingdom: The Leader of the Six Great Generals

Haku Ki in Kingdom is one of the strongest characters among the Six Great Generals we have seen so far. But, there seems to be little to no information about him in the manga.

This might be a bit of sad news for fans, but we have got you Haku Ki fans covered in that aspect. We have been collecting all information about Haku Ki in Kingdom, and we present that to you in this article.

From his history to his abilities and stats, we have covered everything we can find on Haku Ki in Kingdom. Make sure to read this article till the end to know more about one of your favorite and strongest characters in the Kingdom series.

Haku Ki in Kingdom: Wiki 

Current AgeN/A
RankGreat General
Eyes ColorDark Grey
Hair ColorBlack
AbilityPhysical Prowess, Leadership, Master Strategist, Terrain Manipulation
Marital StatusSingle


Haku Ki was the leader and also one of the strongest members of the first generation of Six Great Generals. This title alone shows the extent of his power, which was feared by his enemies.

He has some of the highest stats in the Kingdom, and his strength and power was recognized by many of the other Kingdom characters. Even Kyou En from the Four Heavenly Kings and Ren Pa from the Three Great Heavens admired his abilities and strength in battles.

Haku Ki was known to not take unnecessary risks in battle, to avoid losing. He is also a very cruel and ruthless commander, which we witnessed when he killed many Zhao soldiers.

Haku Ki’s Skills and Abilities

Haku Ki's Skills and Abilities

Haku Ki was known to be one of the strongest members of the Six Great Generals of Qin. This shows how much strength and power he has. His skills were also recognized by the King, which shot him to the Leader position of Six Great Generals.

  • He is pretty strong and is also proficient in using his weapon, Glaive.
  • Haku Ki possessed a great talent for warfare and was considered very problematic to deal with.
  • He was a very capable leader, which is a given, due to his position.
  • Being a Master Strategist, he was always cautious about his enemies and their fighting styles. ‘
  • That’s why, he always used a Counter Offense strategy, and only deploy this once his enemies start their attack.
  • He has a very good intuition because he had to navigate through various traps and plans set up by enemies to achieve this.
  • Haku Ki was also pretty good at Terrain Manipulation, and using it to his advantage.
  • He also had a very rare talent, for building strong natural fortresses, which were always used in his strategies.
  • Haku Ki would always build this mountain fortress before battle, and then lure out his enemies to that position.

Stats of Haku Ki in Kingdom


Haku Ki boasts some of the highest stats in the series, for specific areas. His ruthlessness was known to be unmatched by none, as he ruthlessly killed enemy soldiers.

He has a strength parameter of 86, which is decent and a good amount. Since he was a cautious man, he mostly played with his intelligence and strategies, rather than winning in a 1v1 duel.

Haku Ki has a leadership stat of 92, which is pretty impressive. Although there are people with better leadership stats, he still boasts a pretty impressive score.

He has an intelligence of 99, which is almost a given. This is almost a perfect score, and based on his intelligence alone, he rivals some of the most intelligent characters in the series like Ou Sen, Shou Hei Kun, and Ri Boku.

Haku Ki has an S in terms of his experience in fighting wars and battles. He has some of the highest battle experience in the series so far, with only Gaku Ki beating him with SS experience.

Overall, we can say that he has some pretty good stats. Although he lacks a bit of strength, he can still rival many of the strongest characters in the series. This is mostly due to his experience, intelligence, and his military prowess.

History of Haku Ki in Kingdom


Haku Ki has a pretty good history, given the number of battles and wars he waged in the past. Given his position, he was always in the leading position, had any state threatened Qin.

He fought against many of the strongest characters during his time and was still undefeated in wars. Haku Ki had fought with characters like Kyou En, and Ren Pa, who were some of the strongest in their respective states, and remained undefeated.

Especially, Kyou En of the Four Heavenly Kings had said that he was a very powerful foe for him. Haku Ki had also battled against Ren Pa numerous times, and weakened several states, during his battles.

He was also one of the major reasons for the drop in the number and strength of Zhao’s military forces. 19 years before the start of Shin’s story, he battled against many Zhao troops at Chouhei and won.

On top of killing most of the soldiers, 400,000 soldiers were still captives. This was when we truly saw how ruthless Haku Ki can truly be.

Despite pleas from his officers, he did not leave even a single soldier alive in this confrontation. He ordered his troops for all of the 400,000 soldiers of Zhao to be buried alive.

This incident started the decline in the strength of Zhao’s troops. This confrontation was also etched as one of the most fearsome incidents for the people of Zhao at that time.

He was also not defeated in battle, as Ren Pa stated that Haku Ki had killed himself. We still do not know the reason why Haku Ki killed himself, leaving all his legacy behind.

This marks the end of our article on one of the strongest Six Great Generals, Haku Ki in Kingdom manga. We shall be coming up with more articles about your favorite characters, so make sure to check our other posts till then.

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