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10 Hottest Spanish Actresses Heating Up Netflix Series

Spanish series are loved by everyone all around the world for various genres. They know what the viewers want and present it according to their taste. And we are here for good-quality series or movies.

There’s much to look forward to in the Spanish series, like the storyline, cast, acting, settings, cinematography, songs, etc. But one thing that you cannot take your eyes off is the actresses. They are coming out as the main ingredient and heating up the series.

Netflix is known for never disappointing with its content, and there are numerous Spanish movies and series to watch there. Below, I have shortlisted a few Spanish actresses living up to the hype they deserve in the Netflix series.

10 Hottest Spanish Actresses Heating Up Netflix Series

1. María Pedraza

Name in seriesAlison Parker
Age27 years
SeriesMoney Heist
Other popular movies/seriesElite, Toy Boy, Ego


María is literally very diva and alluring. She received worldwide recognition after appearing in hit Netflix series like Money Heist and Elite. The fun fact about her was that she was discovered through the social media platform Instagram. Pedraza’s debut project was Amar, in which she played the role of Laura.

2. Ester Expósito

Name in seriesCarla Rosón Caleruega
Age23 years
Other popular movies/seriesSomeone Has to Die, Venus, Lost in the Night


Ester has been in the spotlight since her debut in the television series Centro Médico. She has appeared in many Netflix series, but she is most popular in the series Elite. Everybody liked her character, Carla Rosón Caleruega. It helped her gain international acclaim from the audience. The actress is as gorgeous as you could think of.

3. Úrsula Corberó

Name in seriesTokyo
Age34 years
SeriesMoney Heist
Other popular movies/seriesSnake Eyes, Isabel, Burning Body


Do you remember one of the most popular and liked characters from the Netflix series Money Heist? That is Tokyo. Úrsula Corberó portrayed that role. Tokyo’s fearless and ruthless attitude and amazing action skills in the series gained support and praise from all around the world.

And because of the huge success of the series, she became one of the most-followed Spanish celebrities on Instagram. Corberó has starred in several other projects. She was also closely associated with the fashion industry and has been the face and ambassador of many renowned brands.

4. Blanca Suarez


Name in seriesLidia Aguilar Dávila / Alba Romero Méndez
Age35 years
SeriesCable Girls
Other popular movies/seriesThe Boat, Jaguar, The Skin I Live In


The stunning actress has been working in the industry since 2007. Blanca was nominated and obtained many awards for her acting. But her popularity widened through the Netflix series Cable Girls. She has starred in numerous other movies and films.

Suárez has experience in the modeling industry. Her talent doesn’t stop here. She is known for writing blogs for the fashion magazine Vogue España since 2014.

5. Diana Gómez

Name in seriesTatiana
Age34 Years
SeriesMoney Heist
Other popular movies/seriesValeria


It seems like half of the female cast of Money Heist have been mentioned on this list. Diana Gomez is another name from the well-known series. She played the role of Tatiana. She has also received recognition for portraying the leading role in the television series Valeria.

6. Carolina Miranda

Name in seriesElisa Lazcano
Age33 years
SeriesWho Killed Sara
Other popular movies/seriesFake Profile, Señora Acero


Carolina Miranda Olvera appeared in the Netflix series Who Killed Sara as Elisa Lazcano, which is one of her popular series. She was also twice nominated and awarded for Señora Acero. She debuted in the television series Los Rey in 2012. The Mexican actress has worked in many other television series throughout her career.

7. Amaia Salamanca

Name in seriesAstrid
Age37 years
SeriesWelcome to Eden
Other popular movies/seriesGran Hotel, Dos años y un día


The beautiful and tall Spanish actress made her acting debut in the television drama in 2006. Amaia Salamanca is known for her roles in Gran Hotel, Velvet, and Welcome to Eden. Aside from being an actress, she also does modeling. She also has experience working in theater.

8. Paula Echevarría

Name in seriesAna Ribera López de Márquez
Age46 years
Other popular movies/seriesGran Reserva, Luz de domingo


Paula Echevarría is one of the most famous in Spain. She is known for working on projects like Luz de Domingo, Sangre de Mayo, Velvet, and Ola de Crímenes. She is a model and actress. Despite being in her 40s, she looks captivating and attractive.

9. Georgina Amorós

Name in seriesIrene
Age25 years
SeriesIn Love All Over Again
Other popular movies/seriesVelvet, Elite, Welcome to the Family


The viewers who are always up to date on new Netflix shows must be familiar with the series In Love All Over Again, which was released on February 14th, 2023. This Spanish actress has worked in many Netflix series. Georgina has distinguishable facial features that make her beautiful and hot at the same time.

Her attractive trait is how she always dresses up so stunningly. You should definitely check out some of her work to learn why she is so well-known.

10. Claudia Salas

Name in seriesRebe
Age29 years
Other popular movies/seriesCredita, Las pelotaris 1926


Elite is a Netflix series filled with the hottest line-ups. You could only see visuals, visuals, and visuals. One of them is Claudia Salas. Her eyes are one of the most prominent features. She looks intimidating and irresistible.

You have to fight demons for not looking at and falling for her. Claudia gained wider recognition after appearing in Elite. She has appeared in several series and films as well.


These Spanish actresses always make headlines for their appearances. Watching them over and over again is something we all go through. It’s hard to resist the charms they spread on screens. You will be brave enough not to fall for these exceptionally attractive ladies.

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