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Top 20 Strongest Androids In Dragon Ball Series Ranked (2023)

There is a vast multitude of androids in the Dragon Ball series. From Android prototypes to fusions to robots and bio-androids, we have seen many different Android prototypes throughout the Dragon Ball franchise.

Even in the recent Dragon Ball Super manga, we have witnessed many different and powerful androids. Now the question arises: Which of those androids are more robust, and how many are weaker?

That’s why he brought up this article ranking the top 20 strongest androids in the Dragon Ball series. Spoilers are ahead for the Dragon Ball Super series, so ensure you are caught up.

Top 20 Strongest Androids In Dragon Ball Series Ranked

20) Prototype Androids


Prototype Androids

Created ByDr Gero
Strongest AbilityN/A

Just as the name goes, these are the prototype androids Dr. Gero had created as an early prototype. These androids only appear once in the series, when Future Trunks shows Dr. Gero’s lab in the future.

Aside from that, they don’t have any special abilities or powers. These are mainly used as mob-like characters and serve as foot soldiers. This is why these androids are at the bottom of the strongest androids in the Dragon Ball list.

19) Major Metallitron 

Major Metallitron

Created By Dr. Gero
Strongest AbilityCrushing in Hands

Major Metallitron has a lot of raw strength, but that is the end for him. He still has some other powerful weapons like missiles, but he is only on this list because of his extraordinary raw strength.

He fought against Goku and also gave him a hard time when he was still a kid. Metallitron has a considerable weakness; he cannot fight if he runs out of batteries.

Even though he has the title of Major, he only has his raw strength to show for his position.

18) Android 8

Android 8


Created ByDr. Gero
Strongest AbilitySelf Destruct Device

Android 18 was the first successful Android completed by Dr. Gero. It was also one of his weakest androids, as Android 18 didn’t want to fight against other people. He instead had a very kind personality.

This was the reason he was deemed a failure by Dr. Gero. But, his true power and abilities are unknown because he hates fighting. Still, he does have some powerful moves like Android Bomb, which he can use to defeat enemies.

17) Android 14 

Android 14 


Created ByDr. Gero
Strongest AbilityAndroid Charge 14

Like some of the other Androids, Android 14 is also not unique compared to some powerful and powerful androids on this list. It also has a wrong choice of opponent selection, as it fought against Future Trunks

He did manage to hold out on his own for some time, but it was all for nothing. Another interesting point is that Android 14 was never mentioned in the manga, but it was only implied that Future Trunks destroyed him. 

16) Android 15 

Android 15 


Created ByDr. Gero
Strongest AbilityAndroid Strike 15

Just like Android 14, Android 15 wasn’t present in the manga. But, we do get to know the fate of this Android in the manga series. It is also similar in power levels to Android 14, as it is only slightly stronger than Android 14.

Android 15 fought against a powerful opponent, Vegeta, and held on for almost the same time as its counterpart. But, all it took for Vegeta was only punch in his Super Saiyan mode, which shows how weak Android 15 is. 

15) Android 19 


Android 19 

Created ByDr. Gero
Strongest AbilityVillainous Carnage

Android 19 is a ki-absorption model but one of the weakest androids. Even though he was the secondary antagonist in the Androids saga arc, he was easily defeated.

But he could still have been helpful in some other situations. Had he absorbed more Ki, the fight would have ended differently, but we all know how the battle between him and Vegeta went.

14) Dr. Gero 

Dr. Gero 

Created ByDr. Gero
Strongest AbilityLife Drain 20

Also commonly known as Android 20, this was just a robotic body of Dr. Gero installed with his brain. It was also stated multiple times that he was stronger than Android 19.

Gero also has some special life steal moves, which he can use to take his opponents by surprise. It would also make them vulnerable to more attacks. He also has many other forms in other Dragon Ball series, showing us that he is a capable android.

And, since he also managed to retain his intelligence, he was a major thorn in the side of Goku and other characters.

13) Android 13 

Android 13

Created ByDr. Gero
Strongest AbilityS.S. Deadly Bomber

Moving on towards some of the strongest androids in the Dragon Ball series, we have a capable fighter called Android 13. It was also stated that he was stronger than Dr. Gero and some of the other non-canon androids.

He has a muscular and fit body, which perfectly showcases his strength. He could also absorb some of the other Androids and become a more powerful version of himself.

12) Super Android 13 

Super Android 13 

Created ByDr. Gero
Strongest AbilityS.S. Deadly Bomber

Super Android 13 is a better and more robust version of Android 13. He fused with Android 14 and 15 to become an even more powerful foe and gave Goku and his friends a hard time.

With this transformation, he unlocks the arsenal to way more powerful moves and abilities. All of his base attributes were also vastly increased in this form.

11) Android 16 


Android 16

Created ByDr. Gero
Strongest AbilityHell’s Flash

Even if Android 16 was created to kill Goku, he was still kind and did not tolerate evil characters. He was also the one who had fought almost on par with Imperfect Cell in the Cell Saga.

It was stated multiple times that Android 16 would always have unlimited stamina, strength, and power. These few unique attributes make him one of the strongest fighters.

Unluckily, he was defeated and killed by Cell after he absorbed Android 17. Due to his body being entirely mechanical, he cannot be revived.

10) Android 18 

Android 18 

Created ByDr. Gero
Strongest AbilityPower Blitz

Although Android 18 was hailed as one of the most powerful characters, she falls short compared to some of the other Androids. She is also one of the series’s most beautiful and hottest characters.

She gradually gets stronger throughout the series and peaks in the Dragon Ball Super manga. Android 18 also became a powerful ally for Goku when they were fighting against Super Android 17.

We know she was a twin android, created with her brother, Android 17. Even though they were expected to have the same power level, Android 18 is a bit weaker than Android 17.

9) Semi-Perfect Cell 

Semi-Perfect Cell 

Created ByDr. Gero
Strongest AbilityUnforgivable!

Even if this wasn’t Cell’s most potent form, he still easily beat most of the other Androids on this list. This was his special form after he completely absorbed Android 17, which also doubled his power.

He has multiple attack variations that could even destroy islands. On top of this, he could also use his self-destructing move called Unforgivable! to wipe off Earth from the face of the whole galaxy.

There is no way to stop him in this form, as he explodes after charging for a minute. The process only speeds up further if he is attacked. He displayed the sheer destructive force of this move when he blew up the entirety of King Kai’s Planet.

8) Android 17 

Android 17

Created ByDr. Gero
Strongest AbilityFalse Self Destruction

Although this ranking might be arguable, when we look at his initial power level, this will make sense in the Dragon Ball Super manga. He gained many new powers and abilities and is way stronger than initially.

In the Dragon Ball Super series, he is hailed as the Hero of Universe 17 and managed to win the Tournament of Power. This shows how much more powerful than he was during the Cell Saga.

Even Akira Toriyama had stated that Android 17 was more powerful and had more significant potential when compared to his sister. We also see this in his special moves, the most deadly of which is his False Self Destruction.

As the name goes, he self-destructs, but this move does not damage him. This move also blew away half of the Tournament of Power’s arena, showcasing his strength to the world.

7) Super 17 

Super 17

Created ByDr. Gero, Dr. Myuu
Strongest AbilityElectro Eclipse Bomb

Super Android 17 is a more robust version of Android 17. He is arrogant in his powers and always looks down on others. He was also the main antagonist of the Super 17 saga.

It also took the combined power of Android 18 and Goku to destroy him, showing his influence. He is the fusion of Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17 and was also one of the androids Dr. Gero didn’t control.

Super 17 can also absorb the energy of his opponent’s attacks and has even overwhelmed Super Saiyan 4 Goku after absorbing much energy.

6) Perfect Cell 

Perfect Cell

Created ByDr. Gero
Strongest AbilityDeath Beam

Cell has many different forms, and this one is arguably the most potent version that he attained. Cell was already deemed a perfect being after absorbing Android 17 and Android 18.

This form of his can also be referred to as his Super Saiyan 2 or Super Perfected form after he received Saiyan power. Even if he lost control of Android 18 in this process, the power boost from his Saiyan level was enough to make up for more than his lost power.

5) Android 21

Android 21

Created ByDr. Gero
Strongest AbilityAbsolute Release Ball

Android 21 might look like a tall and curvy beauty at the start, but she is much more than that. She is said to possess intelligence on par with Dr. Gero or even might be more intelligent than him.

She has different split personalities, which is what makes her so strong. Android 21 also has a wide range of powerful moves, which were used to beat some of the strongest characters in the series.

However, even if Akira Toriyama created the design, she only appears briefly in an OVA. She is a primary antagonist in the Dragon Ball Fighter Z game, where we see her true power.

4) Evil Android 21 

Evil Android 21 

Created ByDr. Gero
Strongest AbilityAbsolute Release Ball

This is Android 21’s most potent and ultimate form; after she absorbs Cell, her appearance also dramatically changes. She also has access to more powerful abilities and techniques, which she couldn’t use before.

She can also use moves to turn people into food, which she consumes later. This also strengthens her power by a lot if she devours strong people. None of her other variants even come close to her power level after this transformation.

Although she does an even more powerful state for her evil form, it only appears in Dokkan Battle.

3) Gamma 1 

Gamma 1

Created ByDr. Hedo
Strongest AbilitySuper Gamma Blast

Gamma 1 is a powerful fighter, as he fought on par with Gohan’s Potential Unleashed form and overpowered Gohan’s Super Saiyan form. This shows the amount of power and strength which he possesses.

However, he has few consequential or special abilities to defeat his opponents in a single strike. He relies on his raw attributes and intelligence in battle.

2) Gamma 2 

Gamma 2

Created ByDr. Hedo
Strongest AbilityCore Breaker

Although both the Gammas could consist of almost similar powers and abilities, Gamma 2 got the short end of the stick in the Dragon Ball series. He was only recently introduced in the Dragon Ball Super Manga but appeared well in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film.

He fought with Piccolo for some time, upon Dr. Hedo’s advice. However, soon, he understood that he was fighting for the wrong side. But fate had different plans for him as Cell Max was awakened by Magenta just then.

He sacrificed himself to deal massive damage to Cell Max’s weak point but could only manage to blow off his left arm.

1) Cell Max

Cell Max

Created ByDr. Hedo
Strongest AbilityExplosive Scream

If there is a most robust android in the Dragon Ball series list, the top spot is unanimously kept for Cell Max, one of the strongest villains in the Dragon Ball franchise. Dr. Hedo built Cell Max after changing the original Cell’s blueprint.

But, Cell Max did not awaken with his full power. Magenta released him early, and Cell Max had nearly zero intelligence and was only a monster who wanted to destroy everything.

Despite not attaining his full potential, he quickly overpowered Orange Piccolo, some of Gohan’s forms, and even the Gammas. These are all the 20 strongest androids in the Dragon Ball series. Check some of our other Dragon Ball series-related content over here.

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