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Bleach: How did Ichigo beat Yhwach? Ichigo Kurosaki vs Yhwach Explained 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:29 am

Bleach has been an immensely complex manga and is laced with several complicated ideas that do not completely appear to explain how things have gone about in that world. Some of the fight scenes are incompletely explained, where convenience, chance, and luck play a greater role than actual fighting acumens, such as the fight between Yhwach and Ichigo. So, how did Ichigo defeat Yhwach?

Firstly Aizen tricked Yhwach with his Shikai, making it appear that Yhwach was fighting Ichigo and Renji, while it was only Aizen that Yhwach was fighting the whole time. This reveals an important fact about Yhwach, projecting that he was not beyond the control and power extent of Aizen. While Ichigo does manage to impale Yhwach for a minimal time, Yhwach reforms almost immediately.

Yhwach was then shot with a silver arrowhead by Ishida, which prevented him from using his powers. This special arrowhead was made mixed with the blood of the Auswahlen caster, making it possible to prevent Yhwach from using any of his abilities. Yhwach previously had neglected Ichigo as a dream cutting him in the back, which came back to hurt him.

Ichigo vs Yhwach

Yhwach still managed to break the Tensa Zangetsu, revealing the initial Shikai blade inside, bringing the story to a full circle. Ichigo uses the Shikai to stab Yhwach in the back, defeating him one and for all. Therefore, the silver arrowhead, along with Aizen’s Shikai and finally Ichigo’s base Shikai resulted in Yhwach’s defeat.

In this post, therefore, we will discuss the powers and abilities of Ichigo and Yhwach in detail and finally reach a conclusive decision on how Ichigo defeated Yhwach. If you want to know the complete analysis, stay tuned till the end.

How did Ichigo defeat Yhwach?

In the previous clash between the two characters in manga chapters 513 and 673, Yhwach had completely defeated Ichigo and even drained him of his Quincy and Hollow Powers, leaving him with only his Shinigami Powers. So when Ichigo fights against Yhwach in chapter 682 again, all possible outcomes lead to Ichigo’s defeat, but that did not happen.

Hachwalth failed to notice and use ‘Almighty’ to prewarn Yhwach, which meant the alternate realities and other possibilities are not revealed in case there is a certain discrepancy in the future. What it actually meant was that Yhwach was not fully prepared to conquer Ichigo since his future only projected breaking the blade, but not the aftermath of it.

Ichigo Kurosaki vs Yhwach

The silver arrow that impales Yhwach fired by Ishida has quite a complex backdrop to it since it was not an ordinary silver arrowhead but one that appeared from Auswahlen. By mixing the still silver with the blood of the Auswahlen caster, the special arrowhead was made. This special arrowhead had the ability to take away all of the abilities of that particular individual for a brief period.

This buffer period was all that Ichigo required, and Yhwach was then unable to use Almighty to predict the future or to use it to re-write the future, providing Ichigo with a much-needed opening.

However, Yhwach still manages to break Ichigo’s Zanpukto, although only the white part, revealing the dark blade inside that was hidden all the time, and this brings things to a full circle.

Yhwach’s dismissal of his ability that he considered a dream of Ichigo with his original Shikai Zanpukto and in the uniform of a shinigami previously shown in the Soul Society arc.

When Ichigo, therefore, previously activated his Tensa Zangetsu, it appears in a new form, one representing his Quincy side and the other of Hollow and Shinigami abilities.

Kubo sensei brings the plot to a complete end since Ichigo defeats Yhwach with the most basic Shikai blade, bringing a full circle to the set of events and thereby justifying the merging of the two swords.

Fan theories have also claimed that Ichigo’s actual power was to sever through fate, which allowed him to manipulate and cut Yhwach more than once.

And it appears that Yhwach was aware of the fact, which was also the reason why he went after Ichigo’s blade in the first place. This theory is also in consonance with the theme of changing fate throughout the series.

Since Ichigo now had Aizen’s help, Aizen could manipulate Yhwach’s perception with his Shikai, making him vulnerable to Ichigo’s attacks.

Along with that, the silver arrow shot through Yhwach’s heart temporarily disabled all of his powers and abilities, giving Ichigo a free pass to make it a more physical battle, ultimately resulting in Yhwach’s defeat.

Ichigo’s Power & Abilities (By End of the Series)

Ichigo’s powers extend much beyond his looks, and his physical prowess is second to none. He is supposed to be stronger than most of the other combatants and is a master martial arts user.

Along with that, he also has immense speed and durability that allows him to continue fighting over a greater span of time without tiring himself out due to his immense stamina.

It must also be remembered that Ichigo is a Hollow, Shinigami, and Quincy rolled into one, so he has access to powers of all three fractions.

For instance, Ichigo has great Reitsu control while also managing his hollow form and immense spiritual power. However, his real selling point is his keep intellect and growth propensity, which is off the charts since he learns the most complex of techniques in the shortest of time.


  • 1) Shunpo expert

Ichigo is a master Shunpo user that amplifies his speed to that which even drew compliments from Byakuya. In his Shinigami form, Ichigo has even greater strength and durability, which makes him a force to reckoned with.

  • 2) Shikai

Like most powerful Shinigami, Ichigo, too, has unlocked his Shikai, which gives him access to special abilities like the Getsuga Tenshō and Getsuga Jūjishō, making him deadly on the battlefield.

  • 3) Bankai

Bankai is an ability that even the most proficient of Shinigami had failed to unlock (like Aizen). Ichigo’s Bankai is the true form of Tensa Zangetsu, where a smaller black bade is combined with the outer white blade that allows for more deadly and complex attacks, in the process giving him an enhanced ability: Enhanced Getsuga Tenshō.

  • 4) Hollow and Quincy powers

Ichigo’s complete Hollowfication led to the Vasto Lorde form, one that is perhaps the strongest form given that it is not bound by human morality to construct and so on, allowing Ichigo to spread carnage as he pleases. It combined with his Bankai ability to form the Gran Rey Cero-Getsuga Tenshō.

His Quincy powers give him access to Blut, which is one of the most powerful, especially since the Blut Vene allowed him to survive an attack inflicted by Yhwach’s world, and with all three powers and forms combined, Ichigo forms a formidable opponent.

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Yhwach’s Power & Abilities (By End of the Series)

Honestly, to explain all the powers of Yhwach will take a separate article by itself. This is a man who can literally bend reality and can change fate, destiny, and the future itself.

He is almost omnipotent and can literally rip holes, in reality, to make changes that he desires, slow time, has flawless healing, and can absorb the powers of all of his enemies.

Ichigo Kurosaki vs Yhwach

Yhwach is the next best alternative to Soul King, a being so powerful that he can even bestow powers on others without breaking a sweat. And then, obviously, he has mastered all forms of combat and is the father of all Quincy. Known as “The Almighty,” the fact that Ichigo managed to defeat this character is highly suspicious by itself, given that he had a lot of support and even greater luck.


  • 1) Power bestowal and removal

Yes, that is right, Yhwach can take away or bestow powers to anyone and is literally the manifestation of the omnipotent being that can do whatever he wishes with nobody even remotely strong, given that he is also a master of melee combat.

  • 2) Complete Healing

How do you defeat an enemy that cannot be hurt and much less be killed? Yhwach projects a similar problem for Ichigo because he can heal all of his wounds in a moment. Even if he is decapitated, he can still grow a new body out of his head, making it almost impossible to kill him.

  • 3) Sankt Bogen

Yhwach does not need to carry his weapons around. Being an expert reishi manipulator, he can create weapons through simple control. This means he can create a Reishi broadsword that only he can use and also the Heilig Pfeil, which further consolidates his position as an expert marksman as well.

  • 4) Matter transmutation and dimensional travel

Imagine defeating an enemy that can literally open portals through dimensions and therefore is almost impossible to get hold of. And now add matter manipulation to it.

Yhwach can literally create objects out of thin air, like creating a fortress within seconds to taunt his enemies. With his enhanced spiritual control and power, he is one enemy you should try to run away from.

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Ichigo Kurosaki vs Yhwach

Yhwach vs Ichigo

1) Based on Physical Prowess

Honestly, this is the only category that Ichigo can take over Yhwach, and that too is calling a long shot. Ideally, though, Ichigo is younger and faster and has more flexibility than Yhwach, given his form.

Also, Ichigo has access to his Quincy, Hollow, and Shinigami forms which are part of his physical manifestation, and therefore has access to those as well.

Yhwach, on the other hand, once his powers are taken away, is a decent enough fighter but still susceptible to injuries. This round goes to Ichigo by a very close margin.

2) Based on Bankai

Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu is strong, but honestly, it is an unfair matchup against Yhwach, who can simply make reishi swords or bow and arrows. Add to it his decisive ability as a potent marksman and an extremely competent swordsman.

Yhwach is a formidable opponent given that he almost has no restrictions and can easily create, give and take away abilities.

Ichigo, on the other side, does not have a Bankai that is at the same level as Yhwach. Even Yamamoto’s Bankai and Ichimonji could barely touch Yhwach, projecting his power levels. Yhwach takes a clean sweep in this round.

3) Based on abilities

This is yet another under-matched fight. Ichigo is clearly out of his league in terms of abilities, and the maximum he can do is take up the Vasto Lorde form and inflict maximum damage before being taken out.

While on the other side, Yhwach is present with his ability to glance into the future, literally create things out of thin air, having complete healing and Reitsu control along with spiritual power and manipulation that is considered to be off the charts. It is obviously clear, therefore, that Yhwach takes this round too and by a clear margin.

4) Based on speed, durability, and healing

Ichigo stands a chance if this comparison was solely based on speed, but honestly, he is no match for Yhwach’s durability and healing. Yhwach can tear literal dimensional rifts, allowing him to instantly transport wherever he feels like. Even if that ability is taken, as the father of all Quincy, Yhwach has incredible speed second to none.

Ichigo does not have absolute healing like Yhwach, and Yhwach can regrow his body from the tiniest of cells, making him almost impossible to kill; no prizes for guessing, Yhwach takes this round as well.

Based on the comparisons above, therefore, it must have become clear that Ichigo alone stands no chance of defeating Yhwach. It was only through the assistance of several high-profile warriors like Aizen coming together and by taking away Yhwach’s powers for a moment was Ichigo finally able to proclaim victory over him.

So there it is a complete analysis of how Ichigo defeated Yhwach. This part is yet to be animated and will be shown in the Thousand-year blood Arc coming this October. In the meantime, you can catch up on all the other Bleach action through the manga on VIZ and the anime on Crunchyroll. And for more exclusive content, keep following us.


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