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How Powerful is Shigaraki (All For One) in My Hero Academia Explained? 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:27 am

Tomura Shigaraki is the main antagonist of the My Hero Academia series, written by Kohei Horikoshi, and with the evolution of All For One with Shigaraki in the recent chapters, things have gotten very intense.

He is the League of Villains’ leader and one of the series’ key foes. His master, All For One, trained him with the purpose of slaying All Might but has now fused with him to form a demon lord that cannot be defeated. 

After Shigaraki eliminates Bakugo and sees the vision of the Second user of One For All, he truly fuses with All For One and transforms into the perfect Demon Lord. So, here, we have come up with an article on “How Powerful is Shigaraki (All For One) in My Hero Academia.” Here, we have discussed his power level compared to other pro heroes in the series. 

How Powerful is Shigaraki (All For One) in current My Hero Academia? 

In terms of power scaling, Shigaraki (All For One) is definitely more powerful than Cathleen Bates, as he defeated her even though she pushed him to his limits. However, like Shigaraki (All For One), if Cathleen Bates knew everything about him, then maybe the results could be flipped.

How Powerful Is Shigaraki

Also, he made Nomu as a decoy to save his life from Bates’ strongest attack. No wonder, Shigaraki (All For One) has multiple quirks, which grant him an advantage over his opponents. 

In the current My Hero Academia Universe, the power levels are constantly changing, and with the introduction to Cathleen and the evolution of One For All and All For One, the Horikoshi Sensei is delivering a great story.

The MHA scenario made Midoriya the next OFA user, and unlike All Might, he is able to use the quirks of all previous users and can even contact their souls. But here, the question arises, is he really more powerful than Shigaraki (All For One)?

The answer is straight no because he lacks experience. On the other hand, if we take All Might and compare him with Shigaraki (All For One), then we can estimate him to be stronger. Presently, All Might is the strongest hero we have ever witnessed in the series. He defeated AFO (Prime) two times. 

In conclusion, Shigaraki (All For One) power level is:

All Might> Shigaraki (AFO)> Cathleen Bates> Midoriya (OFA)

Shigaraki (All for One) Quirk Awakening & Abilities 

Shigaraki’s quirk was activated and evolved during his combat with Re-Destro. Shigaraki’s childhood memories began to emerge in bits and pieces while the two battled. The reappearance of his painful memories, combined with Redestro’s relentless pursuit, created the ideal spark for his quirk to emerge. 

Extend Hands

  • Strength: Tomura appears to be stronger than his appearance suggests, capable of choking Izuku with only four fingers while his victim struggles to fight back.
  • Durability: Tomura survived a point-blank blast from Katsuki’s Explosion Quirk with little to no damage.
  • Speed: Tomura seems to be able to move rapidly, which allows him to touch and affect his targets with minimal contact. When he confronted Re-Destro, he was able to move so quickly with minimum wasted motions that Re-Destro was caught off guard by his increased speed.
  • Decay: As soon as he awakened it, his Decay was launched to a new degree of peril. Decay’s awakening lifted all previous restrictions on his quirk. Shigaraki was able to utilize his quirk for a brief while despite losing two fingers.
  • Flight: Shigaraki used his quirk to absorb wings from a Nomu and gained the ability to Fly.
  • All For One ( Awakened): All For One gave Shigaraki a lot of unreasonable power with a tonne of plot armor. In the recent chapter, he has become a Demon Lord and now has enough power to rival One For All in its prime.
  • Extended Hands: Although this further part isn’t about Shigaraki’s ability but rather his accessories, the hands placed on all of his body are actually the appendages of his dead family. When he first got his quirk, he accidentally eliminated his entire family, which led to him going down a bad emotional spiral. Later this led to him being adopted by All For One. He uses these appendages to calm himself in battle if his raging emotions become uncontrollable and act like emotional restraints to him.

However, post-war Shigaraki has no need for them as he has been calm and collected ever since the awakening of All For One.

Is Shigaraki (All For One) stronger than All For One?

The recent chapter showcasing the death of Bakugo proved one thing for sure, and that is Shigaraki (All For One) is more powerful than All For One. Shigaraki evolved All For One like he had predicted, quite dangerous as well.

All For One, after many, many battles with All Might as well as the previous One For All, is very weak as of now compared to Shigaraki, who has successfully evolved continuously throughout the manga. Even though Deku has also significantly evolved One For All as well, he still is no match for Shigaraki.

Is Shigaraki stronger than Deku? 

Following the events of Bakugo’s Death, The fusion of the vestiges of All For One and Tomura granted him the All For One power, transforming him into one of the most powerful characters of all time.

Quirk Rivet Stab

Not only that, but his body was strengthened to the point that it could be likened to All Might himself. In the War storyline, Shigaraki nearly fought the whole Hero Association on his own.

Although Shigaraki has many powerful powers at his disposal, the most powerful one he presently has is All For One. He can simply steal any Quirk, store it, and even distribute it to others using its powers. So it’s safe to say that Shigaraki is definitely stronger than Midoroya as of now.

How many quirks does Shigaraki have?

So far, Shigaraki has nine amazing and overpowered quirks. 

  • Decay: It grants him the ability to transform anything he touches into dust in seconds.
  • All For One: Shigaraki obtained access to the power of All For One after undergoing surgery recently.
  • Super Regeneration: All For One allowed Tomura to heal himself.
  • Search: The Search Quirk enables him to locate and monitor up to 100 persons at the same time.
  • Shigaraki can interrupt all communications by producing radio waves from his own body using the strength of this quirk.
  • Air Cannon: This Quirk is quite valuable because it allows the user to create air shockwaves.
  • Scatter: He can use condensed air bullets as lethal projectiles. This quirk is quite important because it enables Shigaraki to create air shockwaves as well.
  • Tomura can alter his body, coiling his arms and legs into a spring-like shape launching him into the air and adding a truckload of power to his punches.
  • Shigaraki All For one, just like Kamino (All For One), has black circuit-like tendril-shaped appendages allowing him to use a greater level of offensive strategies and are powerful enough to stab The Number One hero (After All Might) Endeavor.

Shigaraki Tomura is currently one of the strongest of all the characters in My Hero Academia. Shigaraki Tomura is an exceptionally powerful character that grows stronger with each passing arc. With the recent fight showcasing the death of Bakugo, fans are in disbelief a

With this, we have come to an end of this article. We hope you like this post. We will be back with another My Hero Academia article. Till then, stay healthy and read the posts mentioned below.


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