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20 Strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia (MHA Most Powerful Quirks 2023)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:29 am

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular shounen anime of recent times. Its unique concept of quirks and variety of interesting characters gathered massive fans under its name. Therefore, focusing on that, we have compiled a list of the top 20 strongest quirks in My Hero Academia (MHA) that we have seen so far in the manga.

20) Brainwash (Shinso Hitoshi)


Brainwash allows Shinso to put his opponents in a state where they’re completely under his control. To activate the quirk, his opponents need to respond to him verbally to anything he says. Another advantage of this quirk is that Shinso can choose when to activate it.

As seen during the Sports Festival, Midoriya succumbed to his quirk. It was only because of the intervention of the previous users of One for All and, well, Midoriya’s plot armor that he somehow managed to flick his finger. The damage caused due to this brought him back to his senses.

Regardless, this quirk is very useful and powerful. It gives an absolute advantage in a battle and completely catches the opponent off-guard, allowing Shinso to dominate the battle right from the beginning. Therefore, Brainwash deserves its rightful place on our list and is one of the strongest quirks in MHA.

19) Warp Gate (Kurogiri)


Warp Gate was created using a few quirks by AFO solely to protect Shigaraki. This quirk allows Kurogiri to open black fog portals that can transport anything to anywhere he wishes. He can also create a cloud of black fog that keeps expanding and transports everything it touches.

Additionally, Kurogiri uses his quirk to hide parts of his own body which further makes it difficult for his opponents to even figure out his physical form.

What makes this quirk even more lethal is that anything that gets stuck in the portal while it is closing will be sliced. Therefore, this quirk gives an incredible advantage and is enough to defeat some of the strongest characters in MHA.

18) Transform (Toga Himiko)


This quirk allows Toga to transform into any person whose blood she ingests. While using her quirk, she can copy the voice and quirk of the target. However, the duration of the transformation depends on how much blood she ingests.

Another condition is that she needs to genuinely be fascinated by the target to be able to use their quirk and must have enough knowledge about their quirk.

As we witnessed, she could use One for All without any restrictions. Another incident was when she overpowered Uraraka during the Jaku Hospital Raid without even breaking a sweat.

Now coming to how powerful this quirk is, it has incredible potential and has an ironclad advantage. This quirk is highly stealthy and serves as a major advantage to catch the opponent off guard.

It is also extremely difficult to detect as she can copy everything about her target, even their clothes, by the way. And to utilize it more, she sneakily cuts up her opponent and draws enough blood to store for use later.

17) Rewind (Eri)


Although this quirk is a work in progress, it has the potential to be one of the OP quirks in MHA. The only reason for it being at the bottom half of the list is because Eri is still a child and hasn’t been able to use the quirk properly. Also, we haven’t seen this quirk in many actions or have full information about it.

Rewind allows Eri to reverse the state of any living thing. This means that she can reverse someone’s body to the point that they cease to exist. Therefore, the nature of her quirk allows her to heal injuries, reverse bodily modifications, and age of any living thing.

However, she needs to accumulate enough power of her quirk to use it and cannot reverse time or non-living things. This is quite a drawback of this quirk. Nevertheless, Rewind is extremely useful and powerful enough to be lethal to any opponent since she can just cease their existence.

16) Erasure (Aizawa Shoto)


Erasure allows Aizawa to nullify any quirk as long as he looks at the target or even just a part of their original body. Aizawa can also cancel out multiple quirks at the same time. And the quirk will be effective even if he looks elsewhere, as long as he doesn’t blink or close his eyes.

This quirk has saved many characters by providing a major advantage during a fight, as most opponents rely on their quirk to fight. For example, if it weren’t for Erasure, Shigaraki could have long decayed Midoriya during the UA High Raid. Therefore, this quirk work is as useful as a sniper in a battle and is one of the strongest quirks in MHA.

15) Foldabody (Kamihara Shinya)



Foldabody is easily one of the fastest quirks for Kamihara can activate it faster than the speed of sound. This quirk grants him extreme malleability, which means that he can transform his body as thin and as sharp as he wants.

Kamihara ranks 4th amongst the pro-hero, which is already enough to prove how powerful this quirk is. He can travel throw tight spaces quickly and slice his opponents before they can even react.

The strength and the sharpness of his limbs help him finish off his opponents with a mere hole as thin as a thread passing through their bodies. Therefore, this quirk is fast, precise, clean, and one of the stealthiest.

As seen during Paranormal Liberation Arc, his quirk helped his team dominate the battle eliminating a large number of opponents in a single blow.

14) Explosion (Katsuki Bakugo)


Explosion allows Bakugo to ignite his nitroglycerin sweat on his command. So the more he sweats, the bigger his explosions. He has mastered his quirk to a level that it has incredible offense and defense.

The raw explosive strength of this quirk helps him achieve mobility to travel through the air and use shock waves from the explosions as a shield. The quirk is simply too versatile. Therefore, it has an incredible potential to rise to the top and prove to be one of the strongest quirks in MHA.

13) Fiber Master (Hakamada Tsunagu)


This quirk belongs to the No.3 pro-hero, Best Jeanist. The quirk allows him to manipulate any fabric nearby him and also the materials that aren’t usually used for clothing, such as carbon fiber. Therefore, Fiber master is a handy quirk with high defense and restraining strength.

This was powerful enough to restrain Gigantomachia and dense enough to protect All Might and other pro heroes during their fight against AFO.

Additionally, even AFO admitted that this quirk is so hard to master that he’d rather not steal it. This tells us that if it weren’t for Hakamada’s mastery, this incredible quirk would have been a waste. So it definitely belongs on this list.

12) Fierce Wings (Takami Keigo)


Fierce Wings allows the current No.2 pro hero, Hawks, to manipulate every feather of his wings. Meaning that he can control the speed, trajectory, and texture of his feathers telekinetically after plucking them and using them as a weapon. Each feather is powerful enough to carry large objects such as a giant rock.

Hawks is currently fighting AFO along with Jiro and Tokoyami after Endeavor just dropped to the ground amidst the fight. He is carrying out the mission on his own and giving one heck of a fight to AFO in the latest chapter of the manga.

He can fly swiftly and use his feathers as weapons and a means to echolocate. This tells us that his quirk is powerful enough to give him a major advantage against any opponent. Therefore, Fierce Wings is definitely one of the strongest quirks in MHA.

11) Blueflame (Dabi)


Blueflame allows Dabi to generate destructive blue flames from his body. His flames have the highest brute force and strength in verse, surpassing Endeavor and Shoto’s flame. However, he was so unlucky that he inherited resistance to cold from his mother’s side. Therefore, his body is incompatible with his quirk.

Nevertheless, he mastered his quirk through his sheer will and grudged against his abusive father, even though it burned his organs. Talking about the quirk, it is the most powerful fire-type quirk in MHA, and only Shoto could handle it. Need we say more?

10) Half-cold-Half-hot (Todoroki Shoto)


This quirk allows Shoto to generate fire from the left side of his body and ice from the right. The quirk alone is powerful enough to generate an entire glacier as well as destructive flames.

The quirk allows him to maintain his body temperature so that he can prevent himself from over-heating or freezing. Therefore, he has now mastered his quirk and surpassed Endeavor and Dabi in terms of skills.

This quirk grants him mobility, offense, defense, speed, and agility. His opponents almost have an unfair disadvantage against him, thanks to this perfect quirk.

9) Double (Bubaigawara Jin)


Double belongs to Bubaigawara, more commonly known by his villain name, Twice. It allows him to create clones of anything, be it living or non-living, as long as he knows the exact measurements of the target.

His clones can use the quirk as their own and have distinct personalities. Therefore, the demerit of this quirk is that after a point, Twice could forget which one of him is the original.

However, as soon as he overcame this trauma, he was unstoppable. He created tens of thousands of clones who were competent enough to dominate his battles. No wonder Horikoshi sacrificed him because he could have single-handedly overpowered many of the main characters in verse. Double is actually one of the underrated quirks in MHA.

8) Decay (Shigaraki Tomura)


Decay is the most lethal and destructive quirk of Shigaraki. It allows him to disintegrate anything he wishes without even touching the target. This quirk is powerful enough to decay a whole city where he can also control who to spare. And the power of this quirk is still growing as the plot progresses.

Additionally, if one doesn’t cut off the body part that’s decaying, it will spread throughout the mass. Therefore, this quirk is simply too dangerous and holds the potential to eradicate the entire human race, if you will. So undoubtedly, Decay is one of the strongest quirks in My Hero Academia since Shigaraki is the main antagonist, after all.

7) Permeation (Togata Mirio)


Permeation allows Togata to phase through any matter. Meaning that he can pass through the ground, walls, water, sound, light, and air, and any attack against him will just pass through him without causing any damage. This also means that while phasing, he can’t breathe, hear or see.

Togata was the first candidate who was supposed to receive One for All due to his incredible physical strength and hero spirit until Toshinori met Midoriya.

Permeation has only minor demerits compared to the merits. As seen during his fight against High-End Nomus in Paranormal Liberation War, this quirk saved the pro-heroes and the trainees and gave their side a massive advantage.

6) Reflect (Flect Turn)


This quirk allows Flect Turn to reflect any attack on his body to where it came from. He can also store attacks falling on him and use them later. However, the only demerit of this quirk is that it has a certain limit up to which it can store attacks. An attack that is too powerful, such as Midoriya’s United States of World Smash, will wear out when reflected.

Nevertheless, this quirk gives a massive advantage in a battle with minimal effort. Therefore, it is unarguably one of the strongest quirks in MHA and ranks high in the out list due to its proven strength as per the manga.

5) Weather Control (Nine)


As the name suggests, this quirk allows Nine to manipulate the weather as he wishes. He can conjure up powerful thunderstorms and tornados and instantly knock out his opponents.

However, we didn’t get to see this quirk in action for long as Nine mentioned that it is too powerful to wield. As a result, his body was destructing.

Nevertheless, this quirk has great potential and is already deemed powerful enough in the manga to rank high on our list.

4) Overhaul (Chisaki Kai)


Overhaul allows Chisaki to re-construct and de-construct any matter as per his will, using his hands. This means that he can also de-construct himself and his surroundings.

Furthermore, since he has complete control over matter, he can heal, re-generate, manipulate his form to merge with his opponent, and even use their quirk.

The very nature of this quirk is simply frightening, extremely versatile, and destructive. It needs no further explanation to be on this list.

3) All for One (AFO)


All for One allows Shigaraki to steal any quirk, wield it as his own and even transfer it to someone else. He can also combine the stolen quirks and create new quirks. The only requirement to activate this quirk is that Shigaraki needs to touch the target.

Another advantage is that AFO carries its user’s vestiges, allowing them to forever dwell in the subconscious of the current user and even take it over. However, the only drawback is that he cannot copy the mastery done of a quirk. He can only steal a quirk in its base form.

Nevertheless, this quirk alone gives him an overwhelming advantage in battles and has defeated everyone who stood before him.

2) New Order (Cathleen Bate)


New Order is a conditional quirk, which means that it allows Cathleen to set two rules for any living or non-living thing. This quirk can be used whichever way she wishes by carefully wording the rules.

Also, the quirk’s very own nature can be changed using it. Additionally, to activate this quirk, she needs to touch the target and call its name.

New Order helped Cathleen become the No.1 pro hero of the US. It gives her a limitless advantage in her battles, as seen during her fight against Shigaraki. Even after stealing the quirk, it fulfilled the rules and self-destructed. The mere potential and feat of this quirk are enough for it to rank so high on the list.

1) One for All (Izuku Midoriya)

Deku and Eri

One for All is the lead quirk of the series. It currently belongs to Midoriya. The quirk grants him superhuman strength and enhanced physical abilities to an overwhelming level, including the ability to travel at a hypersonic speed.

The quirk is so powerful that so far, Midoriya cannot even use 50% of it properly. And it took him hellish training even to wield this quirk. One for All accumulates the quirks and vestiges of all its previous users. Therefore, these quirks can be accessed by the current user.

The raw strength, brute force, and the overall quirks of One for All surpass all and, therefore, is the strongest quirk in MHA.

With that, we have reached the end of our list. We hope you made it to the end of our article. We will be back with more such articles containing ranking and discussion on various other manga and anime. Until then, stay tuned and check out some more interesting articles below.


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