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Top 10 Best My Hero Academia Female Pro Heroes Characters (2023)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:30 am

My Hero Academia, at this point, has become the representative of current-gen shounen anime. The concept of it has introduced many powerful characters and quirks to us. Therefore, today we will be focusing on the top 10 female Pro Heroes characters in MHA. We will consider the nature of their quirks, uses shown in the manga, and their Hero Ranking. So without further ado, let’s get right to it.

10) Emi Fukukado


Emi is a Pro-Hero with the hero name, Smile Hero: Ms. Joke. She works for Ketsubutsu Academy High School as a teacher. Her quirk is Outburst, where she forces her opponents to burst into laughing uncontrollably.

Her quirk compliments her outgoing and extroverted personality really well. As a result, she is often seen flirting with Aizawa without giving two cents about their surroundings.

Emi’s quirk allows her to ruin her opponent’s cognitive functions and dominate the battle right from the beginning. Since she is also highly skilled with close combat abilities, she immediately attacks her opponent when they’re helplessly laughing their guts out.

Her support-type quirk is not to be underestimated, as she is one of the most powerful female pro-heroes characters in MHA.

9) Uwabami


Uwabami is a celebrity with the hero name Snake Hero: Uwabami. Therefore, breaking all stereotypes of being a hero, she showed us how one could be a hero and have a successful acting career at the same time.

Her quirk is Serpentress which allows her to grow a trio of snakes from her head, granting her abilities to locate and sense faraway things just like snakes.

Uwabami’s quirk and skills have helped her to carry out many missions throughout the manga successfully. That only proves how essential and powerful her quirk is.

Her intelligence and battle strategies are simply exceptional, and she never takes her responsibilities and duties as a pro-hero lightly. She is hardworking, inspiring, and simply one of the coolest female pro-heroes characters in MHA.

8) Anan Kurose


Anan works for U.A High and has a hero name, Space Hero: Thirteen. Her real name and gender were revealed quite late in the manga. Her quirk is Black Hole, because of which she can create a black hole suction from her fingertips. The suction is so powerful that even light cannot escape it.

Anan’s abilities have helped countless times to save other pro-heroes, students, and civilians. One notable instance was when she overpowered Kurogiri during the attack on U.A High. She is a brave and passionate individual who works extremely hard to train future heroes and encourage them to use their quirks for good.

Even though she isn’t a combat-type pro-hero, her quirk and battle IQ makes her one of the strongest female pro-heroes characters in MHA.

7) Nemuri Kayama


Nemuri is one of the faculty members at U.A High. You may know her more commonly by her hero name, R-Rated Hero: Midnight. Her quirk is Somnambulist, which allows her to release a sleep-inducing fragrance from her body that can immediately put her opponents to sleep.

Her hero costume accessories, such as her whip, allow her to expand the range of her scent.

Additionally, she is a very intelligent and perceptive individual who also has impressive combat skills. She gives a hard time to her opponents since her quirk is very effective and powerful.

Before they even know it, they’re already fast asleep and have lost the battle. Therefore, her quirk, combined with her combat skills, makes her one of the formidable female pro-heroes characters in MHA.

6) Yu Takeyama


Yu was the opening-pro Hero of the manga, ranking 23 among the pro-heroes. However, you may know her well by her hero name, Mineyama Hero: Mt. Lady. Her hero name suggests that her quirk is Gigantification which allows her to increase her size to as tall as 67 feet 8 inches.

With the help of her physical strength and giant size, she easily overpowers her opponents in a hand-to-hand combat battle. As a result, she saved various pro-heroes and students from losing their lives during missions and battles.

Additionally, she enjoys being famous and has a carefree personality. However, when it comes to her responsibilities and duties as a pro-hero, she drastically switches to a serious and committed individual.

5) Chiyo Shuzenji


Chiyo works for U.A High as a nurse proving to be their most valuable asset. Her hero name is Youthful Heroine: Recovery Girl. Her quirk is Heal, which allows her to use the patient’s life force to fasten their body’s natural healing process.

However, to activate her quirk, she requires to peck her patient, which provides us with many hilarious moments.

If it weren’t for her, most of the main characters of the manga, such as Midoriya, Bakugo, Aizawa, Shoto, etc., wouldn’t have survived their critical injuries. Therefore, Chiyo is the only character with a unique medical-type quirk making her one of the most important and valuable female pro-hero characters in MHA.

4) Ryuko Tatsuma


Ryuko is one of the most elegant and humble pro-heroes. Her hero name is Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu. As her hero name suggests, her quirk is Dragon, which allows her to transform her body into a majestic dragon. When in her dragon form, she gains superhuman strength, wings, claws, and lethal jaws.

One notable instance of her incredible strength and skills was during Shie Hassaikai Raid, when she fought against Rikiya Katsukame. She overpowered him even after taking on Nejire’s most powerful attack. Later, in the manga, we see her fighting alongside many pro-heroes and trainees in many missions.

Not only that, but she also ranks No.10 amongst the pro-heroes. Hence, she has proven to be one of the strongest female pro-heroes characters in MHA.

3) Rumi Usagiyama


Rumi ranks No.5 amongst the pro-heroes; this alone should tell you how powerful she is. Her hero name is Rabbit Hero: Mirko. As the name suggests, her quirk is Rabbit, which grants her superhuman strength, especially leg strength and hearing, just like rabbits.

Rumi is a muscular and athletic woman. She showed incredible perseverance and fighting skills during her fight against High Ends Nomu. She single-handedly fulfilled her mission of preventing Tomura from awakening, despite facing two of the most powerful and bizarre nomu.

Rumi proved to be worthy of being a true pro-hero who enjoys a good fight. Therefore, she is easily one of the strongest female pro-heroes characters in MHA, in terms of raw strength.

2) Nana Shimura


Nana is the 7th user of One for All therefore, she was also All Might’s mentor. Apart from OFA, her personal quirk is Float which allows her to “float”.

As the 7th user, she has exceptional superhuman strength, endurance and a heart of gold. She gave AFO one heck of a fight which was also the last battle she fought. Nana sacrificed herself to save her mentee, All Might and carry on the legacy of OFA. She is one of the bravest, inspiring and wisest female pro-heroes characters in MHA.

1) Cathleen Bate


Catheen is the No.1 pro-hero of the United States. Her hero name is Star and Stripe. Her quirk is New Order which allows to set two rules to her surrounding. She can also set any rule to an object, living or non-living. To activate her quirk, she must touch the target and call its name.

The nature of her quirk allows her to manipulate the conditions of the rules by cleverly wording it. The properties of the quirk itself can be changed. You can imagine the endless potential of this quirk.

Cathleen is a tall and muscular woman with superhuman strength and admirable personality. Combine her intelligence, physical strength and powerful quirk and she is simply invincible. Therefore, she is the strongest female pro-hero in MHA and tops our list.

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Special Mention:

Kaina Tsutsumi

Kaina Tsutsumi MHA Female Pro Hero

Kaina Tsutsuimi, hero name Lady Nagant was the former pro hero who worked as the Member of the Hero Public Safety Commission. Her quirk is Rifle that allows her to transfrom her arm into a rifle and her hairs into bullets. She used to be Japan’s No. 1 long-ranged sniper.

However she was arrested under the crime of eliminating the Hero Public Safety Commission’s chairman. Later on she was released by All For One and he transfered her another quirk, i.e., Air Walk that makes her even more talented. Undoubtedly, she was one of the most powerful pro-hero in her time.  

We hope you enjoyed our list. We will be back with more interesting articles covering various topics on various other anime and manga. Until then stay tuned and check out some more articles below.


Image Source | Crunchyroll, Wiki Fandom

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