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How powerful is Yamato in One Piece

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022 at 10:41 pm

One Piece has been one of the longest-running anime series out there. So it is no surprise that it has several powerful characters with different abilities that shape up the world.

Additionally, the vast world has yet to see abilities that actually project how powerful the other characters are.

Yamato is one such character whose power level is really under question. So exactly how strong is Yamato? 

Yamato is one of the most powerful characters in One Piece. Her power is even greater than Admirals. She is the daughter of Kaido (the strongest creature in the One Piece world), and ever since her young age was brought up to be Kaido’s successor.

Yamato can go toe-to-toe with Kaido, which should speak immensely of her strength. She is often referred to as the “Son of Kaido” rather than his daughter and is one of the most formidable characters in One Piece.

How Powerful is Yamato?

YamatoYamato’s power level is almost more remarkable than all the admirals. Being influenced by Oden, she chose the samurai way. She is even stronger than King, Kaido’s right hand based on raw strength, Haki, and fruit’s ability. 

Since Yamato defies her father openly, she was imprisoned in Ognioshima for most of her life.

She is bound by sea shackles that prevent her from leaving the island.

Yamato befriended Ace and was incredibly depressed upon learning of Ace’s death. She then decided to wait for Luffy to sail the seas with him.

Since she dares to defy her father openly, it is only natural that she is extremely powerful since Kaido has the title of the “strongest creature on the planet.”

She is easily more powerful than King-one of the beast commanders and easily matches the admiral level.

She yields a big Kabano and can use it efficiently. During the battle, she was also able to go toe-to-toe with Ace.

Her power can be said to be equal to Marco, who is one of the most potent mythical Zoan fruit users.

Marco was able to take on all three admirals simultaneously and prevent them from advancing.

To have equal power to that is no mean feat. In battle, she might be able to halt Akainu, Aokiji, and Kizaru for a short duration, which shows how powerful she actually is.

Yamato Power (One Piece)-

Yamato Wolf human formBlack Maria realized that it would be challenging to recapture Yamato and put her into captivity after she had once escaped the Kaido’s fortress.

Yamato is also able to break through the special armor of the beast pirates that were exclusively made with rigid, unbreakable material.

Apart from that, she could also run while carrying Luffy in one hand easily.

She has a variety of powers and abilities that sets her apart from the other characters.

She is immensely inspired by Oden and wishes to replicate him on almost all fronts. Being powerful combatant with battle intellect that only a few have surpassed.


Yamato against Kaido

  • 1) Physical Prowess-

Yamato is extremely fast and durable when it comes to physical powers. She was able to endure multiple shots from cannons and emerge relatively uninjured.

She was also able to go on equal terms against her father and survive his attacks.

Not only this, she was able to bear the attacks of Luffy’s second and third gear and match his agility. She was also able to break through the armor of the Beasts Pirates’ Armored Corps.

  • 2) Haki-

Yamato can use all three forms of Haki. She was first shown displaying her Haoshoku Haki as a child while running through Onigashima.

As she grew up, she used the advanced version, which she showed by using Haoshoku by performing the complex Raimei Hakke technique that emitted lightning from her Kanabo.

Yamato is also a strong user of the Busoshoku Haki. She can use her technique to hurt Logia users, as was seen in her battle against Ace.

She infuses her hand, and Kanabo with Haki increases the speed of her attacks.

However, she cannot use the advanced form of the Busoshoku Haki or techniques like internal destruction.

Yamato can also use the Kenbunshoku Haki, although this is her weakest form of Haki since she has not learned to control it properly. She cannot use the advanced form of Kenbunshoku Haki.

  • Devil Fruit-

Yamato ate the Mythical Zoan type Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami that allows her to transform into a wolf-human hybrid or a divine wolf. She is popularly referred to as the Guardian Deity of Wano Country.

The devil fruit significantly increases Yamato’s abilities, so much so that she was able to clash almost on equal footing with her father in his human-dragon hybrid form.

It increases her speed of attacks and makes her more agile and durable.

Her devil fruit also allows her to use the powers of ice that she can either use to increase her offensive output or as a shield.

Her ice breath is powerful enough to cancel out Kaido’s flame burst.

Is Yamato stronger than Zoro?

Yamato vs Kaido

Yes, Yamato is currently stronger than Zoro. If it were a fight of hard work, then Zoro would have won indefinitely. 

However, Zoro does not possess the powers of a mythical Zoan fruit, nor can he control elements such as ice like Yamato can.

Yamato was able to go toe-to-toe with Kaido, Ace, and Luffy and has powers greater than the admirals. While Zoro might be able to match her in terms of speed, her use of a human-wolf hybrid form will defeat Zoro.

Also, in the recent manga chapter, she unveiled the power of Supreme King Haki and even equally clashed it Kaido, which makes her immensely powerful.

Since she can also use the advanced version of Conqueror’s Haki, Yamato takes the fight.

Where to Read and Watch One Piece?

One Piece Manga

The One Piece manga is available on VIZ and the Shonen Jump magazine for you to check out. If you are a fan of the anime, all 1000+ episodes are available on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

So here we conclude the analysis of Yamato’s current power level. You can check out the anime in the meanwhile and keep following us for similar posts like this.

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