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Best One Piece Theory of 2022 | True History

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:39 am

One Piece has been one of those anime series that really requires no introduction, given its ever-increasing fan base and an equally intriguing plotline.

Therefore, it is only natural that with the increase in the popularity and fame of One Piece, several fan theories have emerged regarding several unexplained phenomena that have triggered many theories and left the fans wildly guessing about the immense world of One Piece that really appears to be never-ending.

Therefore, in this post, we will take up one such theory, proposed by Arthur, which really explains the titular simplistic absurd, demonstrating the true history and origins of the biggest mystery ever since the beginning of the series: the mystery of One Piece.

To get a better understanding, we’ll take you all the way back to the Void Century and the exploits of JoyBoy, and by the end, you will maybe be able to predict the location of One Piece and details regarding it. So stay on if you really want to know where One Piece is.

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Best One Piece Theory of 2022 | True History-

Jaya Island One Piece
Image Source: onepiece.fandom

The story of One Piece was much before Roger, or even Luffy came onto the scene. It takes place in the Void Century, a period that the World Government tried its best to remove from the history books.

It talks about Joy Boy’s role in the first war fought between the Ancient kingdoms and the other kingdoms united (what we today know as the World Government.

This war had its repercussions on both the pirate world and the world of the civilians, an action that the World Government is not proud of and, therefore, their constant attempts to obliterate all remaining traces of the war.

Out of this war came the One Piece; however, to fully understand One Piece, both in its origin and use, it is imperative to first get an understanding of Joyboy and the Void Century, of which very few records have survived.

We’ll therefore take you through a guided journey beginning right up from the Void Century into the present world of Luffy and the New World Pirates.

Who was Joyboy in One Piece?

Joyboy One Piece
Image Source: One Piece Fandom

There appears to be one slight problem hindering the progress of the theory, which basically springs from a lack of information. Who exactly is this Joy Boy, and why is he so relevant in One Piece?

Well, the trick to answering that lies in the fact that the World Government tried to obliterate all proofs of his existence which really showed the enormous impact he would have had on the New Age Pirates.

To put it simply, Joyboy was a traveler, much like Roger and Luffy, who wanted to explore the seas and have adventures. It would be unfair to call them pirates since they were not pillaging and looting, instead, they had their sights set on having the adventure of their lifetime.

Joyboy set out on his ship Odin to explore the Grand line and had a great relationship with the merfolk, and all he ever wanted was world peace. However, the onslaught of other kingdoms on The Ancient Kingdom prevented him from realizing his dream.

Therefore, he passed down his Will, inherited by Roger and later Luffy, the answers of which are all hidden in the final island on the Grand Line.

At present, the true identity of the JoyBoy is only known to the Roger Pirates, who reached the final island. All other theories are merely based upon speculation and no concrete proof.

Joyboy was the first traveler to reach the last island and engraved its history in the ancient language of Polygraphs, which made him a threat to the World Government.

He was considered to be a member of the giant race given the enormous size of his ship- the second largest in the collection. Also, his hat shown by the merfork is a replica of Luffy’s hat, only of an enormous size which further consolidates the fact.

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Void Century One Piece-

Image Source: Wallpapercave

The Void Century refers to a period whose study is forbidden by the World Government, taking place around 800-900 years before the current storyline. It is known as the Void Century since no records have survived of it and is written in a language that only one person in the world knows how to read.

The world’s actual history is supposedly so destructive that the Roger pirates did not reveal the truth since it is considered a burden by all those who know about it.

Even Whitebeard refrained from telling the contents of Laugh Tale and Kozuki Oden since the truth was often a source of extra burden to all. Silvers Rayleigh offered to tell Nico Robin but warned her that there was nothing she could do to change anything about it.

Story of the Void Century in One Piece-

Ancient Kingdom
Image Source: Wallpapercave

The fall of Shandora marked the beginning of a period where no records existed, the research on which was banned after the formation of the World Government.

The period 800-900 years before the present timeline marks the period of the Void Century, but that’s all that is known about the time since almost all living records have been exterminated and the polygraphic language’s interpretation now left to Nico Robin- the only living person with the knowledge of the ancient script.

The most significant activity of the Void Century was, therefore, the Great war, one that was waged between the Ancient Kingdom and the other 20 nations, which left Joyboy duty-bound to pass on his Will through the One Piece treasure.

The One Piece treasure is not pearls or jewels or something of extreme monetary value, rather the knowledge of the Void Century, one that is both intriguing and a simultaneous burden to all who know it.

Key factors of Void Century in One Piece-

What separated the Void Century from the others, and what did its history need to be so irrevocably obligated from society? What were the key factors that affected the Void Century? Keep reading to find out.

  • Joyboy –

You cannot go far enough into the One Piece world and not hear this man’s name. Or rather, it would be surprising you heard his name given the World Government’s continued efforts to eradicate this man from human memory.

The entire concept of One Piece revolves around the treasure left behind by this man in the first place. Joyboy’s motivations are pretty simple, just like his actions.

One Piece Theory 2022

According to Arthur’s theory, Joyboy, a traveler like Luffy and Roger, reached the final island on the Grand Line- Raftel, where he found a pirate kingdom of gigantic proportions.

Their strength lay not in its physical state, but in the numerous alliances it held with the other pirates which led to it being called a kingdom of “immense proportions.”

  • The Dawn –

What exactly is the dawn, and what causes it to be named that in the first place?

Well, dawn refers to the supposed dream of Joyboy that aimed at unifying all creatures under the sun. The great pirate alliance contained Fishfork, Merfork, Minks, and even Kujas and giants. 

They all followed Joyboy since they all had the sun in their banners, flags, and symbols which was Joyboy’s insignia. Some even came to call him the ‘Sun God‘ due to his ultimate dream of collecting all species and letting all live freely under the same sun.

One Piece Best Theory 2022

This dream included freeing all slaves and oppressed communities and species from the tyrannical rule of their kings and the cruelty of human kingdoms.

This dream of Joyboy was referred to as the the “Dawn of the World. His dream was to cultivate World Peace and freedom, all of which would culminate into Romance Dawn.

  • 800 Year Gap –

Joyboy’s inability to bring the dawn was due to the passing away of the mermaid princess during the Great war between the Ancient Kingdom and the 20 nations. Since the mermaid princess is born every 700-800 years, it brings us to the present timeline where Joyboy’s Will has been inherited by Luffy.

This was also the primary reason why Roger was considered too early by Joyboy since the mermaid princess was yet to be born. Joyboy, therefore, had to potentially wait 800 years when Poseidon and the other ancient weapons would be reborn, and Joyboy could bring about the dawn by guiding the ancient weapons.

  • Inherited Will –

As Roger and Blackbeard put it, “people’s dreams never end.” This meant that Joyboy’s Will was passed down, which was first inherited by Roger and then by Luffy. As Hiriluk states, when people die, their dreams come to an end. However, Joyboy’s dreams and aspirations lived on through Roger and Luffy.

While the World Government friend it’s best to suppress this Will and obliterate the past by trying to ensure that Joyboy would be forgotten by purging all information on the Void Century and making its study illegal, there was a symbolic passing down of the Will, similar to the symbolic passing down of the straw hat from Roger to Shanks to Luffy.

  • Ancient Weapons –

Since Joyboy wanted to unite the entire world, one of his primary objectives was to destroy the Grand Line and the Red line to create a unified world and a unified ocean. To accomplish this, he would need the ancient weapons that they would literally bring “the destruction of the world.”

One Piece Theroy_1 2022

With the destruction of the Grand Line and Red Line, Poseidon would then be needed to navigate the calm waters created by the Sea Kings and use Noah’s arc to immigrate the Fishfork to the surface, so that when the red line is destroyed, drawing the fisherman island, all it’ residents would be safe.

With the destruction of the Grand one and the Red Line, all of the water bodies would be unified into one common stratum called All Blue, a mythical waterbody that was lost when the Grand Line and Red Line were created.

  • The Dream –

What really is this dream of Joyboy that everyone’s been talking about? World Peace, freedom for all, seems too vague a term to actually envision a larger-than-life goal that would eventually be the driving force of so many great pirates of the Golden Age and then the New World. So what exactly is this dream?

Well, to put it simply, this dream of Roger, as he told Odin and Whitebeard, was to throw the largest party in the world and exchange sake with everyone.

This dream, inherited by Luffy, was confided by him to Ace and Sabo. This grand party would deliver everyone from their sorrows and instead spread joy and laughter, all of which would be connected to the One Piece, which was also probably the reason why Joyboy left the One Piece in the first place.

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Joyboy’s Relationship with Poseidon-

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Joyboy shared a special relation with Poseidon, which was perhaps the primary reason for the cooperation between the Merfork and the human race.

Joyboy, however, failed to keep his promise of unity to Poseidon of merpeople and humans and therefore left behind an apology on the fisherman island.

He left his Will to be fulfilled by someone else as he was caught up in the war between the Ancient Kingdom and the 20 nations. Joyboy’s wish was one of the Will of D in itself. Roger knew that he couldn’t carry out his Will because, at that time, “Poseidon” was not born.

So, he decided to start the Great Pirate Era in the hope that someday, with the same Will, will carry out Joyboy’s wish and, with the help of the ancient weapons and merpeople, bring the great dawn.

About One Piece Treasure-

So what exactly is this One Piece treasure that everyone is so intent on finding? While most pirates are fuelled by their greed for jewels and monetary gains, their dreams would be crushed since the One Piece is nothing that would remotely even fetch a monetary value in the market.

Rather, it is a set of polygraphs that contains the true history of the world as recorded during the Great war by Joyboy, which at present only one living person and read, and that’s Nico Robin. So even if most pirates did reach the final island and find the One Piece, they would be left sorely disappointed by the outcome.

The Story of Laugh Tale –

Well, firstly quite an amusing name for a theory, more so since it was given its name by none other than the first Pirate King, Gold D. Roger. It is quite amusing since it appears that the One Piece is actually the two parts of Jaya island. Yeah, sounds absurd? That was exactly what Roger thought, which led to him naming this theory the Laugh Tale.

Simultaneously, if you put D in front of One Piece, it would come out as Done Piece, therefore the complete island of Jaya. They are two equal parallels that were sought by Noland and Roger. Both of them went on a journey to find one eye of the Skull, and both were successful in it.

Roger’s and Luffy’s Dream

Roger and Luffy both inherited the Will of Joyboy, which meant that their actions were constantly pushing towards world peace and freedom, whatever their end goal might have been. Surprisingly though, both Roger and Luffy appear to have the same dream with a similar end goal which makes One Piece such an intriguing story.

Roger’s dream, as he revealed to Oden and Whitebread what to hold the greatest party in the world and exchange sake with everyone. Similarly, Luffy disclosed his continued desire to hold the world’s largest party to Ace and Sabi, which would only be possible once the will of Joyboy was fulfilled and there was freedom and prosperity everywhere, away from the tyrannical rule of the World government.

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Where is Laugh Tale in One Piece-

Enies Lobby One Piece
Image Source: onepiece.fandom

One of the most famous theories formulated by a Youtuber named Ohara,  along with another Japanese YouTuber named YUDE-RON, is finally the time to reveal the One Piece.

According to the Laugh Tale, the missing piece of the Jaya island is below the Ennies Lobby. Yes, that’s right, the secret of the One Piece was right under our noses the entire time.

This was also the reason why Roger laughed after reaching the final reason since he had sailed past it on several occasions. This was also the reason probably why the World Government made it one of the most secure locations ever.

So, there you have it. The entire mega history of One Piece right from its beginning at the Void Century and Joyboy. And being passed down to Roger and the Golden Age of Pirates to Luffy and his crew in their continued search of the mysterious Piece.

However, it must be noted that this is all a theory, and despite the persuasive proofs to point one side, it might very well not send up what we expect it to be.

Nevertheless, this theory is all up to speculation and the personal interest of One Piece fanatics out there. The One Piece manga is available on VIZ. You can go check that out.

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