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Kaido vs Big Mom | One Piece Power Comparison 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:38 am

The ever-expanding universe of One Piece means that there are powerful beings whose powers haven’t even been explored yet. However, it is intriguing to determine if two of the original four Yonko went head to head against each other. Charlotte Linlin, better known as Big Mom, and Kaido, known as the strongest creature, would shake the very core in a one-on-one battle. But who would win in Kaido vs Big Mom?

Big Mom would win against Kaido with a low difference. Kaido has the title of the strongest creature in the One Piece World, but we haven’t seen the true extent of Big Mom’s powers and devil fruit abilities yet. Recently, the series unveiled that she gained monstrous strength to crush Kid and Law by manipulating her own life span. 

Later in this post, we will draw a thorough comparison of the two character’s powers and abilities, their strength level, and the outcome of a battle between these two Yonko.

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Kaido: The Strongest Creature-

Image Source: Alphacoders

Kaido is considered to be the most ruthless, savage, and arrogant of the original four Yonko. He has termed himself as the Governor-General of the Beast pirates and set up his headquarters in the Wano Country. He is the primary and central antagonist in the Wano Country Arc.

Kaido intends to begin a war against the World Government, which he terms as the “final war.” He intends to make his crew into the strongest known devil fruit users in preparation for his mega war.

However, he is shrewd enough to avoid confrontation when he finds the situation adverse. For example, when Big Mom with her children tried to take over Wano, he ordered his crew to stop her. However, when Oden returned to Wano, he stuck a fake deal with him to allow himself time to gather reinforcements.

Kaido’s Devil Fruit –

Kaido Dragon Form
Image Source: Comicbook

Kaido had eaten the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Sairyu, which is a mythical zoan type fruit that allowed him to transform into a hybrid of human-dragon form. He can also completely transform himself into a serpentine Azure Dragon.

It is speculated that Kaido has actually awakened his devil fruit; however, this has not been confirmed by the series. So far, however, Kaido has projected exceeding mastery over his devil fruit abilities, which allows him to use dragon powers even without transformation.

Abilities –

  • 1) Physical strength –

Kaido has immense physical strength, as was seen when he sunk nine ships of the world government. He was also able to break through Luffy’s gear fourth, which really shows how strong he is, even without his devil fruit powers.

  • 2) Haki –

Kaido can use all three forms of Haki- Haoshoku Haki, Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki. Kaido is one of the strongest users of Haoshoku Haki, as was seen in his clash against Big Mom. 

He also infuses his Kanabo with the Busoshoku Haki. It is so strong that even in Luffy’s hardened state, it was able to penetrate through and send him flying, injuring him badly.

While Kaido does not usually use the Kenbunshoku Haki, he can use it to avoid any projectile attacks thrown at him. He can also use it in close combat to dodge his opponents’ attack.

  • 3) Devil Fruit Abilities – 

Kaido can summon the powers of a dragon even in his human form, as he did with using the Flame clouds to lift up Onigashima. He can also discharge sharp wind blades that can pierce even the toughest skin by blowing and can even summon lightning by roaring.

Kaido once battled five of the worst generation alongside Big Mom and can even use his powers while not concentrating, showing his complete control and mastery over the powers of his devil fruit.

How strong is Kaido?

Kaido is powerful enough to take down the current fleet admiral, Akainu. But not strong enough to overpower Big Mom or Shanks. He tried to take on Edward Newgate, popularly known as Whitebeard, because he considered him too soft. He tried to intercept Whitebeard while he was on his way to Marineford. Two years later, he cursed Whitebeard for dying while he was able to pass.

As a part of the Rocks pirates, Kaido also clashed against the Marines in the God Valley incident. Although he is much stronger now, he gained tremendous respect for destroying several battalions of marines all by himself.

Kaido also clashed against Kozuki Oden, the infamous Samurai who gave him the massive scar. Oden almost defeated Kaido before Kaido eventually turned the tables. These incidents really show how powerful Kaido is.

Is Kaido stronger than Whitebeard?

Kaido is still in his prime, while Whitebeard was nowhere near his strongest self in the Battle at Marineford. Therefore, present Kaido could overpower Whitebeard and defeat him.

However, Whitebeard in his prime is an entirely different matter. Whitebeard went toe-to-toe against Roger and Monkey D Garp, so in his prime, Whitebeard would have easily defeated Kaido.

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Big Mom: The Captain of Big Mom Pirates-

Big Mom
Image Source: Comicbook

Big Mom is the only female member of the Yonko and the captain of the Big Mom pirates. Her real name is Charlotte LinLin, and she is the primary antagonist in the Cake Island Arc.

Like Kaido, she was also one of the core members of the Rock Pirates led by Rock D. Xebec.

She is hugely experienced and commands a fearsome crew that consists of the three sweet commanders- Charlotte Katakuri. Smoothie and Cracker form a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Big Mom’s Devil Fruit –

Big Mom ate the Soru Soru no Mi. This is a paramecia-type devil fruit that allows its user to interact and establish contact with human souls. This fruit earlier belonged to Carmel, but after his death, the power was shifted to Big Mom.

One of the most powerful techniques to be used with this is the Gerbutstag, where a piece of the soul could be infused with any object or animal, turning it into a homie. Big Mom uses several souls- Napoleon, Zeus, Hera, and Prometheus.


Big Mom Strength
Image Source: Comicbook
  • Prometheus and Zeus give Big mom extensive control over the weather while also allowing her to fly and use melee attacks. Napoleon can also transform into a sword which will enable Big Mom combat advantage since these were created from pieces of her own soul.
  • Big Mom can also use Soul Pocus, which allows her to absorb the life force from anyone she wishes to if they show fear. Since she has awakened her devil fruit abilities, she can also use them over greater distances.

How strong is Big Mom?

Big Mom is currently the strongest character in One Piece. No one can defeat her in one on one fight. She is one of the most powerful characters since she delves into the business of fear and intimidation. Being one of the four Yonko, she is able to cash in on this fear to take the life of her enemies.

Very few characters have actually survived, mainly because they do not fear Big Mom or her powers. Her powers are said to be equal, at least to Sengoku, although the real strength of her abilities is still a mystery in the series.

After Whitebeard’s extinction, she is the most experienced pirate among the four emperors, and only a few characters like Shanks and Kaido can afford to go toe-to-toe against her.

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Kaido vs Big Mom | One Piece Power Comparison-

Kaido vs Big Mom
Image Source: Comicbook
  • 1) Based on strength –

Based on sorely physical strength, both can be considered almost equal, having an extensive fleet and strong melee attacking prowess. However, there are speculations that state that Kaido might just edge over in this rough given his towering body and brute strength. As such, since this is all speculation, it will be fair to consider this round a draw.

  • 2) Based on Speed –

Well, you do not become one of the most feared pirates by being slow now, do you? This is just the case for Big Mom and Kaido, who are considered to be of equal speed. Although both might not essentially be the fastest, they are equally matched in terms of speed, so this round, too, ends in a draw.

  • 3) Based on Haki –

Well, if we are to judge them sorely on the basis of Haki, Big Mom takes this round and by a considerable margin. This is because Kaido really does not depend on the use of Haki in combat. Rather, he chooses to go to melee attacks and use his devil fruit abilities.

  • 4) Based on Devil Fruit Abilities – 

Finally, a round that Kaido takes and by a huge margin. Big Mom’s devil fruit abilities only work on those who are afraid of her, and since Kaido has no such fear, he can very easily sweep aside Big Mom.

As the strongest creature on the earth, Kaido, in his complete transformation, can blow away Big Mom in one big swoop. And of course, there is his thunderclap, fire breath, and all other abilities. Without a doubt, Kaido takes this round.

  • 5) Based on Durability – 

Once again, this round goes to Kaido because he is simply much durable. Luffy was unable to penetrate through his iron skin, and while Big Mom is an entirely different level of an opponent, Kaido’s strength and durability are still formidable.

  • 6) Based on Experience –

Big Mom is one of the most experienced and strategic fighters out there. Kaido was almost defeated by Oden, while Big Mom uses comprehensive strategy in combat, which means given Kaido’s history of rash decisions, this is a round Big Mom takes.

Kaido vs Big Mom: Who will win?

Under most circumstances, this fight will probably end in a draw. If Kaido isn’t unable to defeat Big Mom quickly, the tables will turn in her favor, and she would be able to overpower Kaido using her experience and extensive use of Haki. The complete extent of her powers, too, hasn’t exactly been revealed, so she has the element of surprise. In all probability, Big Mom would win.

Where to watch & read One Piece?

One Piece manga is available on the official Shonen Jump magazine and can be read on the VIZ website as well. For the fans of the anime series, it is available on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation, so go check them out. We will be back with another post. Till then stay tuned with us and read the articles below.

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