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Kawaki vs Boruto: Is Boruto stronger than Kawaki

The Boruto manga began with the fight scene between Kawaki and Boruto. Since then, there have been various power comparisons that these two characters have gone through. The introduction of Kawaki and his almost wayward nature brought backtraces of the Sasuke against Naruto comparisons.

Since then, we have seen various powerups for different characters, with Boruto awakening Momoshiki’s powers and Kawaki with Isshiki’s abilities. The primary question that arises is: “Is Boruto stronger than Kawaki?

The answer to this question is: Boruto, in his current state, cannot defeat Kawaki. While Boruto does have the Jougan and Karma, it is an entirely different matter. Boruto is still unable to control either of his ability, while Kawaki has gotten used to using his seal. Also, it will be a different result if Boruto awakens Jougan’s potential. But, under the present circumstances, Kawaki will win.

Later in this post, we have compared the current power level of both Boruto and Kawaki based on the current manga. 

Is Boruto stronger than Kawaki?

No, at present, Kawaki is stronger than Boruto. Kawaki has greater control over his seal and is used to controlling it. Boruto is still in the unrefined stage and can barely control Momoshiki’s power.

Being raised by Jigen as a vessel for Issiki’s powers, he has a better understanding of his abilities.

Kawaki has mastery over his Karma and also has the ability to control large amounts of Chakra.

While Boruto is a prodigy at learning techniques and has Momoshiki’s powers sealed within, he does not have Karma control yet, which gives Kawaki an edge in the battle.

Kawaki: Power & Abilities-


Kawaki was purchased from his abusive father by Jigen, who performed experiments on him to make him an artificial vessel capable of taking in immense amounts of Chakra.

He has excellent control over his abilities and seal marks and has grown considerably in the mastery of his Karma and skills.

Powers and abilities-

  • 1) Karma-

This is the core proponent of Kawaki’s being. When Kawaki was found compatible with the mark, his genetic construct was rewritten at the fundamental level to make him the perfect Ōtsutsuki.

At times, Kawaki has been found manifesting a small horn on the left side of his head. Kawaki’s Karma allows him to absorb all forms of Ninjutsu.

Naruto was surprised when he saw this since Kaguya was the last person with this ability.

Kawaki’s Karma also allows him to open portals for transport to other dimensions.

He can also use Sukunahikona to change his shape, use disruption cubes, and use Daikokuten to summon objects from different dimensions. Therefore, this provides him with an almost fool-proof escape strategy if things go south.

  • 2) Body Modifications-

Kawaki’s entire body has undergone a series of transformations that allow for special body modifications.

This provides him with extensive abilities, such as hardening and softening his body at will, throwing projectiles, and even using Kekkie Genkai.

The vast body modifications also increase his healing and regenerative abilities, further adding to his powers.

He can use his body parts for transformation into various types of abilities since his basic body structure had been altered at the genetic level. He can use it to focus blasts anywhere and even produce shockwaves from his body.

  • 3) Hand-to-Hand Combat-

Jigen exclusively trained Kawaki in hand-to-hand combat to create the perfect Ōtsutsuki. Kawaki has excessive resilience to Garō’s powers and can also match Boruto’s swordsmanship.

Since coming to the leave Villiage, Kawaki has also started practicing Ninjutsu and shuriken Jutsu.

He can use complex techniques like the shadow clone Jutsu and the Fire release, making him a formidable force.

Boruto: Power & Abilities-


Boruto is a prodigy as far as it comes to his natural talent. He was easily able to learn the Rasengan and the shadow clone Jutsu at a very young age.

He also has an immense chakra reserve that he can capitalize upon and is far ahead of anyone based on raw talent and abilities.

Although he does not have extensive control over his Karma at the moment, the creators have teased that in the future, Boruto shall be fully able to use the Jogan. He is exceptionally skilled at Ninjutsu, however, prefers not to train.

Powers and Abilities-

  • 1) Chakra and hand-to-hand combat-

Boruto has immense chakra reserves. He created four shadow clones even after most of his chakra reserves were depleted. He is highly skilled in the taijutsu, can also perform the Gentle fist, and can awaken Byakugan in the future.

  • 2) Ninjutsu-

Boruto is an immensely skilled ninjutsu user. With Konohamaru’s help, he easily created a Rasengan. He can also wield the chakra blade, almost half of Hiramekarei.

He is a skilled Cooperation Ninjutsu and Fūinjutsu user, with which he can restrict the opposition’s movements.

  • 3) Karma-

Boruto was marked with the four-point black diamond seal. Like Kawaki, he can create dimensional portals.

However, Boruto’s primary constituent is being rewritten in the form of Momoshiki, who will be reborn within him.

Boruto is immensely intelligent despite his carefree attitude, and this battle prowess comes handly in combat.

While he likes charging into battle, he is also a keen strategist, finding ways for his team to do the maximum damage with minimum loss.

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Kawaki vs. Boruto: Who will win?

Is Boruto stronger than Kawaki

So the real question that comes up is, how strong is Boruto who will win if Kawaki and Boruto fought?

Well, Kawaki wins the battle at present. Until Boruto gains mastery over his Jougen, he cannot defeat Kawaki sorely based on his physical abilities.

Since Kawaki actually taught Boruto how to use Karma, he is more proficient, and also, due to his body modifications, Kawaki takes the fight.

Kawaki can match Boruto in terms of his speed and chakra ability, so Boruto cannot win under the present circumstances.

Here we conclude our article on Kawaki vs. Boruto. We hope you like it. The Boruto manga is available on VIZ and Shonen Jump; you can read the latest chapters there. Also, stay tuned with us for similar content.

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