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Kurasugi Shigenobu in Zom 100: Past & Motives

As you already know and have heard a lot about Kanta’s group in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, So, in this post, we will talk about an important member of Kanta’s group, Kurasugi Shigenobu in Zom 100.

Here you get to know everything about Kurasugi Shigenobu, such as what he was doing before the zombie apocalypse and what he did to survive in those tough situations. So let’s get started!

Kurasugi Shigenobu in Zom 100

Who is Kurasugi Shigenobu in Zom 100?

Kurasugi Shigenobu

Kurasugi Shigenobu is a tall and slim young man with short hair. He always looks very angry due to his cold eyes and intimate aura. He also has a family, including a wife and children. However, he does not have a good relationship with them, especially his wife. As a result, he feels quite low and doesn’t like to come home from his job.

Past of Kurasugi Shigenobu-

Before the zombie apocalypse, Kurasugi Shigenobu worked as an ordinary worker in a cellphone shop. He doesn’t have a good relationship with his family and wishes to live a happy life with them just like other people.

As a result, he is very jealous of the people who are happy with their families and wishes to get revenge on them. In order to get a little bit of peace in his life, he spent more time at the office by working overtime. Moreover, he also spent most of his free time in his car and bar.

Motives of Kurasugi Shigenobu in Zom 100-

Kurasugi Shigenobu

Shigenobu Kurasugi is always looking for a way to get revenge from happy people who have everyone for them, such as families, friends, and relatives. So, the zombie apocalypse finally fulfilled his wish by turning people into zombies.

Now, Shigenobu feels satisfied and joins Kanta’s group to get revenge from the survivors, who still have not turned into zombies. Moreover, he also added his wish, “Slap the Women who piss me off,” to Kanta’s Bucket List.

On the other hand, when he sees Kenichiro Ryuuzaki enjoying a good life with friends who care for him, he even feels jealous of him. Then he decided to take everything from him and give him the same life as he had lived in the past. This is why he chose Ryuuzaki from Akira’s group as his opponent to fight against him.


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this post useful and learned everything known about Kurasugi Shigenobu in Zom 100. His depressed past and bad relationship with his family are the reason for his intimidating aura and so much malice towards others. That’s why he joined Kanta’s group and did so many evil and illegal things with others.

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