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Top 15 Main Characters In Solo Leveling, According To Manhwa 2024

Solo Leveling was initially a renowned web novel from South Korea that was later adapted into a webcomic illustrated by Jang Sung-rak. This manhwa storyline is quite peculiar compared to the rest of Japanese manga; this may be why it stands out as one of the great manhwa.

The story follows Sung Jin-Woo, the protagonist, who confronts various threats while exploring the underground prison. In the dungeon, he discovers a system only visible to him, drastically elevating his powers. The article will highlight the prominent and frequent characters from Solo Leveling and discuss their ranks and strength levels.

Top 15 Main Characters in Solo Leveling

15) Yoo Jin-Ho


Yoo Jin-Ho was initially portrayed as an E-Rank hunter who was also an ally to the protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo. Besides being a supportive character, he is also the Vice-Guild Master of the Ahjin Guild. Despite this, he is categorized as weak among the hunters.

However, he displays his determination and potential by saving an old couple from the debris of a collapsed building and becoming their shield during the Tokyo Crisis. He also demonstrates his agility by staying conscious after the brutal torture he gets from Hwang Dongsoo.

14) Hwang Dongsoo

hwang dongsoo

Hwang Dongsoo was originally an S-Rank hunter. He is depicted as an individual adorned with arrogance over his skills, fostering the misconception that his powers are equivalent to Jin-Woo’s. To his disappointment, Jin-Woo overpowers him and defeats him brutally in a fight, even causing his demise.

Subsequently, he was reincarnated as a shadow by Jin-Woo. Despite this, his abilities were enhanced by Norma Selner, surpassing many of his peers in Korea. However, he respected power, backing off when Thomas Andre displayed his strength.

13) Goto Ryuji

goto ryuji

Goto Ryuji is easily the strongest hunter in Japan, an S-Rank Hunter who is also the Guild Master of the Draw Sword Guild. Although he usually seems calm and composed, internally, he is consumed by pride and overconfidence.

He had difficulty accepting that individuals might be more potent than him; he essentially lived in denial. His hubris knew no bounds, eventually leading to his downfall and losing his life in a battle against Beru. Despite this, he is considered one of the strongest foreign hunters.

12) Choi Jong-In

Choi Jong-In

Choi Jong-In is an S-Rank Hunter and a master at using fire magic. Jong-In is depicted as the guild master of the Hunters Guild. Regarding mage-type hunters, Choi Jong-In is easily the strongest in Korea. However, he is still considered to be significantly weaker than Cha Hae-In, who is also his lieutenant.

Despite this, his magical abilities are beyond conventional expertise; manipulating fire with ease and precision is one of his remarkable abilities. For instance, Flame Spear and Flame Prison are powerful moves in his arsenal.

11) Woo Jin-Chul

Woo Jin Chul

Woo Jin-chul is a notable character from the series, depicted as an A-Rank hunter. He was initially the Chief Inspector of the Korean Hunters Association’s Surveillance Team.

Still, after the death of Go Gun-Hee, he was designated as the Chairman of the Korean Hunters Association. Jin-chul demonstrated a glimpse of his ability, detecting Jin-Woo’s mana signature from afar, contrasting the S-Rank hunters like Choi Jong-In. One of his notable character traits is his tendency to show minimal emotion, aided by his fondness for stoicism.

10) Cha Hae-In

Cha Hae-In


Cha Hae-In is one of the significant characters from Solo Leveling, where she is portrayed as an A-Rank and an influential individual in the hunter community. Apart from this, she is also the Vice-Guild Master of the Hunters Guild.

She is well known for her agility and combat skills, which become more distinct as the story advances. As the story progresses, Hae-In becomes more involved with Sung Jin-Woo and his adventures. Although Hae-In was skeptical and expected less from Jin-Woo, she eventually recognized his abilities and strength.

09) Go Gun Hee

Go Gunhee

Go Gun-Hee is a Korean S-Rank Hunter who also serves as the Chairman of the Korean Hunters Association, making him one of the prominent characters from the series. Being a leader, Gun-Hee is often calm and can also be described as a wise and experienced individual.

Despite being an older man, he is strong enough to deflect an energy blast from Frost Monarch with his bare hand. His ability to detect the presence of other S-Rank hunters from afar is evidence of his competence.

08) Ashborn 


Ashborn is considerably the epitome of the most significant and strongest ruler, serving the role of a Shadow Monarch. He is presented as the King of the Dead and the Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light.

Possessing the status of the Shadow Monarch, Ashborn is already immensely powerful, validating his worth in every confrontation he has with his enemies. Talking about his physical strength, he is solid enough to fight two monarchs simultaneously and smash Baran’s head with just one hand.

07) Thomas Andre


Thomas Andre is one of the strongest characters the show has to offer. He holds the status of being one of five national-level hunters and is also ranked as the top hunter on a global scale.

Despite his immense powers, he is known as the ruler’s vessel. He also possesses spiritual body manifestation, establishing him as an intimidating threat to his opponents. He fought Jin Woo and the monarch of beastly fangs; in both fights, he exhibited immense strength and attack potency.

06) Beru (Ant King)


Beru is one of the most interesting characters in this series, depicted as the shadow of the Ant King. Being a Marshal Grade Shadow, Beru is considered one of the most vital shadows in Jinwoo’s army, making his debut in the Jeju Island Arc.

Beru possesses extraordinary powers and abilities, such as healing, regeneration, and flight, which give him an upper hand in his combats with monsters. Beru’s bringing Jin-woo back from the brink of death is evidence of his healing ability.

05) Sung Il-Hwan

Sung Il Hwan 


Sung Il-Hwan was an S-Rank Hunter who is also depicted as the protagonist’s father, Sung Ji-Woo, in the series. Ashborn’s choice of Jinwoo as his host compels Sung Il-Hwan to reincarnate into the mortal world.

Shortly after this, he emerges inside the dungeon on American territory to prevent Ashborn’s intentions. His emergence sets off tension among the A-Rank Hunters, unaware of Il-Hwan’s identity, inducing them to assail him.

04) Bellion


Bellion is depicted as a shadow who serves Ashborn; apart from this, he is also the most vital shadow. Being a Grand-Marshal Grade shadow, Bellion possesses immense physical strength.

As a validation of this, he quickly waved away Beru’s attack and smashed him into the ground with ample force, which made Beru spit blood. Bellion’s abilities are not confined to immense strength; he also possesses regenerative powers that help him recover from vital injuries.

03) Frost Monarch

Monarch of Frost 

Monarchs have always played a pivotal role in Solo Leveling, contributing significantly to the plot. Depicted as the King of Snow Folk, the Frost Monarch is also one of the nine monarchs.

Considering his role as a Monarch, he does justice to the role, amazingly possessing great powers and abilities. The Frost Monarch is known for pulling off impactful techniques, including superhuman strength, durability, speed, ice magic, and, most notably, Spiritual Body Manifestation and Sleep Inducement.

02) The Absolute Being

Absolute Being

The Absolute Being is depicted as a cruel being who often authorizes the Rulers to fight with the Monarchs just for his entertainment. He has no limits to his powers; sometimes, he is also called omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.

He has the power to create life from nothingness, which proves that he is responsible for the creation of the monarchs and rulers. Despite this goldly nature, he was slaughtered by seven Rulers, attacking him unitedly.

01) Sung Jin-Woo

Sung Jin Woo

Sung Jin-Woo is the main protagonist of Solo Leveling. Although he is the series’s protagonist, his portrayal in the early phases is noteworthy. Sung Jin-Woo was an E-rank hunter, notably a fragile individual.

His life drastically turns when he and his fellow hunters are trapped inside a dangerous dungeon. After the monsters brutally defeat him, he re-emerges with a program-like thing, which grants him immense strength.


In conclusion, the characters we addressed above are undoubtedly the most prominent figures from Solo Leveling. These characters have proved their worth, showcasing their exceptional combat skills and magical abilities, regardless of their ranks, becoming fan favorites.

From the close insights in their descriptions, these characters stand out as amusing and fascinating. Thus, this article, aimed at exploring the prominent characters from Solo Leveling, allows the readers to comprehend these characters more proficiently.

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